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(en) International days of support for the Gbg2001 prisoners 5.-16. 06. ( summary)

From bababolan fukerica <apatrisan@yahoo.com>
Date Thu, 6 Jun 2002 11:33:46 -0400 (EDT)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

International days in support of GBG2001 prisoners (5.-16.06)

1. International action of support of Gothenburg prisoners
 -writing of protest notes to the swedish authorities

2.  Petition for liberation of the Gbg2001 prisoners
- The Call of social movements - Solidarity with Gbg 41

3.  Swedish juridical farse
-legal update (30.05.)
-first charges against police (3.06.)

4.  Protest news
-Solidarity demo in Moscow- three arrested(5.06.)
-Support demo in Warsaw (5.06.)
-Solidarity demo called in Moscow (4.06.)
-Solidarity action at the swedish embassy in Warsaw (3.06.)


International action of writng protest notes to the swedish authorities

5th of June is worldwide commemorating of the UN conference on
enviroment hosted by swedish prime minister Olof Palme. It was the first
time that there were organized contrasummit, demonstrations and
discutions about the politics of world´s diplomatic and political elite.

Last summer in Gothenburg , the Swedish State has been again hosting
one political conference and marked it with police brutallity, violence
against demonstrators juridical montage. By this the Swedish State has
opened the road for the violent attack of "world leaders" on worldwide
social movements.

It was the first time that the police used live ammunition against unarmed
protesters. Even after people around the world saw the live broadcasts of
swedish police shoting protesters there is no charges agaist police.
Meanwhile the Swedish State countinues to prosecute demonstrants and
criminalize social movements.

One of the ways you can help in creation of the pressure on swedish
political and justice authorities is by sending protest notes to the
following adresses:

Swedish prime minister

tel. +46 8 405 10 00

fax. +46 8 723 11 73

e-mail.  registrator@primeminister.ministry.se

Ministry of Justice:

tel. +46 8 405 10 00

fax. +46 8 20 27 37

 e-mail.  registrator@justice.ministry.se

The adresses of swedish embassies:


Please when sending the protest notes send it also on this adress(for
keeping evidence):


Yuo can send your own letter or copy the following text:

I ( name,surname, date of birth,place of birth,state) join the international
protest days against Swedish model of repressing summit protesters and
criminalization of social movements. I wish to join to the support of those
whe dared to oppose social injustice that the polititan elite of EU wants to
create. For the first time ever at the summit of the international
governamental representatives police, following the orders given by
Swedish authorities, shot demonstrators with live ammunition.

  Swedish police almost killed one person and wounded two, one of them a
bystander. Even after this pictures were transmited all around the globe
Swedish political elite and juridical system countinues to criminalize the
victims of the police street violence. Swedish state set a huge number of
records in the repression against demonstrators. It also started an era of
ruthless repression upon the social movements and upon every person
who dares to ask for justice, equality and solidarity.

  With this act Swedish state put on itself a biggest shame in its history.
By signing this letter i want to pass a message to the Swedish authorities
that the eyes of all free-thinking world are looking at You.

I ask for immidiate release of all inprisoned protesters and droping of all
charges against prosecuted demonstrants.

I want to pass you a message that we´ll never forget the victims of Swedish
state repression.

 2.  Petition for liberation of the GBG2001 prisoners /  The call of social
movements- Solidarity with Gbg 41

The Call now includes roughly 2500 signatures from 30 different

 The homepage for the Call is www.manifest.se/upprop

1. The Call made a major achievement when the Swedish Supreme Court
on April 29th finally decided on a case after the Gothenburg riots. The
verdict is a strong criticism against the lower courts:

 a) The sentence for rioting was in this case reduced from 20 months in
prison to 4 months imprison.

 b) The claim that this particular riot (which is the most common one in
the courts so far) was directed against the top summit is rejected. On the
contrary, the Supreme court stresses the responsibility of the police for
this riot.

 c) The Supreme Court rejects the much used ruling that the riots in
Gothenburg are parts of one whole organized Super-riot.

However, the Supreme court claimed that its slow reaction (32 people
already being sentenced to prison when this ruling came) is a result of
neglect from the defendants - that they haven't appealed against the
length of sentences. But the documents show that no less than 10
defendants have appealad against that prior to the case that was finally
tried in the Supreme Court.

 In my view this implicates that it was the pressure from public opinion
that forced the Supreme Court to change its mind and finally pick up a
case from Gothenburg. Your support to this call is part of that pressure!
And only continuing call for justice wil make it possible to reduce the
sentences also for the earlier and coming defendants. What remains is
also that the question of responsibility of the defendants is raised on the
highest level and, of course, that the responsibility of the police (and
politicians) are tried in court. There are innocent people in prison right
now. And there are too many responsible policemen that are not being
tried at all.

