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(en) CLAAACG8 Journal: Towards the Anti-G8 Village (VAAAG)

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Wed, 16 Apr 2003 15:40:57 +0200 (CEST)

A - I N F O S N E W S S E R V I C E

The Alternative Anti-Capitalist Anti-War Village (VAAAG)
To coincide with the G8 summit in Evian, we intend to create an
alternative, anti-capitalist, anti-war and anti-militarist
village. In this village we want to mix meetings and political
debates, conviviality and cultural experiences (theatre, music,
videos, etc.) - "Struggle yes, but party too!". We want this
village to be the expression of those without a voice, to break
with the institutional movements in order to invent other
possible ways for a free, self-managed world. The VAAAG will
reflect a multiplicity of initiatives which will actively
demonstrate all the capabilities of those who believe that "To
resist is to create!".

The summit of the eight powers who run the world (the G8) will
take place on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd June. With the growing power
of demonstrations against capitalist globalization and since the
murder of Carlo Giuliani in Genoa in July 2001, the eight great
predators have decided to organize their festivities in remote
corners of the world, protected by battalions of cops and

This year, France is welcoming them to the town of Evian, on the
shores of Lake Geneva, wedged behind the mountains of Haute
Savoie. It is through the G8 and the various international
institutions such as the IMF and the World Bank that the ruling
classes assume the right to run the world in the name of Holy
Capital. From the North to the South, from the East to the West,
it is the same story - the extension of the market economy to
every domain of our lives. The consequences for us are always
the same - poverty, repression and war.

For several years now mobilizations have been intensifying
against their lordships of this World. For us, fighting against
the G8 does not mean begging for a more "human" planning of
capitalism or its regulation/taxation by the States. Instead it
is in order to promote another type of society where human
relationships are not based on the logic of profit and

All the world over human and ecological damage continues to
grow. War becomes the only resort in the face of the economic
and social ills to which the system can no longer provide
answers - be it war abroad, now re-named the war against
terrorism, or war at home against the poor. North and South,
this poverty is the consequence of the "precarisation" of living
and working conditions, of the privatization of social services
(health, education, water, transportation), of the logic of
profit and of easy money, of the exodus (in the countries of the
South, the "job" having been completed in the North), of the
logic of mercantisation (GMOs among others) and control by the
agro-food trusts of farming populations, and so on. In order to
maintain civil "peace" (otherwise known by the euphemism
"national cohesion"), States and empires develop military and
security arsenals the likes of which have never before been

In modern terminology, they no longer say that they are
jeopardizing freedoms and human rights but rather they are
increasing security. They no longer say they allow the poor to
use public transport but rather they are improving travelling
conditions for clients! They no longer say "poor foreigners
out", they humanely manage the flow of arrivals in relation to
manpower requirements, etc. The maintenance of fear has the
effect of provoking individual irresponsibility, of breaking
solidarity and of forcing everyone to seek answers to the
questions posed by capitalist globalization in a strong power.

But resistance is multiplying and becoming organized. It is
through struggle, direct action and re-forged solidarity that
the exploited and the dominated will be able to invert the
existing power relationships. It is by globalizing the struggles
that multinationals and States will become unable to make
scapegoats of the Others, the Foreigners, for all the problems
which their economic and social policies create. Displacement,
flags of convenience, exploitation of tropical forests, the
exporting of polluting factories to countries of the South,
human exploitation etc. do not happen by chance. They are
symptoms of the search for profit, capitalism and liberalism's
only raison d'ŕtre, something which can also be seen in the
commercialization of living, education and culture.

No peace without justice! Many economic and political managers
dream that the class war is only a memory, that those who live
under the ruling classes' laws must go on putting up with
everything and learn to accept charity in order to keep alive.
The only way to stand up to the bellicose powers, the
fanaticism, national-populism or security-obsessed liberalism
which is developing throughout the world is for the exploited to
win back control of their own futures and their capacity to set
out other ways of doing things which are not based on an
indefinitely-growing destruction of nature or on hierarchical
labour structures or multiple domination (between peoples,
between men and women, over nature, over children, etc.) through
the re-establishment of self-management and the appropriation of
the means of production for the satisfaction of the majority and
not for that of a minority.

For many years now, resistance has consisted not only in a
reaction against the established order (or disorder), it has
also been a question of searching for alternatives to the
various models, even some provided by the anti-globalization
movement. There is a will to create other possible spaces
against all forms of domination (patriarchal, economic, social,
cultural, national, military, authoritarian, etc.) and it is for
this reason that we are interested in the proposal of creating a
village which would be:

1) An autonomous space for reflection and action which will
permit political expression and above all the affirmation of our
alternative proposals. Action will be expressed by acts of
disobedience and/or resistance and concrete alternatives, by
anti-authoritarian practices, by direct democracy and by
self-management. Apart from the necessary visibility, we want
this village to be a place of social and political
experimentation in breaking with capitalism and with the
traditional representational politics and institutions.

2) An autonomous space which can become a real convergence
centre for resistance to capitalist globalization where the
proponents of various strategies for struggle can be represented
and can express themsleves, providing an opportunity for
strengthening relations between different individuals, groups,
networks and associations.

21ter, rue Voltaire, 75001 Paris
tÚl : 06 11 29 02 15
mail : vaag_paris@no-log.org
site internet : http://www.vaaag.org

[from CLAAACG8 Journal, No.1, March 2003. translation by nmcn/ainfos]

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