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(en) US, Colorado, [MHR-News] RAWR! in the Springs

From Mile High Resistance <guido@coloradicals.org>
Date Mon, 17 Feb 2003 09:43:21 +0100 (CET)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

[Report from MHR agents in the streets of Colorado
Springs at the Revolutionary Anti-War Response
breakaway march  on February 15th, 2003.]  
The party began with dancing on the outskirts of the
calm, low-key rally in Palmer Park.  An estimated
3,000 people were in the park by the time we were to
head out.

At 12:30, the revolutionary dance party and breakaway
march began as the permitted march followed shortly
after. Flags waving and drums pounding we wove our way
back and forth through the permitted march, which
planed to walk a block from the park to Academy Blvd.
And spread out along the sidewalk as far as possible. 
Not surprisingly, bored faces turned into a dancing,
cheering mob as we took the intersection of Maizland
and Academy. A handful of police used their bicycles
as barricades and tried to push us back onto the
sidewalk, but we were soon marching down south-bound
Academy Blvd. Shouting the classic RTS chant: ?Who?s
streets? Our streets!?

At first, our presence in the street didn?t seem
welcome by the other protesters who chose to remain on
the sidewalk, but as they yelled at us to ?not cause
trouble,? I looked behind to a sea of people who had
joined us in street, sifting  through repeated
attempts by the cops to move us back onto the

It wasn?t long before we reached a Lockheed-Martin
building.  The march veered off the road flooded the
parking lot, but the cops were quick to block the
building, by now they were pick up their bikes
chest-high to push protesters back.  As it became
clear that we could not safely reach the building we
took to the street once again.

By the time we took the intersection of Academy and 
Constitution Ave. our numbers had swelled to the
thousands.  The cops started to point individuals out
for ?identification? and a few UNARRESTS were
successfully made.  There was a bit of confusion and
the police managed to contain most of the crowd on the
corner as an unmarked, gray van pulled up.  Riot cops
in full storm trooper gear piled out like it was a
clown car.

The radicals took it upon themselves to parade the
riot squad around town and show people what the cops
were really like once they shed their polite veneer. 
So the march started north-bound. A spirited bloc in
front masked the sound of people being dragged down by
the police at the back of the march, so we continued

As people got beat, arrested and intimidated our
numbers trickled off to a few hundreds once we
returned to Palmer Park where we were given the order
to disperse.  Most of us were in the park and felt
that we had a right to be there, so the order went
ignored.  Police moved in to snatch up a group of
people who still held a banner, more unrests were
attempted but failed. Another dispersion order, again
ignored;  We wanted our people to go free. Amid the
anger on both sides one cops pulled out a tazer and
began waving  it at the crowd while the other cops
strapped on their gas masks.  The storm troopers had
arrived by now and a final order was given to

Gas was launched, but the canisters were quickly
thrown back. Police returned fire with rubber bullets,
stunning one person who was then attacked with a tazer
and arrested. The crowd retreated to a
field-turned-parking-lot as paintballs wized through
the air and more gas was launched.  We soon realized
that the cops had ?K-9 units? without protection from
the teargas, so no more canisters were thrown back by

Gas soon filled the field and surrounding homes as
people continued a slow retreat yelling ?I thought
that Iraq was the one with chemical weapons!?  People
were being detained while getting into their cars and
a group overcome by the gas were pepper-sprayed while
sitting on the sidewalk.  Police began to charge and
arrest people at random, those remaining retreated
into the dense, rocky park or into the neighborhood
and that is where it ended.

Final tally: 13 arrested, 2 hospitalized.

More at http://coloradicals.org
Pictures at http://www.8days.com/august/colospgs.htm
More to come, of course!

[Send reactions, reports, pictures and/or
**corrections** to me and i'll get them up!  Congrats
to all of you that attended and thanks to all those
courageous folks who held their ground in the park! 
lets keep it up!   -g-] 

R E S I S T A N C E   I S   F E R T I L E!   coloradicals.org

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