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(en) New Journal Online: Aporia: Collective of anti-state communists and anarchists Statement

From villon sasha k <il_frenetico@yahoo.com>
Date Fri, 11 Apr 2003 08:45:24 +0200 (CEST)

A - I N F O S N E W S S E R V I C E

New Journal Online: Aporia: Autonomous Thought on the Latest State
of Emergency http://aporiajournal.tripod.com
Autonomous Thought on the Latest State of Emergency
The Aporia journal is composed of anti-state
communists and anarchists dedicated to exploring the
workings of the global order and the trajectories of
resistance unfolding in the present. We believe that the
epoch since the fall of the Soviet Union has presented
us with a new set of questions as well as new
possibilities for revolt. We approach the new face of
capital with a shared distrust of "the end of history"
theories, traditional authoritarian models of
organization, and the recent overemphasis on local
resistance. Our recent writings have focused on the war
with Iraq, the shape of U.S. hegemony, human rights
discourse, and the notions of "Empire" and global
sovereignty among other things. For further information
read the collective statement from issue #1

On the War with Iraq, Empire, Globalization, American
Foreign Policy Since the Fall of the Soviet Union,
Anarchy and the Black Blocs and Anti-Capitalist Revolt

Thoughts on Continuing War by Travis Workman
For those who are against any form of state, the need to
resist state war while continuing to attack, however
possible, from our own front is quite apparent. One can
see that state war is nothing more than a violent
negotiation between two hegemonic and authoritarian

The Latest State of Emergency:War Without Ideology
by Zen Dochterman
What is unique in the current situation is that America,
rather than advancing its own nationalist agenda, its
own ideological reigme, operates as the vehicle of two
larger purposes: the free reign of capital (which destroys
national boundaries) and the spread of "universal
values", of human rights. By linking itself to the agents
of the global economy such as the W.T.O., the World
Bank, America assures the destruction of national,
regional barriers to trade. By dominating the workings
of the United Nations, America acts in the name of a
universality that exceeds its particular interests.

The Same Old Empire? by Sasha K
Before September 11 2001, calling the US an Empire
put one in the realm of the paranoid, the left or the
academic, but now all that has changed. Everyone is
using the word, both pro and con. It has been used so
much that President Bush himself has had to respond:
"We have no territorial ambitions, we don't seek an
empire," Bush remarked on Veterans Day, continuing,
"Our nation is committed to freedom for ourselves and
for others." Yet, while the word is used all the time
these days, it often seems to have little content.

Reflections in B Minor by Jack Stevens
The war against Iraq has already taken place. The game
is over. All the preparations, discussions, and debates
have been one mass charade, one mass experiment in
reality TV, the War in Iraq Show, with the difference
that this time the losers will be bombed, castigated, and
reduced to obfuscating, nauseating, and outrageous

A Critique of Selected Political Practices and Terms by
Jack Stevens
To state the obvious, this whole supposed clash of
civilizations is a wretched endeavor, which promotes
violence and unilateralism. Both major political
factions remove political action from the realm of the
immanent and universal in favor of transcendental
ideals, which never translate into coherent and
concerted actions. Salvation through religious or
economic enslavement is a contradiction in terms.

Intervention in the Vacuum by Chris Baden
Ever since the events of 1989-91, there has existed a
historical vacuum. This vacuum has been filled by
(depending on your world view) distinct descriptions
such as End of History, Empire, Globalization. I am not
so concerned over the correct definition of the current
power structure, but I am concerned with how these
power relations have shaped the current crisis in Iraq
and what follows from there.

Anarchist Bodies and the Bodies of Anarchism by Don
The Black Bloc represents an ambiguous position
within a social/cultural as opposed to political matrix of
activities. It is avowedly non-representational,
non-parliamentary, and anti-disciplinary yet has at the
same time acted as a reinforcer/regenerator of these
very social operations. That is to say, as an
organizational form, it eschews the behavioral
tendencies of more traditional Marxist-Leninist-Maoist
(MLM) structures with their implicit leader-led
dichotomies, has abandoned the state as the arena for
enacting change

Other Writings since the Beginning of the War in Iraq

Shock and Awe: Media, State, and Techno-Science in
the War against Iraq by Z. Dochterman
We are witnessing a new collusion of the media and the
State that exceeds that of the first Gulf War. This
collusion is by no means intentional or conspiratorial.
The United States has inflicted a new constant state of
emergency, as shown by continuous yellow or orange
terror alerts, the dissemination of safety precautions...
Total Democracy by Z. Dochterman
What this war has shown is that democracy and
totalitarianism operate on the same basis. It would be
wrong to see totalitarianism as an extreme form of
democracy. Totalitarianism only makes its aims clear,
it takes lives as necessary and sends to prisons those it
can afford to. Both systems of rule have sovereignty
over what Giorgio Agamben calls "bare life"-- the pure
biological being of its citizens.
Recovering the Power of the Global Grass Roots in the
Antiwar Movement By Cindy Milstein
First and foremost, of course, was the fact that some 12
million people came out in over 600 cities spanning
every continent to express their outrage at a potential
preemptive strike on Iraq. So enormous and
unprecedented were these demonstrations that even
the New York Times was forced to admit, no doubt
grudgingly, of "a new power in the streets."

The cyber-industrial civilization of capital is literally
always at war. Since the first development of class
society, violence has been a key component to the
maintenance of order. Wars of extermination and
colonization were fought to include more and more
territories within the sphere of individual imperialist
markets. Wars were fought between individual
imperialist powers. As Zerzan identifies, the
motivations of imperialist conflicts were often attempts
to control the population at home. Class society has
never seen peace and is always in a constant state of
conflict. The so-called "war on terror" may appear to be
a sudden and sharp break with the past, but in reality it
is an intensification of a process that has accompanied
neo-liberalism as capitalist rackets around the globe
have moved to direct violence to reinsure their power.
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