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(en) US, Detroit, Anarchist People of Color Conference - 3 August Update

From apoc presente <thirdworldwarfare@yahoo.com>
Date Sun, 3 Aug 2003 20:04:03 +0200 (CEST)

A - I N F O S N E W S S E R V I C E

Conference organizing has been incredibly exciting and
enlightening, and we have crews from all over the
United States, Canada and elsewhere on the way.
Housing arrangements and food are nearing final
confirmations and we’re focused on pulling together
the complete program.

One of the biggest needs is supporting travel costs
for area groups to attend. Without people, obviously,
we have no conference, so those wishing to support the
conference are encouraged to help local folks make it
to Detroit. Some groups are organizing travel support,
while others are raising funds for travel stipends.
Whatever the case, cost is always a big issue, so
please help others attend if you can't.

Please note we have a newly updated version of
conference Frequently Asked Questions. Catch it at:
http://www.illegalvoices.org/basics/faq.html. In it,
we address a lot of new questions -- everything from
bringing kids to sessions to attendance by
lighter-toned people of color -- so check it out, and
feel free to submit other questions you think others
might benefit from.

If you are interested in facilitating a cultural
caucus to bring like minds together, email
apoc@illegalvoices.org about getting on the schedule.

Please encourage others you know are headed to the
conference to please pre-register, because we're
organizing housing based on the needs expressed. URL
-- thanks!

Everyone is encouraged to exercise common-sense
security in the city of Detroit and at the conference.
Organizers recently received a threat that may not be
serious, and our conference has been mentioned on a
white-power message board. These underscore the need
to practice personal security.

The following lists workshops currently being hosted
at the conference. The most up-to-date batch of
workshops is at
http://www.illegalvoices.org/schedule.html for your
review. This page is also in a printer-friendly
format. We are expecting to add more in the coming
weeks, as the submission deadline is September 20
(maybe sooner, as spots are being booked up). If you
are interested in presenting, please visit
http://www.illegalvoices.org/forms/proposals.html and
complete a workshop submission.

Ernesto Aguilar
supporting the APOC conference


APOC Conference Schedule [as of 3 Aug. 2003]

Strategy/Vision on Making Anarchism Relevant to Our

Description: An open discussion on strategies,
tactics, experiences and ideas for organizers and
others to make anarchism relevant to our
neighborhoods, and to all communities.
Presenters: TBA

Building an Anarchist People of Color Organizing

Description: This will be a presentation and
facilitated discussion on the creation of an anarchist
people of color organizers’ network as put in
“Anarchist People of Color Network Proposal.” The
purpose of this workshop is not to debate organization
versus anti-organization politics, but to unite those
who see the need for such a network to talk about the
proposal and the necessity for such movement-building.
This will also be the first major face-to-face
discussion about this proposal, released in July.
Presenters: Ernesto Aguilar and Heather Ajani
Bios: Ernesto Aguilar is a writer and organizer active
in anti-authoritarian movements since the early 1990s.
He recently co-founded Houston Copwatch, and hosts the
weekly Latino-issues radio show Sexto Sol on Pacifica
station KPFT. Heather Ajani, who has recently moved to
Albuquerque, NM, has been involved in Copwatch for
over four years and is a member of Bring the Ruckus.

Herbs, People's Medicine

Description: We will investigate wild weeds and trees
growing in the city. What plants can be used for food
and medicine. How to take health care into your own
Presenter: Kwah Waadabi
Bio: Kwah Waadabi is an herbalist who teaches
workshops on people's medicine throughout the
Northeast. He has had a private practice for ten years
and ran a anarchist herb collective apothecary in
Vermont. He has taught at the Avena Institute for
Botanical Medicine and helped found the Boston School
of Herbal Medicine. Kwah has an intimate knowledge of
plant and tree medicine. It would be preferable to
lead the workshop outside. We will look at plants in
urban areas that could help sustain people.

Anarchism 101

Description: This is a workshop aimed at those who are
new to and/or exploring anarchist/anti-authoritarian
ideas. No question is a dumb question, so bring the
things you’ve been wondering about, and an open mind.
Presenters: Rotating presenters

"Karate means 'empty hand,' so it's perfect for the
poor man"

Description: An interactive presentation of basic
techniques, concepts, and applications related to
unarmed self-protection against both armed and unarmed
Presenter: Gregory Lewis
Bio: Long-time organizer (Black Autonomy
International, IWW, numerous coalitions). Certified
personal trainer (ACE; Ashmead College-Seattle, WA)
and Karate instructor (black belt; Kenzen
Karate-Seattle, WA). Over 20 years in the martial arts
(boxing, muay thai, taekwondo, karate, Brazilian
jiujitsu). 10 years experience as an event staffer
(i.e. bouncer). Recently fought in the local Toughman
boxing competion (Tacoma, WA) and a bare-knuckle,
full-contact karate demonstration (Everett, WA).
Taught self-defense seminars for numerous progressive
organizations including Home Alive, Anti-Racist
Action, and Horizon House.
Notes: Participants will be asked about any health
conditions that may affect their ability to
participate. Participants are invited to videotape the
seminar so they have a reference tool to take home
with them (this is optional and based upon group