2. ACTION-ALARM Call of social movements - Solidarity with the
Gothenburg 41!

Join the international action day June 5th - against the swedish model of
repressing summit protesters and criminalising them.

For the first time ever at a summit of international governmental
representatives the police shot demonstrators in Gothenburg 2001 with
live ammunition. They almost killed one person and wounded two, one of
them a bystander. Sweden has set a record during its EU-presidency in
spring 2001 in oppressing summit protests by preventive police strategies,
politicians and media accusing protesters of being terrorists and the worst
ever sentences for summit protests.

238 times longer prison terms in total

 The result is that the sentences after the summit protests in Sweden in
total are 238 times harder than in Nice, Prague or Seattle! In Seattle
people were sentenced to a few days of imprisonment -maximum 9 days,
in Prague the sentences were suspended and noone was imprisioned, some
were deported though, and in Nice two persons were given one month
imprisonment each.

In Sweden so far 41 persons have been sentenced to 12 months average
imprisonment being charged with violent rioting. At least 8 more people
are waiting to be put on trial. The maximum length of these sentences in
Sweden is two and a half year -which is 30 times more than the maximum
sentence of any of the previous summits. In total there are 476 months of
imprisonment in Sweden since Gbg 2001.

 Record of arresting people at summits or taking them into custody:

 Sweden also set a record in terms of preventive actions against
demonstrators at summits in the Western world, both considered as a
part of the total amount of demonstrators at the summit or the total
number of people who have been taken into custody by the police.
Already at the meeting of the EU finance ministers in Malmö, Sweden,
on the 21 of April 2001, the Swedish police used a preventive strategy
taking 266 demonstrators into custody out of a legal, broadly organised
demonstration of 2000 people. This is 13,3 % of the demonstrators which
is a higher percentage than at any other broad demonstration at a summit
in the Western world since protest demonstrations at summits started in
1968. In Gothenburg the Swedish police continued their preventive
strategy by surrounding 500 people inside a school with hundreds of
containers at the counterconference before any actions in the streets had
taken place at all. The police finally stormed the school in search of
weapons -but they did n...

 929 people were arrested or taken into custody by the police during the
Gothenburg EU-Summit, the majority in connection with thepolice
storming the schoool. This amount of people being denied their freedom
by the police at a summit has not been seen at any previous meeting -
except in Prague 2000 where there were similar figures. This new Swedish
model of shooting live bullets at summit demonstrators and storming
schools where demonstrators have their lodgings, meetings and
information facilities was after Gothenburg 2001 applied to at the G-8
Summit in Genua with even more brutal methods. The outcome of the
court rulings from the repressive actions of the Italian government has
not yet been finished but it is to be remembered that the Swedish
government set the standards that the others now can follow.

 5th of June

The 5th of June is worldwide commemorating of the UN Conference on
environment hosted by the then Swedish prime minister Olof Palme
1972. This was the first time ever that popular movements held counter
conferences, demonstrations and a dialogue with the official delegations
at a summit. Year 2001 the Swedish government instead introduced
making the summits more undemocratic by unprecedented repression
and criminalising.

We call upon using this date, the week before the anniversary of the EU
Summit 15-16th of June, in order to make the Swedish and international
public aware of these unacceptable repressive actions made by of the
Swedish government! We hope you will spread these protests as soon as
possible so it can be known all over the world what people think of
criminalising summit protests. In Gothenburg a demonstration and a
meeting will be held on the 15th of June and we now ask for international
solidarity: Organization Friends of the Earth Sweden Trade union
Central Organization of Swedens Workers (SAC) Recently established
Democracy Net call for peaceful protests at all Swedish embassies,
consulates or similar places in support of the imprisioned persons and in
order to stop the criminalisation and repression of summit protests or of
the globalisation critical movement!

 Hand over a petition, make a sit-in or a demonstration in solidarity with
the Swedish and the international popular movements against the
Swedish government!

Sweden 28 of April 2002

Tord Björk, Miljöförbundet Jordens Vänner - Friends of the Earth
Sweden, tord.bjork@mjv.se Hannele Peltonen, SAC Syndikalisterna
-Central Organization of Swedens Workers, sekretariatet@sac.se Gerd
Pettersson, Demokratinätet - Democracy Net, d.p@gerd.pp.se

 Enclosed About the trials after Gbg 2001 The maximum sentence after
the Gothenburg EU-Summit has been two and a half years of
imprisonment. People have been sentenced to maximum punishment in
trials without individual proof, sentenced for just sending mobile text
messages telling others to show solidarity with the 500 people locked up
inside a school behind containers by the police. A trade unionist from
Norway has been sentenced to longer terms of imprisonment in spite of
the fact that there has been no proof at all that he has hit any policeman,
while other persons stating no political interests at all have got away with
shorter terms of imprisonment though they actually have hit policemen
with stones. During the trials it has been proved that the police force has
manipulated video materials and several films showing police violence.
Both the film taken by a bystander wounded by the police and films taken
by people who later were imprisioned have been lost by the police, so that


Swedish juridical farse / More on Gothenburg juridical aftermath

The total sum of charged activists and other people after gothenburg is 71
(plus 7 germans who are being charged in germany) people in 46
prosecutions. 30 cases have been finished, of which 26 resulted in
convictions and 4 acquittals.

