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(en) Anarchist Age Weekly Review No.544 28th April ­ 4th May 2003 [EXCERPT]

From Phil <philmcc@123.net.au>
Date Wed, 30 Apr 2003 15:05:44 +0200 (CEST)

A - I N F O S N E W S S E R V I C E

The Prime Minister's assertion that the changes to the Medicare scheme that
his government has flagged protect the universal nature of the scheme does
not even stand up to a cursory examination. His "reform" package is designed
to create a two tier primary health care delivery system that mirrors the
current public and private hospital divide.

The Medicare rebates proposed for general practice patients who are not
pensioners or concession card holders will be less than that paid for
concession card holders. General practitioners who elect to enter into an
agreement with the Health Insurance Commission to bulk bill pensioners and
concession card holders will be given the power to automatically receive the
Medicare rebate and simultaneously charge an up-front fee for their
services. The changes that are proposed actively encourage general
practitioners to bulk bill concession card holders and pensioners, and
charge an up front fee for all other patients they treat; they do not
encourage general practitioners to universally bulk bill all their patients.

The right that health consumers will have to privately insure themselves if
they need to spend more than a $1000 in up-front fees per year and the
promise the government has made to concession card holders and pensioners
who are not bulk billed ­ that the government will pay their doctors fees if
they need to spend more than five hundred dollars per year on doctors visits
­ distorts the reality faced by most health consumers. The federal
government will only pick up the tab between the rebate and the scheduled
fee ­ the fee set by government. Doctors who donıt bulk bill, however, do
not normally recognise the scheduled fee. These doctors normally charge an
up-front fee greater than the scheduled fee.

The proposed changes to the Medicare scheme are nothing short of a cynical
attempt to introduce the same divisions that exist between public and
private hospital in-patients into the non-hospital primary health care
delivery system. Nothing in the proposed package encourages general
practitioners to maintain universal bulk billing. Families and working
people on low and middle incomes will be the ones who will be denied bulk
billing, and will soon find that the federal government's "reform" package
will price them out of the primary health care delivery system. These
changes need to be resisted by every level in the community. They are a
calculated move by the Howard government to reintroduce user-pay criteria
into the health care equation ­ a quarter of a century after the
introduction of Medicare guaranteed all Australians universal access to the
health care delivery system.

Recent visitors to Melbourneıs Federation Square may be intrigued by the
Private Property signs that have sprung up around the square in the last few
weeks. The erection of these signs is a direct consequence of the dispute
that has now been going on for about six months between People Against
Repressive Legislation ­ a non party political coalition of individuals and
groups that was established to protect and extend the common law rights
Australians have enjoyed in the past and that have come under extensive
legislative attack since September the 11th ­ and the Federation Square
Authority ­ a semi-public body thatıs financially supported by the Victorian
State government and whose senior appointments are made by the State
government, which we refer to as a quango (quasi-autonomous non governmental

Since Federation Square was opened we have regularly used a tiny portion of
the Squareıs open space to hold peaceful rallies and hand out literature
highlighting how Federal, State and local laws are being altered to remove
what few common law rights Australians enjoy to freely assemble and protest
in this country. On each occasion security staff acting on instructions from
the Federation Square Authority has asked us to leave, claiming Federation
Square is private property and that we cannot protest without obtaining
permission from the Federation Square authority. On each occasion, we have
refused to leave.

The matter came to a head on the 4th of April when police were called in to
deal with the situation. After discussions with the police, we continued our
protest. We repeated our protest on the 22nd of April, and the police were
once again called in to deal with us. After discussions with the police, we
continued our protest at Federation Square. What is happening in Federation
Square raises very important questions about the role of the Square that
goes beyond aesthetic and commercial questions. Is the square the heart of
the city, open public space, or private property? The attempted
privatisation of open public space by the Victorian State government is the
latest in a long list of privatisation initiatives that have been promoted
by the Liberal and Labor governments over the past two decades at the State
and Federal level.

Federation Square is open public space that has been paid for by the
Victorian people; it is not private property. Fortunately, to date,
citizenship in this country has not been restricted solely to consumers. As
Australian citizens, we are exercising those few common law rights that we
still hold by protesting in open public space without asking permission from
government, police or quasi private organisations. Itıs ironic that at the
very moment that the Federal government put the lives of Australian Defence
personnel at risk and used hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer funds
to "liberate" the people of Iraq, we are denied the right to protest in open
public space without obtaining permission from government.

