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(en) Anarchist Age Weekly Review No .533 10th February ­ 16th February, 2003

From Phil McCrory <philmcc@melbpc.org.au>
Date Wed, 12 Feb 2003 05:52:12 -0500 (EST)

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Last week an extraordinary news item bubbled to the surface, then
disappeared from sight.  The US ambassador in Australia, openly and directly
pressured the Australian Labor Party about their opposition to US foreign
policy.  The Ambassador's attack was no accident.  It was no off the cuff
remark.  It was a premeditated attack that parallels the old Mafia "you've
got a nice shop, it's a pity if something were to happen to it" routine.

Over the past few months, the US presidency has been exerting extraordinary
pressure on its "allies", NATO and the UN to toe the line on its Iraq
agenda.  The threats employed are a direct consequence of the US
government's belief it has the right to do whatever takes, even use nuclear
weapons on civilian targets if it believes its interests are threatened.  It
initially uses behind the scenes pressure, threatening friends and foes
alike, with dire economic consequences if they don't toe the line.  If the
behind the scene threats don't work, it ratchets up the pressure a notch,
making public their dissatisfaction.  If this doesn't work, economic
sabotage, to fostering and supporting internal opposition targeted
assassinations and outright military intervention are the normal course of
events that follow.

The pressure that was and continues to be placed on the Labor Party behind
the scenes, is not an aberration, it's what normally happens when political
parties oppose US foreign policy.  What's extraordinary about what happened,
is not that it happened, but the corporate media and the ABC response to the
thuggish tactics that were employed by the US Embassy.  After a day or two
of patchy coverage about the threats to Australia's political independence,
the victim the ALP, was blamed for the US threats, because they put
themselves in the position where they had to be kicked back into line, the
debate sank from public view.

What we need to remember is that the US not only puts behind the scenes
pressure on governments and opposition parties, it also has no hesitation in
using its economic muscle to silence critics in the mass media.  It's not a
matter of having it send out the "bover boys" nothing so crude.  It's a
matter of the corporate media knowing where its bread is buttered.  In the
past, Australians would have expected the ABC to pick up the slack,
unfortunately this is not happening.  The appointment of government friendly
board members to the ABC and the resultant dumbing down of ABC content,
combined with the constant pressure that has been placed on the ABC by the
government to be objective (support the government), has created the
situation where ABC management prefers to take the easy route and
self-censor, rather than upset institutions and organisations that exert
power and authority in this country.

Australia has come a long way since those balmy days when John Howard stated
that 'the primary ambition of the newly elected coalition government was to
create an Australia where Australians felt relaxed and comfortable.'  Seven
years after his election his dream lies in tatters, more as a result of his
own divisive political style, than external factors.

The man whose name will go down in history as the Prime Minister who added
the phrase core and non core promise to the English language, finds that far
from Australians feeling comfortable and relaxed, they have become fearful
and furtive.  From the very first day he was elected to office, the Prime
Minister embarked on a journey that successfully harnessed people's fears,
to create the society we have become.  During the Coalition's first term the
government was able to skilfully manipulate the unease felt by some
Australians about the Mabo High Court decision in 1992 that gives indigenous
Australians, rights to land in law to create a climate of fear that they
would lose their backyards.  Using fear as their primary weapon, the
government was able to push legislation through parliament that delivered
bucket loads of extinguishment to their supporters and denied justice to
this countryıs indigenous people.

During their second term, fear was employed to pass legislation through
parliament that successfully marginalised some of the most disadvantaged
people in our community - the unemployed.  The Howard government's divisive
style came to the fore when dealing with the question of asylum seekers.
They were able to successfully harness the fear that a trickle of a few
thousand asylum seekers would turn into a flood that would drive Australians
out of their homes to claim a third term in office.

