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(en) Australia, Melbourne, Mayday Solidarity Conference

From dr.woooo@nomasters.org
Date Wed, 2 Apr 2003 09:54:24 +0200 (CEST)

A - I N F O S N E W S S E R V I C E

>From "Hutchings, James" <james.hutchings@ato.gov.au>
Hi folks, Someone is organising a May Day conference in Melbourne, it's
actually on May 8th so there's no conflict with the Brisbane conference.
Here's some info for it that they've just sent me.
Anyone who can help by speaking etc, please email Jo, email is

Thanks, James Jo Mundy 49 Grandview Ave Macedon Vic 3440 Ph: (03) 54 261338
SMS: 0438075413 Email: Mundy.Brian@bigpond.com

I am writing in regards to an
upcoming event, the ?Mayday Solidarity
Conference? to be held at St Albans VUT
Building 4 courtyard on May the 8th between
10am and 5:10pm. The aims of the
conference are as follows:

a) To introduce people to some of the central
themes and ideas in the philosophy of
anarchism; its history in revolutionary
movements and contemporary significance,
its unique abilities and strategies for
questioning, critiquing and exposing
oppressive and authoritarian individuals and
organizations, its challenge to the widely
held belief of survival of the fittest and
competition mentality, its validating, self
affirming and community building potentials,
and its practical strategies for challenging
hierarchy and creating alternatives to
capitalism and consumerism.
b) To create a safe and respectful space
where marginalised parts and individuals in
the community can speak openly of their
experiences and offer their unique opinions.
c) To provide a practical platform for
non-authoritarian individuals and
organizations to network and communicate.
d) To highlight and expose practical ways of
living without capitalism through an
on-the-day Freestore (and to this end we
encourage people to bring along all their
unwanted goods and items; i.e., zines, books,
cds, clothing, silverware, etc. for others to
take and exchange on a needs basis).
e) To build and foster community,
communication, love and solidarity in the
current climate of fear, suspicion and hatred.

To achieve an event of this magnitude and
significance, we desperately need your help
and support. Currently help is needed in the
following: Speakers (see enclosed flier for
topics), bands, cheap P.A system hire, web
page organiser/facilitator (volunteer),
catering (free/donation), Art exhibition
organiser/facilitator (volunteer), promotion
(volunteer) and poster design, and very
importantly, more funding (because we want
to be able to pay speakers and bands
something for their efforts and travel costs).

If you can help out in any way or want to be
involved/kept informed, it is absolutely
imperative that you contact me as soon as
you possibly can at one of the supplied

Thankyou for your time and I hope to hear
from you soon.
Peace and solidarity to you all,
Jo Mundy.
Mayday Solidarity Conference Facilitator.

Mayday Solidarity Conference

We urgently need speakers from anarchist
and non-authoritarian organisations/
individuals on the following topics:

Challenging the experts-
How much do we take on board without
critique and what steps can we take to
become more aware? How can we challenge
authority/dominant paradigm whilst
developing a sense of empowerment?

The repercussions of war-
What are the psychological effects of war
(immediate and long term)? Who benefits
from war? Has the UN become irrelevant as
a body for peace? What threat does war hold
for women and children in particular?

Alternatives to the mainstream-
What kind of non-hierarchical groups can we
form? What is consensus/participatory
decision making? How can we deal with
informal hierarchy/conflict in groups and
relationships? How can we access and
participate in D.I.Y culture and what can we
find there that doesn?t exist in the
mainstream? How do we build a
non-exclusionary movement or action?

8th May 10am-4:00pm St Albans VUT
Building 4 Courtyard
Email for further info:

Draft no.3

10:00am Band intermission - The long walk
home/Din of inequity??
Time - 30-45min


10:45am Reclaiming our history - Joseph
Toscano (confirmed)
What relevance do events such as the
Eureka Rebellion, Mayday and Haymarket
bombings, the student uprisings in Paris and
the anti war movement in the 60?s .etc, hold
for us today and what can we learn from
them? How can we make revolutionary
history more accessible and interesting to
people who don?t necessarily want to read
long, dry, heavy textbooks? How can we use
this information effectively to build our own
movements, rallies, groups and actions?
Time - 15-30min(includes question time)

11:15am Challenging the experts - The A
team/All city anarchists/AWOL??
How much do we take on board as ?fact?
without critique? (I.e. from the mass media,
parents, religion, television, advertising, etc.)
What steps can we take to become more
aware of the information we absorb and how
do we go about questioning the authority or
the dominant paradigm whilst developing a
sense of our own collective or individual
empowerment? Time - 15-30min (includes
question time)

11:45am Band intermission - Teen God/The
Homewreckers/Din of inequity??
Time - 30-45min


12:30pm The repercussions of war - Women
for peace/Vic peace network/F.O.E??
What are the psychological effects of war on
veterans and civilians and how does this
effect their abilities to lead a healthy and
fulfilling life once the immediate threat is
over? Who benefits from war and the climate
of fear that surrounds it? Has the United
Nations become irrelevant as a body for
peace? What threat does war pose for women
and children in particular? Time - 15-30min

1:00pm Unspoken word - Flea Thunderpussy
Breaking the silence and the stigamatision
that surrounds sexual assault, one survivor
recalls and shares her experiences. (May be
triggering for other survivors). Time -

1:10pm Band intermission - No idea/One
Last Excuse/Mutiny
Time - 30-45min


1:55pm You don?t have to fuck people over
to survive - Jyoti - Beating hearts zine
Why do we divide ourselves into ?us? and
?them?? What are the alternatives to a dog
eat dog or competition mentality? What is
mutual aid and how can this assist us in
developing happier and healthier
relationships? What role does radical love
play in revolutionary politics and how can we
use this concept to combat our fears and
lack of trust in others? Why doesn?t anyone
have enough love/self love? How do we open
up the barriers to genuine and honest
Time - 15-30min (includes question time)

2:25pm Alternatives to the mainstream -
Anarres (John)/Barricade/AWOL??
What kind of non-hierarchical groups and
actions can we form and how do we go about
doing so? What is consensus and
participatory decision-making? How do we
deal with informal hierarchy and conflict in
our groups and relationships? How do we
access and participate in D.I.Y (do it
yourself) culture and what values can we find
there that don?t exist in mainstream
culture? Do underground movements lose
their value once they become mainstream?
How do we build a non-exclusionary
movement or action? Time - 15-30min
(includes question time)

2:55pm Band intermission -
Mutiny/Dreadnaught/Bracode?? Time -


Other potential things on offer-
Area of free stuff - Rather than donating
items such as shirts, books, silverware, zines,
clothing .etc, to charity or the Salvo?s, we
ask people to bring along their old stuff to
trade or for other attendants to take home.
Everyone will be free to rummage through
and anything not claimed will be taken to
build a potential free store or given to a
charity that leaves things out for anyone to
take; don?t charge the poor!!
Stalls of ?zines, info, music and books
(Barricade, Anarres, Sticky (confirmed),
Smitten Kitten, etc.)??
Catering - Food not Bombs, vegan food by
Volunteer Childcare/organising something
with on campus childcare centre??
Art displays?? Web page??

Promotion and advertising - Cross campus,
other universities, high schools, anarchist
and activist contacts, Indy media, word of
mouth, poster runs (city, regional,
interstate), mail outs, internet, radio (3cr,
Syn FM).

Costs - bands, speakers, P.A system, etc.
Funding - Student Union, benefits,
Venue - St Albans VUT campus, building 4
Time/Date - Thursday May 8th, 10 am -

Money currently secured - $700 from student
union activities group

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