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(en) Re: [abc-net] Please read: FBI seeking info on ABC

From "Lorenzo Ervin" <komboa@hotmail.com>
Date Tue, 8 Apr 2003 17:34:31 +0200 (CEST)

A - I N F O S N E W S S E R V I C E

> Comrades:
I have known for quite sometime that elements of the government were
investigating the ABC. A few years ago, when I was one of the Chattanooga 3,
[that was a case of anti-police brutality activists who were being
prosecuted for a protest at city hall in 1998, put on criminal trial in
2001], they sought to conduct an in-court investigation. At one routine
court session, the judge in the case suddenly began to openly question me in
court about what she called the "red ABC" and to make other assertions,
wanted to know who I dealt with in the ABC, who the "leaders" were, and so
on. I refused to cooperate, and began to question her about this
interrogation, and then abruptly she dropped it. An FBI agent was sitting in
the room at the time and had clearly gotten her to begin this line of
attack, in fact she made eye contact with this guy throughout the

Recently (November 2002), when I was called by the defense attorneys in a
civil lawsuit against the funeral home industry and Tri-State Crematory in
Gerogia, I was asked question after question about the Anarchist Black
Cross, which had absolutely nothing to do with the case, but alerted me how
widespread this "investigation" is. Again, I refused to cooperate.

I do not think that people in the ABC should be intimidated, "go to ground",
or even worse, talk to them if they come to you. [If Chris Plummer talked to
them for 3 hours, I would have to ask why]. You are not legally required to
talk to the FBI at all, even if you are a parolee. I know this for a fact,
because I was on parole for federal charges for several years, and the FBI
and other federal agents approached me and my parole officer many times
about my community activism in Chattanooga. On one occasion even claimed
that I had bombed a local preacher's van, and had the ATF try to question
me. I refused to talk to them, and my parole officer had no real authority
to make me waive my rights of self-incrimnation.

So, I believe that was clearly a mistake for Chris to talk to these feds in
the first place, and my advice is not to talk to them...ever! My second
piece of advice is not to panic, if they approach you, be sure to tell them
straight off that if they have something to say to you, or believe you have
committed a crime, then you will go ahead and contact legal counsel for
advice. But don't just sit down and talk to them! Don't even let them into
your house unless they have a search or arrest warrant.

Lastly, make a big political deal of this, "go public", let the people in
Houston, Austin, and other places know of this repression (as Ernesto is
doing). Try to unite Leftist and radical forces, along with civil
libertarians and others in a defense organization.

The anti-terrorism laws and the current political period may have empowered
them to try to suppress all dissent, but they don't have all power just yet.
One thing we can do is organize to actively oppose this, and to not
cooperate with any bogus investigation. DO NOT TALK TO THESE PEOPLE! This is
my advice, I saw what COINTELPRO did to the Left, especially the Black
Panther Party, and have learned a few things. I am trying to pass it along.

It's possible that they have already penetrated the ABC with one or more
agents/informers, I don't know that, but I do know they are afraid of the
potential of the movement. They seem to be concerned with derailing this
conference, and we should not allow this. DO NOT TALK TO THE SECRET POLICE!


Lorenzo Komboa Ervin

>From: Ernesto Aguilar <may19x@yahoo.com>
>Reply-To: Anarchist Black Cross Network <abc-net@lists.mutualaid.org>
>To: abc-net@lists.mutualaid.org
>Subject: [abc-net] Please read: FBI seeking info on ABC
>Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2003 04:24:50 -0700 (PDT)
>Apologies to all of you who are receiving this as a
>group. I'm sending this out widely for expediency.
>Chris Plummer, who many of you know was picked up by
>police last week, has passed the word through a
>supporter that he was questioned for three hours this
>weekend by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The
>FBI asked questions about Houston, the Anarchist Black
>Cross prisoner-support movement, and, in particular,
>me and another comrade in Florida. Chris did not
>answer their questions. I'm not in the habit of
>passing along such information, but consider the
>supporter credible. I wanted to make those I know
>aware of what's going on.
>While this type of activity is not unique, I am
>contacting all of you to request that you keep an eye
>out for anything unusual. As those who have worked
>with me as well as in the ABC movement, it is not
>unreasonable to expect we could all be targets. I'm
>not saying that to induce paranoia. Just want everyone
>to be aware.
>If you are concerned and need legal representation,
>check with your local ACLU or National Lawyers Guild.
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