In his third term, Howard has pursued policies that are unsettling more and
more people.  His uncritical total support for the US government, acting as
their deputy in the region, has put Australians directly in the firing line.
The government that successfully harnessed public fears about perceived
threats to bolster its electoral fortunes, now finds it can't control the
beast it unleashed.  Fear has become a way of life, fear of our neighbours,
fear of crime, fear of the unemployed, fear of asylum seekers, fear of
indigenous Australians, fear of outsiders and the fear of terrorist attacks,
have coalesced to destroy any possibility of creating that relaxed and
comfortable Australia that Howard so proudly boasted he wanted to achieve.

John Howard is right, if Australians want to continue to live as a European
enclave in Asia, we need every little bit of US help we can extract from
them.  If this means acting as their deputy in the region and putting the
interests of the US before our interests, thatıs the price we will have to
pay.  The Howard government's policies have destroyed those tentative steps
that had been taken to make Australia part of the region not a European

Its neo-colonial attitude to our Pacific neighbours has been one of the
major factors behind the economic collapse and social and political
disintegration occurring in the region.  Vanuatu, Nauru, New Guinea, the
Solomon Islands, Bougainville and Fiji are some of the Pacific countries
that are facing major problems as a consequence of the Howard government's
Pacific policies.

The coalition's Asian policies has seen the positive links that were being
established with our immediate neighbours disintegrate.  The government's
inability to engage with governments in the region has helped to raise the
spectre of the ugly Australian once again.  The isolationism that has
resulted as a consequence of these policies has fuelled the hysteria that
has occurred over a few thousand asylum seekers trying to gain entry to
Australia.  The Howard government's policies have contributed to the climate
of fear and insecurity that is gripping the nation.  The price that is been
asked by the US for maintenance of the alliance, is total support
irrespective of the economic, social and security consequences to Australia.
The much lauded free trade carrot that is being dangled by the US as payment
for this support has the potential to destroy Australia's manufacturing

The Howard government's policies have created conditions that make Australia
hostage to the US security and economic interests.  The coalitionıs penchant
for putting the US interests before the interests of its own people, will
have major negative consequences for every one of us.  As the ramifications
of the US hostile and aggressive attitude towards the rest of the world
becomes apparent, the damage that will be done to Australians far outweighs
any perceived benefit that they believe they will gain by slavishly
following the US lead.

John Howard's right hand man is back in action.  Senator Heffernan, the man
who was so offended by the appointment of Justice Kirby, a homosexual and
human rights activist, to the Australian High Court that he pedaled the
story that Kirby had sex with underage male prostitutes, has suddenly
reappeared on the political stage.  As his little mate fights off the
accusation that he's slipped into bed with the U.S.A. a little prematurely,
Heffo as he's affectionately known to his friends, has run to his mates

His latest target is that inoffensive body, the New South Wales Local
Government Association.  It seems that they have had the audacity to write
directly to the Iraqi government to notify them that they do not support an
invasion of Iraq, a sentiment that is shared by a significant number of
other Australians.  For their audacity, they have been labelled as
"seditious" by no less of an authority than Senator Heffernan, the man who
hid behind parliamentary privilege to slander Justice Kirby, has now become
an expert on sedition.

Heffo, the regent of Cowardıs Castle (parliament) believes that he can
rehabilitate his tattered reputation by pushing the government's pro-war
drum.  It's important people don't forget that the campaign of vilification
that was waged behind the cloak of parliamentary privilege was supported by
senior government figures.  For years they pedaled rumours about Kirby's
life that were designed to destroy his reputation and drive him from the
High Court.

Not satisfied with stacking the High Court with a raft of conservative
judges, the government wanted to remove every last vestige of resistance in
the High Court to their conservative political, social and cultural agenda.
Heffo is no loose cannon.  His views that people and organisations who
campaign against Australia's role to the war in Iraq, are guilty of sedition
are shared by many senior government members.  Heffo's comments need to be
challenged by as many people as possible.  If they are not, we run the very
real risk of losing what few common law rights we still enjoy in this
country that allows citizens to openly criticise government policy without
running the very real risk of finding themselves in court, for peacefully
challenging government policy.

