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From Al S <klasbatalemo@yahoo.ie>
Date Sat, 6 Dec 2003 12:04:17 +0100 (CET)

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What is 'Working Class Resistance'?
Welcome to Working Class Resistance (WCR!)! WCR! is a
new eight page anarchist paper which will be appearing
six times a year from this point on. The next edition
will be ready by early February 2004.
Who are involved with 'Working Class Resistance'?
The appearance of this publication marks the coming
together of the Anarcho-Syndicalist Federation,
Anarchist Federation (Ireland), Anarchist Prisoner
Support and a number of other individuals to create a
more effective and better resourced class struggle
anarchist organisation across Ireland. Together we
have created a new organisation, Organise!, with local
groups and individual members throughout the country.

Some background.

The ASF and AF in Ireland had already collaborated on
two previous publications, called Wildcat, which
presented agreed positions on the trades unions and
the ‘north’. The impetus for the creation of this
organisation goes back to a proposal made earlier this
year asking anarchists to look seriously at building
more effective organisation across Ireland. The
response to this proposal was mixed, but discussion on
moving things forward took place between those who
were most interested in pursuing it and who felt they
had most in common. Our attitude to those class
struggle anarchists outside our organisation is
comradely and co-operative; while we may have
differences, we seek to work to overcome these where
possible and to build stronger links and more effect
methods of working together as part of the process of
building a broad libertarian movement in Ireland. We
will not, on the other hand, shy away from debate and
discussion of differences, but attempt to deal with
these in an open and comradely fashion.

Most importantly, we seek through our activity and
propaganda, through discussion and practical
solidarity with our fellow workers, to show the
relevance of anarchist methods of organising and
ultimately the benefits of a future libertarian
communist revolution for workers everywhere.
A new website should be online in the very near

If you would like more information, to get in touch
with Organise! members in your area, or distribute
WCR!, contact us at:

P.O. BOX 505,
BT12 6BQ
Email: organiseireland@yahoo.ie



We go to print with one of the greatest political
non-events taking place across the north - the
Stormont Assembly elections. For the past number of
weeks we’ve been treated to all the hype and self
importance you’d expect from those looking to secure a
‘basic wage’ of £41,321 plus around £50,000 on top of
that again in expenses. The Chairs and Deputy Chairs
of Assembly committees can treat themselves to an
additional £10,290.

Whether the candidate is Unionist or Nationalist,
Pro-Agreement or Anti-agreement, Women's Coalition or
Alliance, even if they claim to be Socialist, the same
attacks will be carried out on our standard of living.
Low pay, poverty, increased job insecurity, lack of
decent housing, privatisation, profiteering in the NHS
and our schools (where PFI’s and PPP’s are introduced
and implemented with impunity), cut backs,
redundancies, the massive growth in ‘flexible’ working
practises (we’re expected to bend over backwards for
the boss) and the introduction of water charges.

None of the parties are willing or able to present any
economic alternatives to the globally inspired and
directed attack on working people. This attack has
gone under many names; Thatcherism, Reganism,
Neo-liberalism, Globalisation, it is simply aggressive
capitalism engaged in the stripping back of the gains
working class people have made over the past decades
in order to feed market greed.

The peace dividend has been an illusion for the
majority in Northern Ireland, over the last 15 years
the rich have got richer and the poor poorer. Poverty
is consistently higher than in the Republic of Ireland
and Britain with over 1/2 million living in poverty
including over a 1/3 of our children. 64% of the
population have an income below the national average
while those in the top four income groups, a tiny
percentage of the population, possess 67% of the total
household income! Not only do we face greater poverty
but the cost of living is higher while wages are 22%

Remember, no matter who you vote for, Government wins.
Only by organising, fighting back and practising
solidarity where we live and work can we really change
things. Despite the opposition to water charges
claimed in the run up to the election all the main
parties had agreed to water charges prior to the
suspension of the Assembly. There can be no doubt that
after the election ‘economic reality’ will see them
implement the charges no matter their election

Only direct action will defeat the water tax. A
campaign based on non-payment of charges must be built
in order to smash this charge on a fundamental human
right. Let's show the politicians where the real power

Jason Brannigan

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