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(en) US, Fwd: [Break_The_Chains] Right wing militia claims it is targetting local anarchists

From "Lorenzo Ervin" <komboa@hotmail.com>
Date Fri, 4 Apr 2003 09:31:23 +0200 (CEST)

A - I N F O S N E W S S E R V I C E

>From: "Gicker"
>A Phoenix-area right-wing militia group has said it is
going to be targetting anti-war protesters, anarchists
in particular. Violence has been threatened, including
sniper attacks at demos, using rifles and nightvision
scopes. Some may know that Arizona has a huge
problem with racist border, anti-immigrant militias -
it looks like it could be moving into the cities, and it
also looks like they have some business backing.
Further, the militias (and this alleges to be a
"coalition" of militias) seem to be making the
connection between anti-border work and anarchists
in particular (a legitimate connection), and the
anti-war stance of anarchists, perceived as unpatriotic
(rightly so, probably), is being used to legitimize the
>The following are statements from this group,
recently posted on their website (they claim 82
members), some of which were re-posted to Arizona
Indymedia (including some comments from a reporter
for a local paper doing a story on it). In the last day or
so, the page that hosted the anti-protester militia has
been taken down, probably because it got so much
scrutiny. It's not clear, but there are allusions to
possible connections to police - they certainly are
very concerned about the cops' welfare (pro-war
counterdemonstrators have been turning up at
anti-war rallies here recently, so this is a possible
source of their intelligence). They also don't state
which anarchist group they have "infiltrated" (nor do
they offer proof that they have done so), though the
obvious assumption is the Phoenix Anarchist
Coalition or its east valley collective, the Monsoon
Anarchist Collective.
>People should remember that one sure sign of
fascism is the rise of paramilitary groups who operate
with the tacit (or even open) approval of the State.
This, along with the development of anti-immigrant
militias, is a very disturbing development if true,
particularly given its presence in Arizona's largest
>It is important to point out a few things. There is no
evidence of infiltration, and no one I know has
reported any evidence of an attack or specific threat
to anyone in particular. Nor is there evidence, aside
from these statements and the website, that this
group even exists, not to mention whether it has the
numbers it claims. Probability of a wingnut is high.
There is also no evidence about whether this might
be a police campaign, though that is certainly a
>This also comes in the context of the prominent
arrest of local anti-racist, anti-police organizer, Laro
Nichol by ATF on weapons and explosives charges.
Also, it is important to note that COINTELPRO
informs us that the police have frequently used
paranoia and suspicion as weapons to destroy groups
from the inside, so most anarchists I know are not
over-reacting to this news. No one I know is deterred
from their normal organizing. Work continues.
>I'm sharing this information to make other
anarchists aware of a possibly disturbing turn of
events, but not one that wasn't predictable given the
current political climate. I am not posting this to
arouse feelings of suspicion or finger-pointing. A
cautious attitude is recommended. Keep your eyes
and ears open, but do not over-react. This could be as
much a provocation as a threat, reagardless of its
actual source. The likely intent, in my opinion, is to
intimidate local anarchists and anti-war organizers,
which it has not.
>The statements and links follow:
>"BRIEF NOTE: Our Militia Coalition is Growing.
>We have now joined with two other Militia Groups.
Our coalition is at about 82 members strong right
now. We expect that one or two Militia and
Pro-American groups will be joining us.
>WE will be sending out a rally flyer to members. We
will list meeting times for Anti-Protestor strategy
meetings, the equipment we will need and post
locations for surveillance and target marking.
>The fun will begin soon just be patient.
>WE have access to more Night vision equipment as
well as illuminated low light Scopes. We also know
where to get these items at a discounted price......just
for us.
>Apparently our supplier is in on our crusade with us
against the Anti-American protestors. They just don't
want their company name listed."
>This is the press release they issued when requested
by local media:
>Note to Media about Anti-American Protestor
Militia Organization
>I assume it is the Militia Activities and not our
States Lawsuit agenda that you may seek to know
more about. Due to the nature of our intentions, we
do not feel that it would be in our best interest to
make any statements about our planned activities,
the number of people involved and who they are. I
figure this is the information you are seeking. After
spending some time yesterday making calls to others
in our coalition about your request, it was decided
that no particulars would be revealed in the event of
any interview.
>I can however tell you that we do believe in the first
Amendment and the exercise of it by protestors,
however we feel that some people/groups have
stepped across that fine line between use and abuse
of their Constitutional rights. To us they have yelled
"fire" in a crowded theatre. We know the police are
being harassed and baited into taking actions against
these protestors that of course they will exploit in the
media, police brutality etc. To this point these
extremists have not succeeded in doing the job.
>We feel it is past time to Eliminate this element
from our society. we feel it is our Patriotic duty. At
almost any other time their protests would not be a
bother to us but due to the nature of our Countries
[sic] current situation, and the fact that we have been
watching the activities of this/these groups for over 6
months (and before they even started their Anti-war
campaign) we know for a fact that the
Anti-Government and Anti-American Ideals that
many of these people have are Parallel to that of
domestic terrorists.
>If you were paying attention to these groups, you
would have noticed that until two weeks ago these
people and groups have never said a word about
supporting the troops, until it got back to them that
they would lose most of their drive and momentum
for their agenda if they did not "say" they were behind
the troops.
>We started our operations and monitoring of this
group back in June or July of last year, our initial
beef with this group of Anti-American subversives
started with their Anti-Border militia activities. We
have a number of people infiltrated to this anarchist
group and this is why we know what we know and
what we know is what will drive us to fulfill the
missions that we seek to accomplish. I do not know if
any of this information will satisfy your needs, but it
is about all I can tell you at this point.
>Contact me if you have any other questions that I
may be able to answer.
>God Bless America, Have a Freedom Day. -VPC"
>This is where the press release was listed, but has
now been removed. Look to see if it comes back up:
>This site has been temporarily taken down, too, but
check it later to see if it has come back up - it's the
specific site for the militia (it ran a banner headline
that said, "The only good protester is one with a
bullet in their head"):

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