Yes boys and girls, core and non-core man is at it again.  The man whose
contribution to the English language is on a par with the Earl of Sandwich
has outdone himself. Visiting his little mate, numero uno in the USA George
F ( F stands for Fraudulent) Bush, the man who single handily added the term
core and non -core promise for all eternity to the English dictionary, has
been inadvertently exposed by his little mate George F Bush.

Looking for an ally, any ally, George Bush told all who were willing to
listen, that Australia was in the coalition of the willing.  Shock!!
Horror!! (Actually mock shock horror). Mr Howard, Australia's beloved
leader, has told a big fat porky.  Core and non-core man has stretched the
truth in a way that only he can stretch it.  Like the rest of Australia I
believe every word that the straight shooting tooting Prime Minister tells
us.  I know he's an honest cuss and he could never tell a lie, thatıs why
when he tells us that he has not made a decision about whether Australian
troops, over 2,000 of them will be fighting a war in Iraq, I believe him.

George F Bush must be mistaken, how could he say we're part of the coalition
of the willing, if John Howard had not told him so.  Unfortunately we're now
faced with a dilemma, who do we believe?  Honest John or George F Bush.  One
of them must be telling porkies.  Looking at the sincerity in Honest John's
eyes, its plain for all to see that George F Bush is a liar or is suffering
from pre-senile dementia.  Nothing else makes sense. A man with the
integrity of the Prime Minister could never be accused of lying.  So who's
telling the truth and who's lying?  Who's in the coalition of the willing
and who's not?

Whatever happens, core and non-core man's reputation is beyond redemption.
Anybody who can manipulate the truth as effectively as John Howard can, is a
post-modern star.  John you have every Australian's respect and admiration.
If only we could twist the truth as effectively as you can, we too could be
post-modern stars.  Unfortunately for your admires (and there are many of
us) many chosen but few are called.

Q.  What role does race play in an anarchist society?
Race ­ "each of the major divisions of humankind each having distinct
physical characteristics."
A.  Although race has played a pivotal role in human relationships since the
beginning of time, its role today has become minimal.  The origin of modern
humans is a result of interaction for thousands of years between
Neanderthals (people with retracting foreheads and massive brow-ridges) and
Cro-Magnons (tall broad faced people).  In the past it was believed that
Cro-Magnons wiped out the Neanderthals, today itıs believed that there was a
great deal of physical and sexual interaction between the two groups which
led to the eventual evolution of "modern humankind".
The development of DNA technology has put paid to the widely held belief
that different races had distinct genetic differences.  It seems that all
the people on the planet today have a common ancestry.  Some scientists
suggest just one woman, ?The African Eveı.  It seems different colours and
different physical characteristics among different races have evolved as
adaptation devices to different physical environments by groups of people
that lived in isolation from each other.  The physical differences are
comparable to people using different paper to wrap up the same present.
Although the boxes may look different, the content is the same.
Anarchists have always stated that all human beings are alike and they
deserve to enjoy the same rights as everybody else.  Having different
physical characteristics does not mean one group is superior or inferior to
another group.  The problem facing anarchists, is not one of race but one of
culture.  Different racial groups have in the past created different
cultures.  Isolation was the major factor that allowed different races to
develop specific cultures.  Globalisation has resulted in the imposition of
a new universal culture ­ capitalism.
Culture is not linked to a particular racial group.  Culture has evolved to
justify and maintain the status quo.  Libertarian revolution is not a
struggle about race, as the practical differences between races are
cosmetic.  Itıs a struggle about breaking down the authoritarian and
hierarchical tendencies that are present in all cultures and replacing them
with libertarian (freedom loving) tendencies.  Anarchist revolution is not
just a struggle about seizing state power, itıs much more, itıs a social
revolution that changes the relationships between people.  It has nothing to
do with race and everything to do with the way power is and should be
exercised within groups of people.

