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(en) Korean anarchist's anti-militarism website cencored

From Anarcho-Punk Federation Japan <apfj@mac.com>
Date Sat, 1 Jun 2002 15:06:54 -0400 (EDT)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

Dear comrades,

Our friends, south korean anarchists, Bung-Bung and dopehead's website
`Anti-Military Website' have been cencored at 27th may. Now their site
shutdowned forcely.

Check out Korean Anarchist Network (in Hangul)


A Korean anarchist, bung-bung decided to be an anti-military activist when
  he came to Tokyo in the end of 2000 and met various people.

Bung-Bung was overstayed in Japan and was forced to go back to Korea in Fe
bruary 2001. The Anti-Military Service! website (now defunct because of th
e government order) was started with his anarchist friend Dopehead, right
after Bung-Bung forced to come back to Soul. Since there has been not so m
any arguments about the conscription system in Korean society, it is sure
that the statement of Bung-Bung which is based on the anti$B!](Bstate belief s
tands out

The statements such as "Abolish all military systems!" and "The army is on
  behalf of capitalist" gave a shock to the society. Since March of this ye
ar, Soul Police Department has threatened the Anti-Military Service! with
other websites of avoiding military service. After the Police Department i
ntentionally leak the information of forced investigation of anti-military
/anti-state website to the mainstream media, all website but the Anti-Mili
tary Service! shut down voluntary.

Bung-Bung and Dopehead continued the website and was examined by the PD. T
hough they were not prosecuted, police requested the examination by the In
formation Communication Ethics Committee.

Because mainstream media reported and made it a serious case, the Korean s
ociety shocked by the fact that anti-conscription/conscription avoidance e
xists as a social "issue."

Bung-Bung and other anarchists participated in May Day action of 2001 and
propagated the anti-military system publicly. They have been acted in vari
ous way such as anti-war walking tour in September 2001, participating in
against internet censorship, and involving in the against Bush coming to K
orea movement.

In May 27, 2002, the Information Communication Ethics Committee ordered to
  them to close the website for two months and to delete sentences of "bein
g against the law." The regal background of the Committee's claim is the s
tatement of "Abolish all military systems!" ignores the constitution which
  prescribes the existence of military.

To this order, Bung-Bung, Dopehead, and others declared the following stat
ements to clarify their stance against the order. You can read the stateme
nts at http://nocencor.org (in Hangul).

1. Withdraw the order for the Anti-Military Service! to close for 2 months
  right now.
2. Stop the internet censorship by the Information Communication Ethics Co
mmittee, and guarantee the freedom of thought and expression.
3. The government should adopt the substitute service adopted by the UN hu
man right committee and abolish the law of punishing a person who rejects
military service by his/her conscience.

They need solidarity. Support Bung-Bung and Korean Anarchists!

The following is an email from Dopehead to a Japanese anarchist.

today i received an email from the Information Communication Ethics
Committee, a governmental body on Internet law enforcement. The email was
a notification that the anti military website (<http://non-serviam.org/>ht
tp://non-serviam.org</a> jointly managed by me and bung) be CLOSED for 2 m
onths because the website violates some law. It says that our website deni
es the whole military system and thus it denies the presence of the state,
  government and constitution, and there's strong possibility of this harmf
ul information reaching to majority of people and misleading them, so it s
hould be closed for 2 months..
It's like a DEATH SENTENCE to us, it's none other than the capital punishm
ent for a website to be forcefully shut down.

Me and bung will get some help tomorrow and do whatever nessesary to
maintain the website and continue to deliever our message to people!!
We will never give up.
We will fight back!

peace and love

In Solidarity under the Black Flag,

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