Some clarification:

71 people have been charged *in Sweden*.  The police investigation unit
handling GBG (which closed its activities in May) has earlier stated in a
national newspaper article in Dagens Nyheter (DN) that 102 people have
been/are under investigation.

Included in these 102 are the 71 charged in Sweden, the 7 Germans being
*investigated' (no charges have been lodged as of yet) and one Norwegian
who was charged in Oslo about three weeks ago. That brings the known
total to 79 out of a possible 102.  The police have on several occassions
alluded to the fact that other European and Scandinavian citizens may be
charged.  So of the 23 "unaccounted" for investigations, at least some of
these may be occuring in (besides Germany) Denmark, Norway, Finalnd
and Holland (according to the DN article). I would venture to speculate
that the remaining 23 are either individuals identified and photographed
at the Hvitfeldtska school or Järntorget and then later found on video
footage from the riots on the Avenyn or ReclaimTheCity party at
Vasaplatsen or individuals implicated in the investigations surrounding
the so-called "information central" where eight youths have been found
guilty of coordinating and inciting riots by sending SMS messages to act..

The charges against police charges against police( update 3.06.)

Four police are being charged for misconduct in service for the actions at
the Schillerska gymnasiet (the one when they were searching for the
yellow-haired german terrorist). As you surely know, The nationella
insatsstyrkan (police SWAT-team meant to fight terrorism) stormed the
school armed with machine guns in search of this imagined german
terrorist. All people in the school were taken outside and forced to lie
down absolutely still and quiet with police spitting out racist and sexist
comments ("they don't understand swedish? well, violence is an
international language" and that sort of stuff). After a few hours the
youth were eventually allowed to leave. After the incident no one has
been able to establish who was responsible for these actions. Different
parts of the police have blamed the other. The prosecutor agneta bildberg
says that the reasons that the case is initiated is because there is reason to
suspect unlawful deprivation of freedom. She also means that there was
no r..................

Protest news

 Manifestation in front of the swedish embassy in Moscow

by knat 11:28am Wed Jun 5 '02 article#2640

Moskow, 5th of june, 2.30 pm met about 20 people
infront of the swedish embassy to show their protest
against political repression, especially against those
repressions happened in goeteburg almost one year ago.

They used creative means to express themselves, like
different costumes, which made them look like
prisoners, while each of them had different cyrillic
letters on their breasts, forming the words: .against
repression.. The particpiants belong to several
groups, so there were moscower artists, the radical
ecological .rainbow keepers. and .autonomous action".

 In the beginning the police was kind of supriced at least

there were not more than ten in different
uniforms, so maybe just the usual safestuff of the
embassy, but there were also quite unfriendly dogs,
who helped showing power. And there was a strange car,
if it existed in D, it was probably used for the
police-museum, but here its intention was being the
prisoners car, as was noticed later. The whole action
took about 10 minutes, most of them were spend with
discussing why we had to change the streetside. The
Policemen stayed almost calm, probably because mass-
 media was absent, just some indpendent journalists
were around.

But in the end they took obligatory 3 male persons, so
they were held to be the organizers. For some of them
means this being in prison for the 2nd time this week,
so at the 28th of may almost all participants of a
manifestation in moskow, critisizing globalization and
russia-us-nato policy, were sent to prison for some
hours by using violence. This time they did not use
theire weapons, at least not outside of the strange
car. So hoping the best for them.

Protest demo at the Swedish embassy in Warsaw

About 30 anarchists from Warsaw made a solidarity action in front of
Swedish Embassy. No incidents were reported and no reaction from the

Solidarity action at Swedish embassy in Warsaw

 A small solidarity action was made today at the Swedish Embassy in
Warsaw. A certain anarchist who was invited there to watch the World
Cup slipped away from the football fans and found the embassy relatively
unprotected. The whole area inside the embassy was plastered with
stickers which had solidarity statements and info about the prisoners in
Swedish, including a report from Amnesty International.

 Solidarity protest in Moscow

 Rainbow Keepers will organise a protest tomorrow, 5th of June in the
Swedish consulate in Moscow 2 PM local time (12 AM CET), to protest
rotten Swedish justice More info to come afterwards

Antti R,

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