We invite all Australians who are concerned about what is happening at
Melbourneıs Federation Square to join us at 10.30 a.m. on the 1st of May
(May Day) and reclaim Federation Squareıs open public space for the use of
the citizens of this State. If the Victorian State government believes the
square is private property, they should fence it off, put security guards at
the entrances and only allow consumers to use Federation Square ­ the
peoplesı square.

Three hundred and twenty people have died and 5000 people have been infected
by the SARS virus since it began a few months ago. When you examine the
figures, you realise that the death rate is low compared to most worldwide
epidemics. Comparing the death rate due to SARS to the 5,000 children a day
who die from malaria, the 10,000 children a day who die from preventable
water borne infections and the growing number dying from AIDS, you realise
that SARS is not as dangerous as many of the illnesses that the world has
had to deal with over the past few decades.

The fuss surrounding SARS is directly related to the potential impact it has
on countries that donıt fear Malaria because they have access to treatments
to prevent its transmission and who donıt suffer from water borne infections
because of adequate sanitation and clean water supplies. Its mode of
transmission (droplets) makes it a direct threat to the developed world.
Faced with the potential community dislocation and costs involved with an
outbreak, the industrialised world has viewed the spread of SARS as a threat
to it. The hysteria surrounding an infection that seems to be easily
contained and whose death rate is around 5% is directly linked to the fact
that it could have an impact on the developed world.

The wall-to-wall headlines that have accompanied the spread of this disease
are more of an indication of the fear that the disease generates in the
industrialised world than an indication of its potential danger. The death
of millions of people from avoidable causes barely rates a mention while the
death of 300 SARS cases has became an international emergency. While fatal
diseases are contained to the Third World, the number of deaths caused by
these diseases is never treated as a health crisis.

When the developed world is faced with an epidemic that indiscriminately
affects both the rich and the poor, then that disease becomes a priority.
The response to SARS and the corresponding lack of interest in preventable
diseases that kill millions is an indictment on the type of society we have
become. The cruise missile bill alone that was generated by the US led
invasion of Iraq would be more than enough to prevent most of the deaths in
the world that occur because people don't have access to malaria prophylaxis
and adequate sanitation.

First H.I.H, now Pan Pharmaceuticals. The suspension of Pan Pharmaceuticalsı
licence to manufacture complimentary medicines is, sadly, another story of
government inaction. In January, nineteen people were hospitalised and
another 87 suffered major reactions to Travacalm, an anti-travel sickness
tablet manufactured by Pan Pharmaceuticals.

It took another twelve weeks before the government's regulatory arm, the
Therapeutic Goods Administration, was able to take action. This action has
led to the virtual closure of the company for substandard manufacturing and
poor safety practices. If the litany of complaints that has been claimed has
been so extensive, why haven't Therapeutic Goods Administration audits in
the past found any evidence of these practices? Why did it take a major
health scare to wake up the T.G.A.?

The dislocation and panic caused by the action taken by the T.G.A. is an
indication that they had not been keeping their eye on the ball. The problem
is not one of not enough regulations ­ the company's licence has been
suspended for not complying with current regulations ­ but T.G.A.'s
inability to police these regulations.

The story of Pan Pharmaceuticals, a giant in the two billion dollar
complimentary medical industry that exports to over forty countries, is
eerily similar to the story of H.I.H. In both cases government regulatory
authorities came into the picture at the very end of the game. The problem
is essentially a problem of the self-regulatory ethos that pervades all
government instrumentalities. Regulatory authorities are regulatory in name
only. Corporations whose ultimate responsibility is to their major
shareholders are not adequately policed by government authorities whose
responsibility is ultimately to the consumers of these products. In the
current self-regulatory atmosphere, the regulations that the Australian
Prudential Authority and the Therapeutic Goods Administration, and the
financial resources allocated to them by the Federal government to protect
the public, have been found to be woefully inadequate. If these bodies had
the resources to do their job, the problems that led to these corporationsı
forced closure and collapse would have been picked up much earlier. The
current disaster is a salutatory reminder that the Howard Coalition
government long ago abrogated its responsibility to protect the Australian
public from the excesses of a corporate sector that virtually does what it
likes in an unregulated marketplace.

