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(en) Indonesia - INDONESIAN SCENE REPORT - first contact.

From <anthropia@hotmail.com>
Date Fri, 1 Mar 2002 00:26:00 -0500 (EST)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

Hi everyone…….apa kabar? My name is E. and I’m trying to
make a scene report that contains all infos and activity of us here in
Indonesia. I’m sorry if my words are confusing you. I’m trying to
write as readable, I’m not good in English. I hope you pleased with
the scene report that I’ve made, it all have done with my limited
knowledge. Oh yea, our country is huge so it makes us have to
suffer the so-called “an obstacle of information”. It’s because our
country consist of islands and it’s not just makes us isolated from
international scene but it’s also sometimes isolated from other
provinces. In this scene report, I will divide into several quite
well-informative parts.

INDONESIA,GENERALLY Indonesia, is a country that consist lots
of islands and placed in archipelago’s line. That’s why, maybe in
physics, we are not too different with other countries that also
placed in archipelago’s line, like some countries in Latin America.
We are also one of the biggest country in this world. Our country is
consist of 26 provinces. Before 2001, East Timor was a part of our
country but now they have separated and free from our country. It
all happens because natural and human resource’s exploitation by
Indonesian government, Australian government and huge
countries(in the name of investor!?) for a long-long time. So, after a
long guerillas, they have succeeded to free themselves. Lots of
hope for them, but I worried about the because UNO is interfere
them. After East Timor separate from our country, another two
provinces are force Indonesia to keep their hands off in these t

PUNK / HC  MOVEMENT As far as I know, Indonesian punk/hc
scene was erupted in 1993/1994 where punk became a huge trend
here. Exactly is far beyond that time but I still don’t know yet (hey, I
was just a kid that time!). There are many gigs happen that time.
For the bands, it is quite good but some enterprises are fulfilling
their pocket exploiting bands to play in their shows. At first, we had
trouble with gig places, equipment and the society itself. Yeah,
most of punk/hc here don’t have equipment so we rent it when we
have a gigs. If the equipment is broken, the gigs is over. The bands
that come in first phase are achieving a gratitude for their hard work
in the past. About releases, most of the releases here aren’t using
CD because it’s expensive and it’s not plenty of punk/hc who have
its player in their house. We also not using LP/7 ‘inch for rel

RESISTANCE MOVEMENT Resistance movement are critical here.
Besides we are poor, we are also have less support from our
people. Our people are being apolitical nowadays. I don’t blame
them. They are having some kind of “trauma of revolution”. In 1965,
a communist party called PKI (Partai Komunis Indonesia/Indonesian
Communist Party) were setting up a coup, they’ve killed some elite
member of military force. So, there are war between government
and PKI, and as you guess, the government win. PKI is one of the
biggest party in Indonesia that time. The government and with the
help from CIA/FBI, they are sweeping all communist people, and
even there are lots of people that aren’t communist get killed. 1965
was a tragic year for our people. Almost 1.000.000 people get killed
for anti-Communist operation. So, from 1966, Marxism theory is
forbidden here. Beside we are having trouble with the government,

BANDS he bands that I write here are the ones who are showing
their existence and developing their scene. It’s not cover a whole
Indonesian scene. So, please don’t you think we only have this
bands. We have hundreds of bands who have a capability as same
as your scene bands. MARGINAL, humm, here is the most awaited
bad for the police hehehe….a provocative anarchopunk band that
giving a real threat for capitalist and all their pet. They changed
their name from ANTI MILITARY to MARGINAL because they have
been putting in a wanted list by the police. A very active band, in a
punk movement and anarchist movement. They released three
albums so far……DISLIKE, here is also a long time hc/punk band
that only release a split tape. They are all anarchist and activein
anarchist movement here. They also one of the most awaited band
in the gigs. They are doing a split tape with Singaporean band,

ZINE AND PRESS                           as I told you above, most (I
mean, all!) of our zines are written in Indonesian. Too bad, but
that’s the only way to do because most of us aren’t good at
English.It’s cool we have lots of zines but some of them are Only
released a single-issue and then broke up. Here are some of our
CRUSHER,..etc…etc..etc…etc We have 5 significant press that
produce literatures, pamphlets, etc. Actually there are lots of press
here but most of them are a s

WEB RESOURCES Hummm..speaking of websites, we have sites
that contains bands,label,and etc but we have some sites that
useful for you, yeah for your resource to known Indonesian scene.
But, as far as I know that these sites are in Indonesian so I hope
you still like it, especially you netpunks!!! www.lawan.org well, I
thinks this is the best resource site in Indonesia. They contains lots
of informative things and also political as fuck!!!
www.bisik.com/underground/indeks_musik.asp  here is also one of
the good resources site in here. Different with lawan.org, bisik.com
is priority to music and underground movement.
www.harderrecords.org  it comes from Bandung. A record-label site
but also contains some informations about us here.
www.bakarbatas.org   it more l


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