>From Compounds to Congress: White Nationalism in the

Description: As we begin the 21st century, nationalism
has once again become a prominent feature on the
national and political landscape. Across Europe,
ultra-nationalist political parties have risen to
prominence, sharing power presently in Austria, Italy,
while building a large electoral base in France and
the United Kingdom. In the United States, the counter
part to these movements has been the emergence of
white nationalism as a significant political
phenomenon. Political and social space is being
contested by white nationalists in this new period.
The battles will be fought in youth subcultures, and
within social spaces of American society. This
presentation will explore the ideas, the broader
political aims and organizing strategies of the white
nationalist movement, and how anti-authoritarians can
build a framework to respond.
Presenter: Eric Ward
Bio: Eric Ward has been an organizer against the white
nationalist movement since 1992. He has edited three
books about white supremacy; The Second Civil War,
American Armageddon, and Conspiracies: Real
Grievances, Paranoia, and Mass Movement. He is a
contributor to the anti-fascist monthly Searchlight
Magazine, published in London, England.

Women of Color and Feminism

Description: To facilitate discussion with women of
color around our various struggles and how they relate
to traditional feminism. This session would allow for
open discussion in a women's only setting to openly
explore issues surrounding women of color.
Presenter: Heather Ajani
Bio: Heather Ajani, who has recently moved to
Albuquerque, NM, has been involved in Copwatch for
over four years and is a member of Bring the Ruckus.

Qualities of An Anarchist Community Organizer &
Organizing Youth

Description: In this period very little has been
written about the qualities of a revolutionary
anarchist organizer. Taken from years of experiance,
and seeing what does and does not work in community
organizing, Munyiga touches on some basic qualities
that will make one a more effective people's organizer
and more of a Human Being in the process). The second
part, Youth Organizing, deals with the organization of
youth of color for struggle in this period. Again
taken from over 30 years of youth organizing, from his
high school days, to his leadership of the Black
Student Union while in University, to organizing
street and community youth now, this work-shop will
shed some light on effective youth organizing in the
21st century and beyond. (All from an Anarchist
Presenter: Munyiga Nosakhere
Bio: Munyiga Nosakhere is a member and organizer
within the Black Community Network of Community
Organizers in Western Canada. He presently is the
program coordinator of the Black Community Youth &
Resource Center in Regina Saskatchewan, and was active
in several Black Revolutionary Nationalist groups in
the early 70's. In the late Eighties he became
attracted to the ideals of anti-authoritarian class
based revolutionary anarchism, and has worked
tirelessly in projects benifiting the African Black
Working class and poor. He has workecd behind the
scenes in building many communty, youth and student
organizations. He lives amd works in Regina,

Panel on Grassroots Solutions for Challenging Police
Brutality and Misconduct

Description: On this interactive panel, organizers
from various facets of the struggle against police
misconduct in our communities will share their
organizing experiences, give ideas for local work, and
talk about ways for building grassroots solutions for
the epidemic of police violence plaguing our
Presenters: JoNina Abron, Southwest Michigan Coalition
Against Racism and Police
Brutality; Lorenzo Komboa Ervin, Black Autonomy
Network of Community Organizers; Heather Ajani,
Copwatch; others?

Watching the Right

Description: Workshop that will help attendees learn
how to identify people working in right/far
right/racist circles and how to combat them.
Presenter: Daryle Lamont Jenkins
Bio: Daryle Lamont Jenkins is the co-founder and
spokesperson for One People's Project, an anti-racist
watchdog organization that monitors and reports on
right-wing activity. Established in 2000 in the
aftermath of a racist rally in Morristown, NJ, One
People's Project maintains records and information of
not only racist groups but the individuals as well. It
is OPP's intent to make certain that these groups are
not allowed to function in any capacity.

The Drug War: An Anarchist of Color Response

Description: Will talk about the difference in
Marxist, Anarchist, and Progressive approaches to the
drug war and about strategies that we can use to
defeat the police repression connected to the drug war
in communities of color.
Presenter: Roger White
Bio: Roger White is a criminal justice researcher for
the Data Center, a social justice research and
training organization based in Oakland Ca. He's also a
member of East Bay Uprising, an anti- authoritarian of
color collective focused on police repression and the
drug war.

We Got the Camera: Building Local Copwatch Groups

Description: An informational workshop with advice on
how to start a Copwatch group in your area--what is
needed and how to get started.
Presenter: Heather Ajani
Bio: Heather Ajani, who has recently moved to
Albuquerque, NM, has been involved in Copwatch for
over four years and is a member of Bring the Ruckus.

Addressing Classism in Our Movements, Our Communities
and Ourselves

Description: Facilitated discussions about
internalized oppression, which will talk about
constructive, concrete ways to check these -isms in
anti-authoritarian movements.
Presenters: TBA

Addressing Sexism in Our Movements, Our Communities
and Ourselves

Description: Facilitated discussions about
internalized oppression, which will talk about
constructive, concrete ways to check these -isms in
anti-authoritarian movements.
Presenters: Walidah Imarisha (and others)

Addressing Heterosexism/Homophobia in Our Movements,
Our Communities and Ourselves

Description: Facilitated discussions about
internalized oppression, which will talk about
constructive, concrete ways to check these -isms in
anti-authoritarian movements.
Presenters: TBA

The Necessity for Collective Liberation Perspectives
in POC Revolutionary Work: Defeating the Divide and
Conquer Strategy by Building Bridges Beyond Race and

Description: Q&A/community session with elders and
Presenters: TBA

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