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(en) US, SF, Bring out the noize! Bring out the funk! Unpermitted march on Feb. 16

From Emma Lovecat <anarchotekno@yahoo.com>
Date Wed, 12 Feb 2003 16:52:49 -0500 (EST)

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AntiWarAction Call for Unpermitted March on F16
by AntiWarAction Monday February 10, 2003 at 08:46 PM

On February 16, we march without a permit. The U.S. does not
have our permission to wage war on Iraq and we refuse to ask
for permission to protest.

AntiWarAction Call for Unpermitted March on F16

On February 16, we march without a permit. The U.S. does not
have our permission to wage war on Iraq and we refuse to ask
for permission to protest.

We march in solidarity with the people in New York City
denied a permit for their February 15th anti-war protest. We
march in solidarity with people around the world who will
protest in defiance of established authorities. And we march
in solidarity with all those whose lives are threatened by
U.S. economic and military violence.

Join us as we assert our autonomy from the laws and
lawmakers that perpetuate war and poverty.

Convergence begins at 2pm at Polk and Grove (Southwest corner of the 
Center Plaza).
March will commence at 3 oíclock.

Bring out the noise!
Bring your voices, musical instruments, drums, pots and pans, boomboxes 
other noise-makers.

Bring out the funk!
Bring your colors of choice, props, signs, flags, banners, and anything 
else to
creatively transform the city.

Bring out the spirit of defiance!
Bring yourselves, bring your friends and bring your energy.

Bring it on!


We are out here like everyone else today to stop the war
that been waged against Iraq since 1991. We mourn the more
than one million Iraqis already murdered by economic
sanctions alone, but we have no delusions that this is an
isolated problem. We understand these latest threats, from
obliterating Baghdad to deploying nuclear weapons, as part
of a longer history of racist and imperialist U.S.
aggression. Recently, U.S. Special Forces have been deployed
to nearly 50 countries all over the globe, primarily in the
global south. Regardless of whether this war ever happens,
the troops that have already been deployed to the Middle
East en masse have militarized the region to levels that
most of us cannot comprehend. Wars, occupations, and
conflicts around the world, from Afghanistan to Colombia to
Palestine, are being fueled with U.S. economic and military
support. Meanwhile, the ëwar on terrorismí rhetoric has
opened the doors for governments such as Israel and Russia
to further repress struggles for self-determination.

While the U.S. prepares to escalate its war on the world, it
has already been waging war against the people living within
its own borders, and this too is escalating under the name
of the ëwar on terrorismí. The recent wave of INS round-ups
and detentions targeting communities of South Asian and
Middle Eastern descent, and terrifying immigrants of all
nationalities are reminiscent of the U.S.ís internment camps
for persons of Japanese descent during WWII. Ashcroft has
already drafted an even more sinister sequel to the infamous
PATRIOT Act, which would further expand the powers of
policing and surveillance, legitimize secret arrests, and,
perhaps, make it possible for the government to expatriate
U.S. citizens for holding unpopular political associations.
The U.S. is openly preparing an all-out assault on our basic

We must not fall into the trap that the Bush Administration
has laid for us by focusing all of our energy on ëanti-warí
organizing, ignoring the brutality and violence our
communities face on a daily basis. While budgets for the
military, prisons, policing, national security and other
armed forces soar, the rich are getting fat tax cuts.
Meanwhile, even the most basic provisions for social welfare
are abandoned. Those of us fortunate enough to have jobs or
homes face lay-offs and evictions. Poor neighborhoods and
communities of color live under persistent and brutal police
occupation. Disgustingly, it is precisely the people already
suffering the most from poverty and racism that will bear
the burden of the costs for this war. Under the lie of ëCare
not Cashí, San Francisco recently adopted laws to further
criminalize homelessness, and now the city of Oakland
threatens to lay-off 20% of public school teachers and close
nine public libraries. Every decision this government makes
is an attack on the working and non-working poor. Every
decision this government makes consolidates power and wealth
for the rich, the corporations, for multinational capital.
And some are still audacious enough to call this democracy.

The current crisis only shows how little control we have
over our own conditions of existence.

We refuse to grovel for an end to war. We refuse to continue
to merely beg for more money for homes, health care, jobs,
schools and the means to guarantee the most basic of human
needs. We refuse to plead with politicians who squander the
resources that our work generates on weapons and handouts to
the rich. We refuse to wait for enlightened and
compassionate leaders. We must lead ourselves.

We demand dignity and freedom for all. We must take the
responsibility to organize ourselves and to take control
over our own lives.

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