The success of the Russian revolution in 1917 stimulated discussion about
the formation of a Communist Party in Australia.  By 1919 many socialist and
left wing groups were discussing the feasibility of forming a communist
party.  The first communist party in Australia was formed on the 30th
October 1920, at a conference that had been convened by the Australian
Socialist Party (A.S.P.).  The conference elected a provisional executive to
finalise the establishment of the new party.  At the conference held a few
weeks later, the A.S.P. took their bat and ball with them and withdrew their
delegates.  The conference continued and the remaining delegates set up the
Communist Party of Australia.
Not to be outdone, the A.S.P. set itself up at its Goulburn St. headquarters
in Sydney as the Communist Party of Australia.  The Communist Party set up
at the conference based themselves in rooms at Trades Halls.  For a while
they were known as "The Trade Hall Reds".  Over the next year, both the
Goulburn and Trades Hall communists traded insults.  Both claimed they were
the Australian section of the Third (Communist) International (the
Comintern).  The Comintern did not recognise either party as the Australian
section of the Third International and refused to grant official recognition
until they established a united communist party.
Faced with the threat of a united communist party, the Australian Labor
Party used the Australian Trade Union Congress held in Melbourne in 1921, to
adopt a "socialist platform".  Many in the Labor Party found the activities
of the communists a threat.  They attempted to smear the Communist Party by
claiming their internationalist position would flood the country with "cheap
coloured labour".
Tom Payne, Jock Garden and W. P. Earsman were the Australian Communist
Partyıs first delegates at a meeting of the Comintern (The Third
International).  A picture of them with other Pacific Ocean delegates was
used by the Labor Party to smear the Communist Party.  Their crime ­ they
were the only ?whitesı in the picture.
The A.L.P. published and distributed the picture in Australia with the
comment "that this association with cheap labour countries was scarcely in
accord with the White Australia policy".
Source of article ?The Bitter Fightı by Joe Harris, University of Queensland
Press 1970, ISBN 070220613X

Radical politics in Australia is essentially reactive.  People regularly
react against what the Australian government is doing locally and overseas.
The peace coalition that has emerged as a result of the Australian
governmentıs active participation in the imminent invasion of Iraq, has
drawn individuals and groups together that oppose the Coalition agenda.
In such a situation, itıs important that anarchists just donıt limit
themselves to opposing the invasion of Iraq.  We need to expand the limited
aims that currently drive the peace movement.  Debate should examine the
reasons behind this war and all wars.  We should be leading the discussion
about where power lies and how it should be exercised.  If we donıt expand
the debate, nobody else will.  Whether itıs Vietnam, Afghanistan, Laos,
Cambodia, Iraq, East Timor and a hundred and one other wars, is not the
important question.  The central question is one about why wars occur and
the structures and institutions that have evolved, that give nation states
the power to wage war anytime they believe that their interests are
As individuals and groups within a larger mass movement, we need to spend
more time, effort and energy expanding the limited aims that are continually
being expressed by mass movements that emerge as a result of government and
corporate policies and activities.  If we miss the opportunities to expand
the debate, we will find that we spend most of our time supporting movements
we have very little in common with.  As anarchists, itıs important we state
our positions openly and not manipulate and use these movements as
recruiting opportunities.
Itıs not a question of using a movement to further our aims, but a question
of trying to expand a movementıs agenda by examining and discussing the
reasons why such a coalition exists.  Itıs important we raise questions
about why threats of war are a continuing problem and what the peace
movement can do to help tackle this problem.  Expanding the debate within an
organisation about what is desirable and possible, is the best way we can
tackle problems that have a disturbing habit of occurring with monotonous