The people of Iraq are rapidly finding out the real meaning of democracy.
Those who mistakenly believed that the United States led invasion of their
country would mean the end of dictatorship and the beginning of democracy
are beginning to find out that parliamentary democracy US style has very
little to do with democracy and everything to do with the creation of a
US-friendly government that is willing to share its vast oil resources with
US corporations.

The Kurds and the Shiıites are rapidly finding out the truth of the old
saying, "my enemy's enemy is not necessarily my friend". The little goodwill
that the invasion created has rapidly deteriorated as Iraqis struggle to
find enough to eat and drink. The US occupation of Iraq is first and
foremost a military occupation. The increasing levels of restlessness among
ordinary Iraqis are a sign that the US administration ignores at its own
peril. The Bush administration's transparent attempts to impose a government
on the Iraqi people is beginning to be resisted by the country's major
political organisations, many of which have boycotted the US attempts to
create a new governing body.

The authority enjoyed by any new governing body is directly linked to the
level of participation in that body by groups that represent the political
and cultural interests of the people of Iraq. The USıs crude attempts to
deny representation to groups that represent the majority of Iraqis because
their political program does not fit with the US political agenda in the
region, is a recipe for another Vietnam.

A. Would they? Itıs not uncommon to be approached by people who say "I
like what youıre saying but I donıt understand why you call yourself an
anarchist". Anarchism is a philosophy that is based on one principle ­
living a life that is free of rulers. People seem to forget that the ideas
that are put forward by anarchists are directly linked to that underlying
principle ­ why should we disregard a word that encapsulates what we stand
for? Should Muslims discard the term Muslim because they have become the
neo-liberals new whipping boy. To discard the term is to acknowledge that
their criticisms of anarchist ideas are legitimate.
The distaste that many people in the West have for the word anarchy is
directly linked to the hysteria that was generated by the anarchistıs
ability to destabilise the status quo at the end of the 19th century and
beginning of the 20th century. The work anarchy became synonymous with the
nihilism and terrorism as a consequence of a calculated sustained attack on
the anarchist movement by those who wielded power during that period.
Irrespective of what we call ourselves, itıs our ideas that frighten rulers.
Irrespective of how we become a threat to the status quo, the same cycle
will start all over again.
By retaining the term, we keep our link with the past. Keeping that link,
gives us access to a history is replete with examples of what we should and
shouldnıt do. A Christian, a Buddhist, a Hindu, a Muslim, a Communist would
be what they are irrespective of what they call themselves. What attracts
or repels people to them are their ideas not what they call themselves. By
calling themselves something else, they reject their past and lose the
legacy of that past.
As anarchists, we have very little to be ashamed of, our history is replete
with examples of the ethical way we have conducted ourselves as individuals
and as groups. We donıt carry the baggage that other political and social
movements carry, their historyıs replete with examples of brutality,
ignorance, bloodshed and massacres. We need to reclaim our history, part of
the reclamation process is retaining our name and our links with the past.
A rose is a rose is a rose irrespective of what you call it or donıt call

This week the Federal government will be releasing a package that marks the
end of Medicare, the most innovative and equitable social program thatıs
been implemented since the introduction of social security benefits.
Australians have two choices, they accept these changes or they organise
against them. If they accept them, they run the very real risk of allowing
a two tier health care system similar to the current two tier public,
private hospital system becoming the norm.
Over the next few days and weeks, various organisations will be taking up
the fight to retain the backbone of Medicare ­ universal bulk billing. No
organisation exists in this country that is solely committed to defending
and extending Medicare. Now is the time to create such an organisation.
Currently two ŒDefend and Extend Medicareı groups have been formed based on
the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. The other based in Melbourne.
ŒDefend and Extend Medicareı groups need to be established across the
country to support efforts to block the proposed legislation in the Senate.
Political pressure needs to be applied to the ALP, the Democrats and the
Greens to block the budget changes in the Senate.
This pressure can best be applied by local ŒDefend and Extend Medicareı
groups. We encourage health consumers and workers to form independent
autonomous ŒDefend and Extend Medicareı groups around Australia in the
places they work and live. We encourage community groups, trade unions,
sporting and social clubs to form ŒDefend and Extend Medicareı groups within
their organisations. It doesnıt take too much effort to form such a group,
hold a meeting at work, bring up the matter in your club or call a public
meeting where you live and form a ŒDefend and Extend Medicareı group.
Co-ordination of the independent activities carried out by each autonomous
group can be organised by telephoning the ŒDefend and Extend Medicareı
umbrella group on 0439 395 489, leave a contact name and telephone number
and one of the spokespersons for the umbrella group ­ Joseph TOSCANO, Julie
JONES or Brendan BRIDE will return the call, obtain the groupıs details and
place the information on a ŒDefend and Extend Medicareı website thatıs
currently being developed and should be ready within the next week.
The ball is in your court. You can shrug your shoulders and ignore whatıs
happening until you or a member of your family falls ill or you can become
part of a mass movement that challenges the governmentıs power to remove a
right we currently enjoy ­ access to basic health care. Think about it.

