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(en) US, Chicago Matches & Mayhem May 10-12, 2002

From Worker < <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Fri, 8 Mar 2002 13:12:20 -0500 (EST)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

Matches & Mayhem
May 10-12, 2002

Matches & Mayhem is a three day celebration of anarchist
culture and struggle. In literature, propaganda, art,
debate, sport, performance and film anarchists advance
their will to fight and a vision of what the good fight
is for. These connections between culture and movement
are our building blocks. This is it.

On Friday evening the Propaganda Gallery features the
work and play of activists knocking the status quo with
brash posters and flypapers. The Gallery will also
feature the Anarchist Artifacts Project exhibition on the
theme of the Anarchist Flag. The Anarchist Film Festival
kicks off that night with a selection of documentary and
feature movies made by anarchists. Follow movies with an
after-hours Party. Saturday peruse the tables at the
Midwest Anarchist Bookfair, attend a Debate, visit the
tables again. Saturday night is a Variety Show presenting
the best (and second best) that anarchists have to
offer?song, dance, yodeling, and more. Saturday & Sunday
cheer on your favorite squad on the Soccer pitch, more
Film and more Debates. 

*Admission to the bookfair is free. 
*Viewing the gallery exhibit is free with entry to any M
& M event. 
*Entering the soccer tournament is $35 per team, but
attending the matches is free!
*The variety show and film festival are $5?10 sliding scale. 
*Rent a table at the bookfair to feature projects,
groups, and distros.
*Attend the debates for free.
*We need volunteers to share the work at M & M events.
Let us know if you can help.

All admission fees are (strong) suggestions. No One
Turned Away because of a lack of cash, from any A-Zone
sponsored event, ever. Anyone behaving in a manner that
jeopardizes the event or our security can be ejected.
Racism, sexism and homophobia will not be tolerated.

Why Debates
The organizing collective is pushing anarchist culture
and dialogue forward with a well-selected set of
activities. The Debate Series was a new and valuable
undertaking last year. Organizers will work with
anarchist activists to develop three topics that reflect
some of the currents in anarchist discussion lists,
workshops, publications and tendencies. This is not an
exercise of Anarchy: Right or Wrong. It is not an
opportunity for anarchists to verbally do battle with the
ISO or RCP. These are not areas where we need practice or
that contribute to anarchist political education,
building our organizations and counter-institutions,
making our making our movement move. 

Coordinators will be selected and invited to put together
a team to argue in favor or against a position. The team
of up to six participants will select up to 2 of their
members to represent them and make the arguments for that
team. The whole team may be on hand during the debate.
Each debate will include a moderator, time keeper, record
keeper and the debate teams, and last about an hour and a
half. Everyone who attends the debates will be able to
participate. Exact wording of the topics will be released

Calls for Submissions

Film and Video
The Third Annual Chicago Anarchist Film Festival, part of
the Matches and Mayhem events, is looking for
submissions. The Festival will be over the weekend of May
10-12. Submission deadline is April 15.
Over the next few months, we hope to develop a great
program of recent works by anarchists. The collective
that has come together around our work on the Film
Festivals, the Anarchist Video Library (AnViL), is also
seeking submission of these recent works as well as past
works to our collection.

In addition, AnViL is sponsoring a feast for filmmakers
where anarchist filmmakers can network, discuss their
work and the works in the festival, and talk about the
importance of forging an anarchist film culture.
Please help the Anarchist Film Festival and/or AnViL by
submitting your film or video. We are seeking work by
artists with radical anti-authoritarian politics. Your
submission DOES NOT have to be explicitly political, but
we do seek some connection between your politics and your
art. We want to exhibit a wide range of possible forms of
anarchist cinematic art. 

Recently finished works will be prioritized for the
Anarchist Film Festival. Anything you've ever done, or
even that someone else has done and that you want to
share, will be considered for the AnViL collection.
Submissions to the collection will be reviewed, included
in our database, and made available to groups wishing to
screen them. The collection will also bring underexposed
works to more audiences by including them in screenings
beyond the festival and by recommending them to borrowers.

To submit: Send a VHS or DVD copy to the Matches and
Mayhem address (below). Include as much information about
yourself as you can. The basics (name, address, and a way
of contacting you) are required, of course.
Please let us know if you can donate your submission or a
second copy to the AnViL collection. We have very limited
dubbing abilities right now. If you need it sent back,
please include a check or MO to cover the return postage. 

Posters and Flags
These are the symbols of the elements that make our
movement: education, propaganda and resistance. They mark
territory, convey boldness and humor, provide a hint of
the rich culture and spectacular potential of anarchy. 