Translated by Ralph Manheim with an introduction by D. C. Watt.  Review Copy
published by Pimlico 2001, 1st Published Part1 July 1925, PartII December
 2001 Issue ISBN 071265254X
?Mein Kampfı is one of those books everybody has an opinion about, but few
have read.  The first thing that struck me about the book is its sheer size,
this edition runs to 626 pages.  Itıs customary to dismiss ?Mein Kampfı as
evil, boring, repetitive, verbiage, pedestrian and mundane.  I found it
fascinating because it provided me with the template that I need to
understand whatıs happening in the world today.  Itıs content has been
examined and re-examined by thousands of writers, academics and political
activists, unfortunately few have grasped its essence.  The bulk of the book
was dictated to Hess and Emil Maurice in 1924 during the 11 months Hitler
spent in prison at Landsberg for his role in the Bavarian boer-cellar putsch
of November 1923.
Although Hitler dwells in the question of race, the book is essentially a
treatise on power.  Hitler, like Stalin, understood the importance of State
and realised that the only way he could create a new man and a new
super-face was by exercising total control over the State apparatus.  His
virulent anti-Semitic stance was a by-product of his ideas about the
importance of the State.
He believed the Jews and Gypsies were parasites because they were a
stateless people.  As a stateless people, their primary allegiance was to
their communities, not to the State.  Hitler saw them as a permanent fifth
column that could never be incorporated in his thousand year Reich, so they
had to be eliminated.  In ?Mein Kampfı, Hitler uses Darwinıs ideas to
justify his position about race - only the fittest will survive.  Life is a
constant struggle between those who want to dilute the race and those who
want to maintain racial purity.  His ideas about race still enjoy widespread
support in countries around the world.
Hitler was first and foremost a social engineer.  Control of the State was
the tool that gave him the power he needed to try and create an Aryan
super-race.  Anybody who stood between him and his desire to control the
State apparatus was his enemy.  Strangely, reading ?Mein Kampfı increased my
support for anarchism.  If there is one book that has been written in the
20th century that reinforces the importance of anarchist thought, itıs ?Mein
Kampfı.  Anarchists have always said that the centralisation of power is the
single biggest obstacle that people face.  Hitler and Stalin both showed
through their actions, what occurs when somebody exercises total control
over the State apparatus. ?Mein Kampfı is the very antithesis of anarchism.
The book has reinforced my opinions about how important it is, that as
anarchists we resist each and every attempt to increase State power.
Thanks to Steve Reghenzani for providing me with the review copy of ?Mein
Kampfı.  He paid a staggering $55.00 for a new copy.  I suggest if you want
one, to put yourself through the ordeal of reading this little tome, that
you try a few second hand bookshops, Iım sure youıll soon stumble on a copy
that you can buy for a few dollars.

The drought that we are experiencing courtesy of El Nino, has had some
unexpected consequences.  As the forests burn, Melbourne has become shrouded
in a haze that tickles the throat and irritates the eyes.  Driving around
Melbourne, you canıt help notice the sorry state of the white manıs sacred
site ?the front lawnı.  Kilometre upon kilometre of pristine green grass
lining the Cityıs footpaths has given up the fight and died.  Dead grass and
bare earth reign where neatly manicured green lawns previously asserted
their authority.
Once in a while, a green manicured lawn blossoms among its dying neighbours.
Although automatic sprinklers have been banned to preserve rapidly
diminishing fresh water supplies, hand hosing is still allowed.  Every
evening grey stooped ghosts bless their little patch of heaven with gallons
of fresh water.  Nothing is too good for their front lawn.  For years they
have jealously guarded their sacred sites virginity, pulling out by the
roots any foreign grass that has nestled among the prize.  Their front lawn
has become the centre of their life, they lavish it with the love they would
normally reserve for children.  As the front lawns around them wither and
die, our friends make enormous sacrifices to keep their lawns alive.
When I see a pristine manicured green lawn surviving and flourishing in
spite of the devastation around it, I automatically start thinking about the
siege of Stalingrad during WWII.  Just in case you think Iıve finally lost
my marbles, the analogy is not as strange as you may think.  During the
siege of Stalingrad, starvation was a major problem.  Nobody had enough to
eat, that is, almost nobody.  Occasionally, a well fed pink faced individual
appeared in the street.  Neighbours started muttering under their breath
when they saw them and quickly moved away when they approached.
Occasionally they would pull them into a side alley and beat and kill them.
Jealously? Not exactly, cannibalism ­ correct.  In winter, the Stalingrad
survivors could feast on tens of thousands of frozen bodies, most chose not
to, a few took advantage of this situation.
Our friends sense of self is so tied up in the future of their lawns, they
will not only spend time and effort keeping it alive but will think nothing
about feeding it with thousands of litres of good drinking water.  I wonder
what they will do when Melbourneıs reservoirs reach 46% capacity and the
watering of lawns is banned?  Anyone with a pristine green lawn will stand
out like a sore thumb.  Maybe theyıll just give up the struggle against the
drought.  Possibly theyıll start growing their lawn indoors, using the
latest hydroponics gadgets to produce a wonderful crop of grass, pushing the
price of equipment up for those folk who have traditionally grown their
?grassı indoors.

