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(en) US, anarchist and other resources for the movement

From Elaine Taylor <rada2312@yahoo.com>
Date Sun, 3 Aug 2003 21:26:53 +0200 (CEST)

A - I N F O S N E W S S E R V I C E

Senders: The Alliance For Anarchist Determination (TAFAD) organization for anarchism.
(The Create Revolutionary Energy Always Together Everybody (CREATE)
Collective is a user of TAFAD.)

I am Anarchist Collective Terminal (ACT) Elaine, a member of CREATE a user of TAFAD.
We are also Anarchist Black Cross San Lorenzo, a transformation of
society project of TAFAD. (Previously our Black Cross name was ABC
California; the first ABC started in the USA since the Black Cross ended
in 1934). We began contact with Black Cross through the Black Flag
Journal and began the ABC-California as allied with the ABCs that had
began in the United Kingdom, etc. The ABC Toronto had just opened in
front of us. Both of these ABCs were started in early 1982. We hold
with the Miguel Garcia, Albert Meltzer, and Stuart Christie's efforts to
enhance the anarchist movement through restarting Black Cross. Hence,
TAFAD did the TAFAD release 17, the Anarchist-Black-Cross California
as a TAFAD release 14 effort in the transformation of society though
the TAFAD release 15 project to do the TAFAD release 17-ABC prisoner
support and prison abolishment movement.

Our concept was to do anarchist society work through releases. Release
0 was for correspondence. Release 1 was for our thoughts. Release 2 was
to function as a Human Energy Machine System. We organized under release
3 The Alliance For Anarchist Determination(TAFAD). As of todayTAFAD
has done 0 through 25 releases of anarchist daily efforts known of

The list of Releases are known of to date are:
2-human energy machine system
3-TAFAD organization
4-elements of TAFAD (mainly the list of words used by anarchy and their
5-Picture: a holoarchy structure of TAFAD.
6-Planning done by TAFAD and the other releases.
7-Users of the TAFAD organization. Other organizations of Collectives of
Anarchist Collective Terminals.
8-Survey Government within TAFAD.
9-Old Knowledge of Everything, prior to current year for reference.
10-New Knowledge those new things coming into being.
11-Products that are produced by Anarchist collective Terminals
individually or in Workers Associations of Anarchist Collective
Terminals for the TAFAD Organization.
12-Anarchist Collective Terminal(ACT): Those who hold the 3 policies of
anarchism, anti-state, anti-capitalism, and anti-god (spirituality).
TAFAD policies are 8-Survey Government, Mutual-aid sharing of the gift
of one's creativity, and 23-Non-Believers Association: (Evolution
Biology and human energy, not spiritualism).
13-Workers Associations made up of ACTs.
14-Transformation: the transformation in parallel of society over into
an anarchist society. Some things from the other society will not be
brought across to the anarchist society. Some things will be modified
and brought across for continuing use. The anarchist society will build
the new anarchist society through new knowledge.
15-Projects: the list of projects done in the other releases.
16-Mutual Aid: The Sharing of the gift of our creativity.
17-Anarchist Black Cross (ABC): the prisoner support and abolishment of
prisons movement.
18-Defense: Personal Health and Physical Exercise type for humans.
19-Other Species Defense:Other Animals, Birds, Insects, fish, reptiles, etc.
Release Word 61-Pollution defense
Release Word 62-Population concerns
Release Word 63-Ethics actions
Release Word 64-Education knowledge
Release word 202-Cosmos,Space,Universe
Release word 65-Climate defense
Release word 66-Edaphic defense
Release word 67-Biotic defense
Release word 68-Culture knowledge
Release word 69-Society creation
22-Outside of Anarchy: the old society and others not anarchist information.
23-Non-Believers Association.
24-The List of TAFAD Releases 0 through 25 made to date.
25-Attachments identified:
25-1 The list of attachments made to the 0-correspondence
25-2 the actual attachment made to the correspondence.

We contact Black Cross (London & Black Flag), in association with
them for comradely efforts.

ABC-SL POB 215 San Lorenzo,Ca 94580-0215 (510) 581-9021) We answer
the telephone or we are not at home. The Anarchist help we need
information follows.

Bill for tafad-create-act corresponding follows.

Greetings: Mutual Aid of resources effort.

We have Journals/magazines/newspapers; Articles; Pamphlets;
Bulletins/Newsletters; Fliers; Posters; Art Work; Books; VCR VideoTapes;
Audio Tapes 60/90; Clothes and sundry other office type materials (note
books/paper clips/etc) that are stored in 5 storage bins in Castro
Valley, CA.

We have come on hard times and would like to route these resources into
the Hard Core Anarchist for use. We need to do this ASAP or receive
mutual aid to hold the storage area. Otherwise, as anarchists, we need
to get them shifted to San Francisco, Oakland,
Hayward, Fremont anarchist users' locations. We had tried to contact
Phoenix, AZ anarchists to possibly move items there for their use. But,
they never responded or have gone defunct.

Our original intent was to create a freehouse in Hayward, a come-in
center of anarchy, or use the storage bin location to lend from the
location in and out these resources. That would be an anarchist
distribution of resources storage center library that contacts could
utilize. Unfortunately due to chronic illness, stroke, and operations
of collective members, and also being unable to locate local
anarchists, we were unable to implement this transformation of
society project. Now, we can no longer hold these stored
resources financially.

We have collected these materials over 50 years of activism and the
last 33 years of anarchist activity. Our perspective is as
Hardcore Bakunist type anarchist holding the three principles of survey
government (anti-state), mutual-aid (anti-exchange-value) and
non-believers (anti-god, anti-spiritualist, anti-pagan types). We
believe in the gift-of-your-labor use of the products one creates in
ones daily life. One creates the world daily by what one does. We cannot
describe tomorrow as People have not created it yet though their human
condition and direct actions.

Our unfortunate condition has been caused by illness, out of work, lack
of finances, and honestly, age.

The bins must go by the end of September. We would like these resources
to go into the anarchist resources and not into the ecology polluting
dumps and environmental tragedies. We believe there is solidarity in
anarchist activity to do this.

The Future Holds Promise (as prisoner Bill Dunne has always said.)
ACT-bill and ACT-Elaine Collective Create members for TAFAD.

PS: for confirmation of these conditions, contact ABC-SL supported prisoner:
Larry W. Giddings 10917-086
U.S.P. P.O. Box 1000
Lewisburg,Pa 17837

We can be contacted at the above address and telephone or by e-mail
rada2312....Revolutionary Anarchist Direct Action for discussion.

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