The arrest of the Industrial Workers of the World (I.W.W.) twelve on the eve
of the first conscription referendum in October 1916 and their resultant
imprisonment was a conspiracy!! A conspiracy that was perpetrated on behalf
of the Federal and New South Wales government. The 3 men - Scully,
McAlister and Davis Goldstein, whose evidence led to conviction of the
I.W.W. twelve for conspiracy to commit arson and seditious conspiracy, were
soon exposed as paid police informers. McAlister a man who loved his
alcohol was put on the police payroll as an informer long before the I.W.W.
twelve were arrested. The conspiracy trial led to the door of the New South
Wales Chief Secretary. Fuller the Chief Secretary, met McAlister and his
police handler Ferguson before the arrest of the I.W.W. twelve. Itıs
claimed he stated that "This case is going to win us the conscription
campaign and also the election". Scully was an I.W.W. member who had turned
"Kings" evidence for money. He was a crucial witness in the trial and his
evidence resulted in the conviction of 10 of the I.W.W. twelve. After the
trial was over, Scully and McAlister dissatisfied with the amount of money
they received for their services, filed claims for 2000 pounds each, for an
alleged breach of agreement to pay them for supplying
"to the government, the police & detective officers of the said State, such
information as would lead to the conviction of certain persons being members
of the Industrial Workers of the Worldı.
McAlisterıs claim lapsed suddenly when he lapsed into unconsciousness on the
26th April 1917 and died a few days later. Although foul play was
suspected, no investigation was carried out into his death. Scullyıs claim
was still alive. The New South Wales government was concerned about the
impact Scullyıs claim would have on the forthcoming State elections. On the
29th March 1918, Scully retracted much of the evidence he gave at the trial
of the I.W.W. twelve, claiming the police had planted the "fire dope" on the
accused. Late in April 1918 Scully playing both sides, went to see the
Crown solicitor about his action against the government.
Fuller the Chief Secretary of New South Wales, the same Chief Secretary that
had spoken to McAlister before the trial, organised for 150 pounds to be
paid to Scully and his passage on the S.S.Ventura be paid to San Francisco.
On the 21st June 1918, Scully was put on the ship by detective Arthur
Surridge, one of his former police handlers.
Source of material for article:
SYDNEYıS BURNING - An Australian Political Conspiracy by Ian Turner 1967,
Registry Number Aus 67-751.
NEXT WEEK: Davis Goldstein ­ The last informerıs credibility destroyed.

Noam Chomsky,
Odian Press 6th Printing May 1994,
Real Stories Series, ISBN 1-878825-01-01
The material in "What Uncle Sam Really Wants" was complied from a number of
talks and interviews given by Noam Chomsky between 1986 to 1991. Chomskyıs
strength doesnıt lie in what he says, but in the way he says it. The
information outlined in the 100 pages that make up "What Uncle Sam Really
Wants", isnıt new, most people who are involved in political activity are
familiar with Chomskyıs idea.
What Chomsky has been able to do, is bridge the gap between the committed
and the non-committed. His presentations have done more to open the eyes of
people who believe what they read in the newspapers, listen to the radio and
watch on television, than any other author. Chomskyıs analysis of Uncle
Samıs intentions is presented in a simple format thatıs accessible to most
people. His anarchist sympathies give his analysis an edge that other
commentators have difficulty in matching.
This book is divided into 4 sections ­ ŒThe Main Goals of U.S. Foreign
Policyı, ŒDevastation Abroadı, ŒBrainwashing at Homeı, and ŒThe Futureı.
The most effective part of this book is the section dealing with
ŒDevastation Abroadı. The most patchy and disappointing ŒThe Futureı. The
most important point made in Chomskyıs "What Uncle Sam Really Wants" is
"with the Soviet deterrent gone, the US is much more free to use violence
around the world, a fact that has been recognised with much satisfaction by
US policy analysts in the past several years". The US led invasion of Iraq
fits in nicely with this statement. It is the latest in a long line of
invasions that have been carried out by the US to protect its economic
interests, both at home and abroad.
Chomskyıs contribution to the debate for social change is his ability to cut
through the double speak that passes as political analysis and give the
reader an insight into whatıs actually meant. His many books are a good
introduction to the social debate that needs to be conducted by those
increasing number of people who are beginning to feel uneasy about the US
Thanks to Michael from Ocean Grove / Australia for sending me the review
copy of this book. If you want to get a hold of a copy, try your local
bookshop or local library.