We are making our future and redrawing the maps. The old
anarchist icons and the circle A are important markers.
But as we go, we are also making new artifacts. Symbols
like posters and flags - with and beyond circle A and red &
black - give space to our scenes, territory to our movement
and claim to a cultural and strategic anarchist future.
This is a small but crucial part of who we are and what
we do and why.

We envision a wall of posters that express the Anarchist
Vision and a wall of flags that inspire action and
affinity. In the space between, gallery coordinators will
go beyond the 2nd dimension and still media with
experiments in virtual anarchy. Attend the Matches &
Mayhem mixer to view the display. Deadline for
submissions is May 5. Include a return mailer if you want
it sent back. We are grateful for all contributions to
our Propaganda Gallery.

Send all submissions and registrations to Matches &
Mayhem at 1573 N. Milwaukee #420, Chicago IL 60622.
Indicate *Film Festival* or *Propaganda Gallery* on the
package. For further information, call us at
312/494-3456, or check our  web site at
www.azone.org/matchesandmayhem. Matches & Mayhem is a
project of Arsenal Magazine, the Autonomous Zone, Chicago
Direct Action Network and Guerrilla Love Radio.

Registration Forms

It’s saturday May 11 in Chicago. Hundreds of people
perusing tables, meeting, greeting, trading stories and
comparing notes. Want to drop by? Come on over- it’s
free! Want a table? Register Here!
Group Name
[ ]Outreach Table $20 	[ ]Sales Table $35	[ ]Box Lunch $7 
Special Needs

Please, no electoral politics or ‘party’ front groups.

Film and Video
Completion Date 
Original Production Format 
Other public screenings 
Submitted By
Address City/State/Zip Phone # 				
Fax # Email 

Propaganda Gallery
For Posters: Please send street-ready unmounted work that
we will mount OR work that is mounted on 1/8? to 1/4?
fiber-board or masonite and trimmed flush to the piece.
Send a minimum of 2 copies: 1 for gallery display; 1 for
street posting/wheat-pasting. Street posters/propaganda
will not be returned. Work contributed should have a
clear message and been used or will be used in a campaign
or action. Work should be graphic in nature and
appropriate for outdoor use and easily reproducible. 

For Flags: Size: Up to 5 feet x 12 feet. Object must be
usable as a flag and include mounting instructions. Flags
selected for display on the basis of craft, construction,
design and concept, and to what degree it represents and
carries anarchism forward. Please include a statement
from the artist(s).

Deadline is May 1, 2002. We will gratefully accept
contributions to our permanent Propaganda Gallery.
Include return postage for if you need posters or flags
sent back.

Name of Artist/Activist
Contact name if different from above
Date was or will be used
Title/name of piece & campaign/action  (for 
identification purposes)
# of Copies sent _________        Keep ‘em p  Return ‘em 
postage included for return: $ _________
Address City/State/Zip Phone # Email 

Soccer Games and the Variety Show demonstrate that we are
active and bold. We kick. We run. We kick ass. We run
away. We have a sense of humor. We have talent. And we
know how to show off. Entertainment, sport and applause
all have a place in the culture we are making for
ourselves, and for the world to see. 

Is your team ready for the Anarchist Football Association
M&M games? Send in this form and $35. Winning team will
be awarded a trophy.

Your team should be comprised of the following
persons/personality types:	
1. women (at least 3, with a minimum of 2 on the field at
all times!) 	2. anarchists 	3. anti-authoritarian zapatista

Maximum of eight teams. Register no later than May 1. If
the number of registered teams is not sufficient to
conduct the tournament, goals and field will be available
for pick-up games ($2 per player). Please come with one
dark and one light colored shirt.

Team Name 					
Jersey Color(s)
Where you’re From
Contact Person (phone #’s and mailing address)
Three-color Anarchist Football Association patches are
available. Please send a SASE and $2 to get one. Want
patches for your whole team? Send a bigger envelope with
more postage. Patches are still $2 each. 

Variety Show
Dust off your tap shoes and polish that sequined suit - it
is your turn to get up and strut your anarchist stuff at
the third annual Matches & Mayhem Variety Show. We are
currently seeking performances and peformers-from stand
up to song & dance and maybe a band or two. This is the
what-to-do do after the bookfair. Everyone is welcome to
sign-up and perform*. On with the show! 
Performance genre
Equipment Needed
Phone # 			
Fax # 

*see note above regarding what will not be tolerated.

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