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(en) Canada, Toronto -- direct action training/conference, may 24-26

From "Captain Vegetable" <tear_it_down@hotmail.com>
Date Mon, 20 May 2002 10:43:44 -0400 (EDT)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

anarchists especially are invited, in the hopes of strengthening intra-
movement solidarity, and other such buzzterms. this will not be a typical 
"don't swear at cops, here's how you do a puppy-pile" lecture weekend. the 
organizers are hoping to facilitate a space where people start envisioning a 
step forward in terms of maturity, ferocity and creativity in the struggle 
against oppression. the original callout follows.


please FORWARD / POST / DISTRIBUTE w~i~d~e~l~y

_.-~ **MoVeMeNtS** ~-._
Direct Action Training
.building creative cultures of resistance.

                               --> May 24-25-26, 2002
                                          Toronto <--
                               --> Steelworker's Hall
                                       (33 Cecil St)

register/contact: toronto_direct_action@yahoo.ca
$20-100(incl food) sliding scale, SUBSIDIES AVAILABLE.

In this 'e-pamphlet' you'll find:

1. why are we doing this?
2. who are we doing this for?
3. what are we doing exactly? (LIST OF WORKSHOPS)
4. how are we doing this? (REGISTRATION)
  - Billets!
  - Childcare help!
  - Interpreters!
  - Donations!
  - Suggestions/facilitation
  - Publication
5. A real(ooh!) pamphlet to download and print out

_.-~*WHY ~-._

IT'S JUST OVER A YEAR since the protests against the FTAA in
Québec City. People have been radicalized, new alliances born
and old ones revitalized, and the cracks in the system are
multiplying, just like the holes that were torn in the Summit

The summit also saw solidarity between disparate groups
strengthen: between the North and South, and between protesting's
usual suspects and the 'non-politicized' oppressed youth and poor
in whose home the Canadian police state had set up.

There are also the usual hardships of economical, racial, sexual
and political oppression which have been made even worse by
opportunistic reactions to the events of September 11th.

Yet activists have stayed strong, and, contrary to what the media
predicted, Northern movements for justice have not died. They
have started to strengthen: advocates of tactics like the
anarchist Black Bloc and the pagan Living River joined in
unprecedented solidarity at the G20 protests in Ottawa, and
anti-capitalists have made more explicit links with oppressed
groups in the racist wake of the ironically-named War on Terror.
And more are learning that the struggle can be FUN.

And now, The Next Big Canadian Protest is coming up in the form
of the Ottawa and Kananaskis actions against the G8 summit. With
police, governments, and media constantly changing their tactics,
one wonders if we are keeping up. Not much has really changed
since September 11th. The game stays the same. But the playing
field has been altered.

We think it's time that our players and those we want to play
with sat down, talked, listened, ate yummy food together, and
reflected on what we've done right, and what we still have to do
right. Because that's what scares those in power more than


_.-~*WHO ~-._

MOVEMENTS is aimed at everyone. Whether you're a forty-protest
veteran or wonder what all the hype is about; whether you still
have a scar from that lobbed tear-gas canister on your hand or
prefer peaceful street theatre and ritual or you're somewhere in
between; if you're one of those angels who does support & grunt
work, or one of those oppressed people who all these camera-
hogging activists keep speaking for, we want you to come and share
and be shared with.

This training will help you in Ottawa or Kananaskis. But most
importantly, we want to raise the bar in movement building and
tactics, 'cause you can be an activist even when a summit isn't
happening. The fight/play for justice is 24/7.

The training, on the other hand, is three days:


_.-~*WHEN,*WHERE*&*WHAT ~-._

May 24, 6pm. May 25, 9:30 am. May 26, 10:30am.
Steelworkers' Hall (33 Cecil Street, S of College E of Spadina)

[[Friday May 24, 6-10pm >> Registration, 6-7pm
>>Fun & revolution. Puppet making, instrument making, patch
     making and silkscreening, theatre.
>>Rad music and dancing. Followed by Mob 4 Glob fundraiser at
     the Tranzac Club.

[[Saturday May 25, 9:30am-6pm >> Workshops:
*** Anti-opression *** Culture jamming *** Medical *** Legal ***
Communication *** Art and revolution *** Radical cheerleading ***
De-escalation and creative escalation *** Conflict resolution ***
Activism 101 *** Aftercare *** Media *** Guerilla theatre ***
Movement building - where is the movement is going? *** Movement
building - strategy and direct action principles and practices ***
Consensus process and facilitation *** Transforming fear, anger,
grief and frustration into creative action *** Grounding and
Centering *** Ritual, magic, and militant action *** Post
Traumatic/Critical Incident stress *** Be an everyday urban

[[Sunday May 26, 10:30am >> workshops & a collective role play.


_.-~*HOW ~-._

.oO If at all possible, *please* register beforehand (see below.)

.oO You can get in touch with us for any reason at


If there's a workshop or discussion you think needs to happen or
one you could help with, please contact us. And no amount of
participation is too small or too great.

Email answers to the following questions to toronto_direct_action@yahoo.ca

Or, registration can be posted to
30 Duncan St., Suite 201
Toronto, ON M5V 2C3

Please make cheques payable to Mobilization For Global Justice.
You can also pay at the training.

Name: _____________________________
Phone: ___________________
Email: ___________________
Admission you want to pay (incl food) - please
indicate if you require a subsidy: _____________
Any specific dietary/health/accessibility concerns:
Childcare may be provided. Do you need it? _______
Do you need billeting? How many people?: __________
Can you provide billeting? How many?: ______
Any other needs/suggestions/comments/questions/things you want
to help with:


_.-~*HELP ~-._

.oO WE NEED BILLETS! If you have a couch or a floor folks from
out of town can stay on while they are here for Movements, please contact us
at toronto_direct_action@yahoo.ca and specify any

shouldn't just be for those with a certain amount of privilege,
we are striving to provide childcare for anyone who needs it
(while at the training, obviously). If you're rad and think kids
are rad (who doesn't?), please contact us at toronto_direct_action@yahoo.ca

.oO WE NEED INTERPRETERS! If you know how to sign and have
experience with interpreting for the hearing-impaired, please
contact us: toronto_direct_action@yahoo.ca

.oO WE NEED CASH MONEY! The space has been booked and food will
be provided, but the more money we have, the more photocopying
we can do, the more art supplies we can give, and the more
subsidies we can provide. If you or your organization would like
to donate, please mail cheques (payable to Toronto Mobilization
for Global Justice) to the address above. If you need a
fundraising letter for your organization or union, please contact
us at toronto_direct_action@yahoo.ca
(and hey if you have supplies you think might be useful, why not
contact us?)

.oO WE WANT YOU! If you have any skill, insight, or penchant for
any of the mentioned workshops, contact us. And if there's a
workshop that isn't listed that you think should happen, please
(you guessed it) contact us at toronto_direct_action@yahoo.ca

.oO WE NEED SHILLS! The response so far has been really good,
but we want to reach as many people as possible, *especially*
oppressed people who aren't activism's usual suspects, because
their perspectives are needed the most. So please forward this
widely by email, and bring the pamphlets to/put up the posters
anywhere you like, especially where this type of thing doesn't
get publicized but maybe should. And just kidding about the shill



If you want to help publicize, or just see a shining example of
kamikaze graphic design, go to our Ontario Indymedia article at

At the top of that article is a JPEG file of the covers (left
side) and the inside pages (right side) for a pamphlet on a
8 1/2 x 11 page folded in half. You can cut and paste the two
sides in to two pages in a word processor and print double-sided.

A downloadable poster will also be posted there shortly.

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