You really have to wonder about the mentality of a government that claims
that Melbourneıs Federation Square is private property. Around midday
Wednesday 23rd April, 30 people gathered around a few banners ­ People
Against Repressive Legislation and Reclaim the Radical Spirit of the Eureka
Rebellion, to reclaim a citizenıs right to protest in open public space
without asking permission from the government, public or the corporate
People from as far as the Mornington Peninsula and Healsville gathered
quietly to make their point. The average age of the protestors was nearer
60 than 50. Men and women, many retired, one a returned serviceman gathered
peacefully to make their point. Within a few minutes of the banners being
unfurled, a security guard came down asking us to leave as we were on
private property. People laughed and continued holding their banners,
chatting amongst themselves. The more animated followed the security guard
to look at the newly created ŒPrivate Propertyı signs that had been put up
last week because of our persistent refusal to ask permission to protest.
A few minutes later, 4 police constables led by a sergeant came down at the
request of the Federation Square Authority, to move us on. After an
amicable discussion with the sergeant, who when confronted with a peaceful
crowd of elderly protestors were not going to move, went back to talk to the
people who represented the Federation Square Authority leaving his
constables to keep an eye on us. Faced with the prospect of implementing
what seemed like a vague and poorly written legislation and causing a public
scene by arresting us for trespass or disobeying a police request to leave,
he did the sensible thing and decided to leave us alone.
Thirty minutes after the protest began we held an open discussion, folded
our banners and left the Square to all those consumers lapping their
coffees. As we were leaving we told the sergeant that we would be returning
at 10.30am on MAYDAY ­ Thursday 1st May. He laughingly asked whether we
would be bringing the whole MAYDAY crowd down to the Square.
If youıre concerned about the privatisation of open public space and how
consumers seem to have more rights than citizens, then join us at
Melbourneıs Federation Square at MIDDAY on WEDNESDAY 14TH MAY and reclaim
your common law rights. If you donıt, you may soon find that you have lost
rights that were won 100ıs of years ago by people who lost their freedom and
in some cases their lives, to wrest these rights from those who wielded

The interesting thing about the Crean / Beazley leadership challenge is not
that it has bubbled to the surface but the neo-conservative Murdochıs media
role in this little affair. Concerned that Creanıs support comes from the
Left of the ALP, the Murdoch press is determined to undermine his position
and ease the New South Wales Right back into the saddle. Itıs no surprise
that over the past year, article after article has appeared that destablises
Creanıs position.
Not that Crean or the Left of the Labor Party for that matter has raised a
reform agenda or one radical policy. What the Murdoch press is concerned
about is the possibility that a win by the Left dominated ALP could result
in a fundamental change in the focus of parliamentary politics that
questions the current privatisation and corporatisation agenda. This
possible shift in emphasis is enough of a threat to Murdochıs agenda, that
his extensive media resources have been used to undermine Creanıs position
in the ALP and in the community as a whole.
Beazleyıs move to regain the leadership of the ALP has been supported by
both Murdoch and Packer. Both understand that a Left dominated ALP in
Canberra could spell trouble for their personal and political agenda. The
neo-conservative dominated The Australian, Murdochıs flagship in this
country, has over the past 2 years presented a one dimensional picture of
life in Australia thatıs dominated by the agenda of the holocaust denial
indigenous industry, the US military industrial complex and Abbot and Howard
cultural, social and political agenda.
It has attempted to change the political agenda by destablising any group
(including the ALP) that stands in the way of their ideological position.
Todayıs The Australian has reduced discussion and debate in this country to
a new low. The pseudo intellectual masturbation that passes as analysis in
the newspaper is little more than the insane utterances of a post-modern Dr.