There is a war going on in the Australian community, a grubby little war
that is being waged by the Federal government against millions of the
countryıs most disadvantaged citizens.  Around 40% of Australians are
entitled to health cards.  People on disability, single parent carers and
old aged pensions as well as poorly paid workers are theoretically able to
use their health cards to access health care services that are subsidised by
the Federal government.
The Liberal/National Party government has pursued a policy of dismantling
one of the most popular and effective reforms introduced by the Whitlam
Labor government in 1974 ­ Melbourne.  Medicare provides subsidised health
care to all Australians irrespective of their income.  Even the most
disadvantaged were able to access both the public and private health care
sector.  For the first time in the history of this country, people didnıt
have to put off accessing health care facilities because they could not
afford them.  Medicare is funded by a 1.5% levy on taxpayers income and
general taxation revenue.  The levy covers around 20% of the countryıs total
health care bill, the other 80% comes from consolidated revenue.
Over the past 7 years, the Howard government has transferred around $3
billion per year from public hospitals and Medicare to the private health
insurance industry.  The shortfall has caused major problems in the health
sector.  Public hospitals can no longer cope with their workload and waiting
times and bed shortages have increased.  The Medicare rebate paid to general
practitioners (the gatekeepers to the health system) has not kept pace with
inflation.  This has put pressure on medical practices, especially smaller
practices.  Many, one and two doctor practices, faced with the problem of
decreasing returns and increased costs, have decided to abandon bulk
An increasing number of Australians, especially in rural, regional and outer
metropolitan regions are now faced with major problems accessing basic
health care.  Cost has once again become a major impediment, especially for
health card holders.  A single visit to the doctor and the pharmacy for a
health card holder can result in $50 - $100 out of pocket expenses.  This
cost is a major problem especially if youıre only receiving $200 - $500 a
week to meet your familyıs living expenses.
The personal misery that is occurring as a result of the governmentıs
ideological manipulation of Medicare and the public health system, has
resulted in an increasing number of people being denied access to the
provision of essential health care services.  This has happened because they
donıt have the resources to access these services.  The resultant mountain
of casualties that are occurring as a consequence of the Federal
governmentıs health care policies can be laid directly at the door of a
government that has forgotten that its first responsibility is to its
citizens, not the bottom line of its private enterprise mates.
Joseph TOSCANO/LibertarianWorkers
for a Self-Managed Society.

