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(en) Turkey, Exposer of local stalinist organization paper 'ATILIM' defamation of anarchism

From Kaos Yayinlari <kaosyayinlari@yahoo.com>
Date Thu, 21 Aug 2003 10:31:11 +0200 (CEST)

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ATILIM is a Stalinist socialist weekly with about 3 to 4 thousand
readers. Atılım that views anarchism as a counter revolutionary ideology,
even when they cannot conceal the position and effect of the anarchist
movement in especially European anti globalist actions, refer to it as
"disorganisation", "individualism" and "spontainety" having taken over
the opposition, to avoid using terms like "anarchy", "anarchist", "anarchism".
Last year Noam Chomsky came to Turkey and went to Diyarbakir to attend a
trial against his books. The media was largely interested in the event
and so was Atılım who saluted Chomsky as "an honourable intellectual"
?the same Chomsky they are considering as a "lackey of the USA", now that
he declares his protest against the oppression in Cuba.

The leftists in here who do expect a warm and sincere attitude from
especially the European anarchists are not being open and real. And it
bothers us. And we are seriously concerned about anarchists elsewhere
being fooled by this double standard.

KAOS Publications and a group of anarchists from İstanbul

(The following is a translation by us of the top article of the
magazine?s July 19th, 2003 issue.)


It looks like the fact that a group of pro-american lackeys have been
condemned in Cuba has provoked a discussion among the left intelligentsia
of the world. It can be said that anarchists of all countries, the USA
anarchists topping them all (whether they consciously do so or end up
doing so as a consequence of their ideological stand) and those poor
souls like the ÖDP (the Freedom and Solidarity Party) who pretend to be
like the former, place themselves at the USA?s service. Democratic
constitutions like the IHD (Human Rights Association) by participating in
the protest against Cuba practically became a part of this chorus. Those
american intellectuals Noam Chomsky, Michael Albert, Naomi Klein, Howard
Zinn, Edward Said, Immanuel Wellerstein and others who define themselves
as "anti-war, social justice and human rights activists" came forward
with a letter to the world stating "many opponents have been arrested and
got shockingly long prison sentences due to their non-violent
political activities". The fact that they honour these pro-American
lackeys by calling them "political opponents" shows not only how
politically blind they can get but also how limited their "social
justice" notion is. Some American intellectuals like James Petras, Ted
Glick, Diana Johnson protested those "protestors" and openly sided with
Cuba. When they say "We support democracy in Cuba. That people are
arrested because they dared to use their right to speak freely is cruel
and unacceptable. We call the Castro government to release all political
prisoners and let the pople of Cuba to speak, write and organize freely"
as "pure democracy" illusionists, they are blessing the opposition right
of the rabbles of imperialism. Moreover, they releive the USA by denying
the same (Cuban?-translator) government the right to defend the
achievements of the revolution with revolutionary violence. The price of
the legacy of criticizing the US imperialism can not be giving up the
Cuban revolution?s achievements. Unfortunately this is what the
prestigious American intellectuals? stand objectively is. Alright,
anarchists are against all kinds of dictatorships! But is there any
other goal and polotical meaning of the protest campaign being organized
around this idea other than disarming Cuba from within and thus leaving
it vulnerable to the US embargo that has been going on for decades?
Anarchists accept the class struggle but refuse to carry it on to the
point of the proletarian dictatorship. They are dreaming of an allegedly
over classes and at the same time not a dictatorship kind of democracy
-a pure democracy. They sacrifice revolution for the sake of democracy.
And of course, naturally, where anarchism lands is the left side of
bourgeois democracy and reformism. And that is precisely how they end up
thinking that the people?s power in Cuba which defends the revolution?s
achievements with fire and iron can not be a "democratic"rule. And what
do these "pure democracy" and "civil society" loving "leftist" pedants
suggest the Cuban people do? How should Cuba defend herself against the
unending barbaric plots of imperialist aggression? By lullabying
revolution and honour in the cradle of "civil disobedience"? Is that all
you can think of? If the Cuban people still have the courage and the
ability of following the path of the revolution, it is because they
haven?t fallen asleep in your cradles. To live the life of the guerrilla
on ?nailled beds? has been a thousand times more the guarantee of an
honourable and peaceful life for the Cuban people than your cradles.
This is what the revolution has taught Che Guevara?s people. Civil
society liberal anarchists like Chomsky, Albert, Zinn, Klein are
suggesting that we should give up the concrete achievements of a
people?s revolution for the sake of an abstract concept of ?democracy?.
ÖDP, in the June issue of their "Future" (Gelecek) magazine has
published an article that ranks with these intellectuals? stand. They
are preaching that "the way to defend Cuba and its revolution" goes
through giving USA servants and lackeys their rights, and they base this
preaching on a historical perspective allegedly connected to 20th
century socialism experiences. Which only shows that they are advancing
in the path to social democracy. They are sending a message to not only
the Turkish ruling forces but the rulers of the world as well. That they
are trying to connect the defense of the cuban revolution with class
collaboration and class consensus politics and "ethics of socialism"
does not conceal the fact that ÖDP?s mind is limited with bourgeois
democracy. What are the rules of socialist ethics and political
consistency? We don?t accept an ?over-classes? ethics and morals. To bow
down in front of imperialism and the bourgeoisie can not be socialism?s
morals. Cuba is still resisting imperialism. Defending the achievements
of the revolution with her teeth and nails. Class struggle against
imperialism calls us to cheer the oppression of the opposition of the
lackeys of imperialism. This is the stand of the consistent democrat.
This is what ranking with the oppressed and internationalist consistency
dictates us.

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