Joseph TOSCANO / Libertarian Workers
for a Self-Managed Society.

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Where are the weapons of mass destruction?
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THIS WEEK'S STORIES: Possible Corruption In Iraq Rebuilding...Govt Report
Shows Environment In Trouble...Immigration Dept & Media's Claims
False...Quote of the Week.
A subsidiary of oil giant Halliburton, a company formerly chaired by
Vice-President Dick Cheney, has been given a contract worth up to US$7
billion (AUD$11.5 billion), to put out oil fires in Iraq. US politician
Henry Waxman described the contract as being "apparently structured in such
a way as to encourage the contract to increase its costs". (The Age, April
Thousands of Australian bird, mammal & reptile species are in danger of
extinction before the end of the century, according to a govt report. The
Bi`odiversity Audit shows up to 3000 'biodiversity systems' under threat of
extinction, with many beyond saving. The main environmental threats shown in
the report include grazing & timber harvesting. (MX, April 22).
The Immigration Dept's claim that refugees inside the Baxter detention
centre were unaware of the protests over the Easter weekend were false,
according to protestors. Many people who went to the protest are in frequent
contact with refugees, including during the protest. A message from refugees
to the protestors was played over the loudspeaker at the protest. Refugee
advocates reported "several messages have been relayed which clearly state
how encouraged [the refugees] have felt - even while there was no eye-to-eye
contact possible because the design of the Baxter centre has deliberately
set out to prevent visual contact between detainees & the outside world".
One newspaper editor reportedly instructed journalists not to print any
stories sympathetic towards refugees & to concentrate on reporting violence
(this instruction was made before the protests). (Project SafeCom & other
Quotes of the Week: "From the moment that statue of Saddam hit the ground,
the mood around the Rumsfeld campfire has been all high-fives,
I-told-you-sos & endless smug prattling about how the speedy fall of Baghdad
is proof positive that those who opposed the invasion of Iraq were dead
wrong. What utter nonsense. In fact, the speedy fall of Baghdad proves the
anti-war movement was dead right. The whole pretext for our unilateral
charge into Iraq was that the American people were in imminent danger from
Saddam & his mighty war machine. The threat was so clear & present that we
couldn't even give inspectors searching for weapons of mass destruction --
hey, remember those? ­ another 30 days, as France had wanted". - Arianna
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Has been awarded to Senator Meg (G.S.T.) Lees, the founder of the newest
political party on the block, The Progressive Alliance. ­ If Senator Meg
(G.S.T.) Lees had any understanding of ethical behaviour, she would have
resigned from the Senate months ago when she resigned from the Australian
Democrats one year into her six year Senate term.

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Cnr Stawell & Eureka St, Ballarat / VICTORIA
Donıt let the State & business turn the Eureka rebellion into a tourist
event that does not acknowledge the radical nature of the Eureka rebellion,
a rebellion that was based on 3 important principles that are as important
today as they were in 1854.
"We swear by the southern cross to stand truly by each other and fight to
defend our rights and liberties" ­ Eureka Oath 1854.
Current affiliate groups: ** ANARCHIST MEDIA INSTITUTE

10AM ­ 4.20PM
10AM ­ Opening ceremony by Karen Jackson of the Yorta Yorta people
10.20 ­ live music from Teen God
11.05 ­ Joe Toscano ­ "reclaiming our history". The Eureka Stockade, May Day
& more
11.35 ­ John (the paper) ­ "challenging the experts". How much can you
believe the media?
12.05 ­ live music ­ band to be confirmed
12.50 ­ Surna Hamid ­ the real effects of war
1.20 ­ Flea Thunderpussy ­ breaking the silence about sexual assault
1.30 ­ Marisa Sposaro ­ On being a blind anarchist woman in todayıs society
1.55 ­ live music ­ to be confirmed
2.40 ­ Jyoti Roy. Œyou donıt have to fuck people over to surviveı.
Getting out of dog eat dog mentality
3.10 ­ Dan (no longer blind)-"alternatives to the mainstream".
Creating a movement to challenge the system
3.40 - live music ­ to be confirmed
4.20 ­ close
Plus stalls and more and bring your old stuff to trade or give away!
For more info contact Jo at Mundy.Brian@bigpond.com


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