? LıHOMME LIBRE, Fils de la terre, No.174 Jan/Mar ı03, Recherche dıune
psychologie libertatrice, Marcel Renoulet, B.p. 205-42005, Saint-Etienne,
? LE MONDE LIBERTAIRE No.1305 30TH JAN ­ 5TH FEB ı03,  145 Rue Amelot, 75011
Paris, FRANCE, Tel:0148053408, Fax:0149299859 (French anarchist weekly ­ now
in colour-well worth a look)
? UMANITA NOVA Vol 83 No.2, Enrol 14th Jan ?03, Settimanale Anarchico, C.50
Palermo 46, 10152, Torino ITALY. tel/fax (011) 857850 Mobile 338-6594361
? INTERNATIONALISM NO.124 JAN/FEB ı03, Publication of the Internal
Communist, Current in the US, P.O. BOX 288, NEW YORK N.Y., 10018-0288,
UNITED STATES www.internationalism.org

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THIS WEEK'S STORIES: Low-Income Schools Failing Because of Lack of
Funding...Resistance is Useful...Some Terrorists More Equal Than Others...No
Link Between Iraq & Al Qa*da...World's Stupidest Intelligence Report...
Some Victorian schools in poor areas can no longer afford basic programs
like physical education & art. Carolyn Atkins from the Vict. Council of
Social Services, said "core aspects of education are now being paid for by
fund-raising" on the part of schools themselves. Mr Atkins said that schools
in poor areas could only generate $4000 a year through fund-raising, whereas
schools in rich areas could generate $40,000. Vict's shortage of teachers is
set to worsen dramatically over the next few years, according to a report by
the State govt.  The report predicts a shortfall of between 600 & 900
teachers each year to 2006. Andrew Blair, of the Vict Ass. of State
Secondary Principals said "if you have teachers who are teaching in
hard-to-supply teaching areas, on occasions youıre less likely to be as
scrupulous in attending to quality issues, performance issues".  Poorer
areas & rural areas are far less popular choices for teachers. Data compiled
by the principals' body shows that 7% of Aust. schools had already stopped
offering some subjects or programs because of a lack of teachers. (Melbourne
Times, Jan 29, & the Age, Jan 28).
A new UK study has found that people who take part in strikes, occupations &
political demos experience an improvement in their well-being, which can
help them overcome stress, pain, anxiety & depression. Researcher Dr John
Drury said  "Collective actions such  as protests, strikes, occupations &
demonstrations, are  less common in the UK than they were perhaps 20 years
ago", "The take-home message from this research therefore might be that
people should get more involved in campaigns, struggles & social movements,
not only in the wider interest of social change but also for their own
personal good.". (Reuters, Dec 23).
US statesman & American Secretary of State during the Vietnam War, Henry
Kissinger, visited Sydney where he met with the Prime Minister & Foreign
Minister. Prime Minister John Howard, a long-standing admirer of the
72-year-old Kissinger, took time out from holidays to meet him. Mr Kissinger
is accused of crimes against humanity & war crimes.  He organised a secret
bombing campaign in Cambodia during the Vietnam War.  He also gave Indonesia
a 'green light' to invade East Timor, leading to an estimated 200,000
deaths.  Mr Kissinger was also involved in the overthrow of President
Allende in Chile, an elected left wing politician who was murdered &
replaced with a right wing military dictatorship. (www.sydney.indymedia.org
website, Jan 20).
The claim that the Iraqi govt is likely to work with Al Q*eda appears to be
untrue. Secular nationalists, such as Sadd*m Hussein, are traditionally
rivals with fundamentalists. During the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, Osama b1n
Laden offered to help the Saudi govt remove Iraq from Kuwait, so that the
Saudi govt didn't have to involve the US.  Saddam Huss*in has responded by
suppressing fundamentalist groups in Iraq. ("Counterspin: Pro-War
Mythology", by Scott Burchill, lecturer in Intıl Relations at Deakin
University, Jan 14).
The UK govt's 'intelligence report' on Iraq was largely copied from reports
in magazines & academic journals. US academic Ibrahim al-Marashi says that
the UK govt copied passages from a report he wrote on Iraqi weapons.  He
said that they even copied his grammatical errors. The UK govt report
distorted some of the points in the original article ­ eg, an estimate the
Iraqi militia had 15,000 members became an estimate of 30-40,000. The UK
govt has admitted that large sections of its report were taken from
magazines and other non-primary sources. (The Age, Feb 9).
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