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(en) Reclaim the Bases/Cops Riot at Dail -Resistance AF (Ireland)

From Al S <klasbatalemo@yahoo.ie>
Date Tue, 22 Apr 2003 16:49:27 +0200 (CEST)

A - I N F O S N E W S S E R V I C E

Reclaim The Bases

Support Troops by Bringing Them Home demand
Today (5 April) at 1400, as part of a UK-wide anti-war
day of action, activists from both sides of the
community in Northern Ireland picketed Palace Barracks
in Holywood.
The activists, drawn from many walks of life, stressed
that the target of the protest was not the servicemen
and women but the politicians who had sent them into
danger under false pretences and against the wishes of
the population.

The action takes place as part of the "Reclaim the
Bases" campaign taking place today across the UK,
Germany, Italy, Greece, the Republic of Ireland and
other European countries.

"Men and women from Ulster are going to be killed and
injured solely in order to allow America to extend
it's military influence over the world's richest oil
producing region."

"The pro-war politicians tell us to 'stop undermining
our troops' by which they mean 'stop disagreeing with
pro-war politicians'. These same politicians are the
ones placing the troops in danger of friendly fire,
depleted Uranium and resistance from a population
which will only see them as invaders." said one

"This illegal war has already dragged on too long.
Relief agencies are complaining of a serious lack of
access to the needy and funding for basic food, water
and medicine. If people are genuinely concerned about
the plight of ordinary Iraqi civilians they will be
supporting relief agencies and not a military
onslaught." said D. Uranium.

"Tony Blair and George Bush ask us to stop thinking
and just trust them. But it is our duty as concerned
citizens of a democracy to make our views known. Bring
the troops home, Tony, before more people die."

Cops Riot at Dail

In what was meant to be circling of the Dail by
anti-war activists the IAWM led a symbolic blockade of
the front entrance of the dail. As soon as the
politicans wished to leave their cardhouse of power
though the offensive arm of the state decided to split
the blockade in two to let the cars through.

Estimates of 1000 people reacted to the situation by
sitting down, linking arms and blockading the dail can
be found on www.indymedia.ie. According to the same
report the police called in backup of riot police who
subsequently beganremoving people by force from the
blockade of the Dail.As the line was pushed back
activists removed from the scene began reforming the
line and the gardai eventually came to the conclusion
that this was a waste of time. A standoff (or sitoff,
depends how you look at it) ensued.From here reports
claim that the SWP (whom have been reported to have
fallen back to the back of the demonstration to sing
peace songs) and other elements of the IAWM negotiated
a deal behind the backs of most of the protesters to
call of the demonstration when the riot cops left the
scene.The demonstration was ended when the SWP/IAWM
led people away from the scene for speeches. Despite
several arrests the IAWM did not organise a support
demo for the arresstees at Pearse Street Garda
Station.The positive side of this action was the vast
majority of the people at this action acted on their
own willingness. They didnt need to be told what to
doby the IAWM or the SWP. We need more of these
actions now, spontaneous, surprising and no
negotiating with the long arm of the government.


>From the pages of Resistance#22, regular monthly
bulletin of the Anarchist Federation

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