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(en) Canada, Halifax, ECARA shuts down Paul Fromm meeting!

From Mick <mickblack47@yahoo.com>
Date Sun, 14 Jul 2002 11:51:45 -0400 (EDT)

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> From: "ARA Fredericton" <ftonara@hotmail.com> 
Our planned opposition to the Heritage Front and Canada First Immigration
Reform Committee has been a complete success!  Starting early today we
went throughout the north end of Halifax flyering the community with
information on the HF meeting, which was hosting speaker Paul Fromm, with
additional guests Marc Lemire (webmaster of the 'Freedomsite') and Malcolm
Ross (former school teacher, now a Holocaust denier).  The community was
extremely receptive, and we all met at a local library at 1:00PM to get
ready to march to the nazi meeting happening only minutes away.

As we marched through Halifax, we had a number of people join us, with
numbers eventually reaching 50.  We crossed the commons area in downtown,
and approached the Holiday Inn Select, the location of the meeting.  As we
neared, our chants became louder, and our prescence more confident.  We
stormed into the hotel, took a sharp left turn, and entered into the
conference room.  Paul Fromm quickly rushed to the door, trying to hold it
shut.  A number of us grabbed it and pulled it back, meeting little
resistance.  A startled Paul, a scrawny little white power brat Dan from
Florida who recently moved to Halifax, and other white supremacist scum
met us with looks of shock.  We chanted at them for several minutes and
then proceeded with the dialogue..

US = "Is this a public meeting?"
FROMM = "Um.. it costs $5."
US = "Um.. no."

Then we entered into the room, past Paul, and straight to the literature
tables, where dozens of anti-fascists tore apart racist books, threw
tables of literature onto the floor, and took all the photocopied garbage
put out by CFIRC.  Paul Fromm ran frantically around the room, seemingly
unable to make words leave his mouth.  Soon the room took on a rather foul
and unpleasant odour.  At first we thought that Marc Lemire had arrived,
but it soon became aparent that someone took it upon themselves to release
stink bombs throughout the conference room.  Cameras were a' snappin', and
an RCMP officer came a' runnin', so we decided it was time to book. 
Taking lots of CFIRC literature with us, and leaving the room in shambles,
we dodged the spit of the former Floridian as we slowly, and loudly, left
the hotel, making our way outside.

Once back outside, the show was far from over.. Paul Fromm ran outside to
start photographing us, and to give us the finger.  Then Malcolm Ross made
his way out, standing in his place, refusing to accept any offers to
brawl, despite the fact that this brave white warrior is supposedly
thoroughly skilled in martial arts.  Then the pudge king himself arrived. 
Marc Lemire was spotted photographing anti-fascists from the right hand
corner of the hotel entrance.  When he was seen, antifas quickly began
shouting him down in a massive storm of jeers.  Like Ross, he refused the
requests for him to come out to the street and prove his nordic strength. 
This continued on for awhile, until Dan came outside to show us the
swastika tattoo on his chest.  He had his photograph taken a number of
times, like his racist friends did, and this ended the majority of

The cops began arriving, one after another, until about 8 of them were
patrolling the front of the hotel.  They argued with antifas, and accused
one of the few people of colour with us of vandalizing the hotel.  They of
course could prove nothing, and the entire claim was empty to begin with. 
During these talks, other ECARA members and supporters talked to cars
pulling into the hotel, and convinced many people to leave and book a room
at a different location in the city.  Someone eventually made it back
inside, and told a Mi'kmaq conference happening that there were nazis
staying at the same hotel - all the attendees got up, cancelled their
bookings, and left for another place to stay!  The Holiday Inn lost a lot
of money today, and had more than a little bad press exposing that they
hosted a fascist and his likeminded friends.

Word near the end of the day had it that the boneheads were leaving,
although we know that a number are locals, and that some will be spending
the night at the hotel. This day isn't over, and we're patrolling the
streets diligently.  We'll let you know of any updates.  As the score
stands right now.. ECARA - 1  FROMM - 0!  We kicked some serious ass
today, and won a precedent setting battle that the east coast has never
seen before!  Stay tuned for photos on our website.. 

Background information on Paul Fromm:

Everyone here at ECARA
Halifax - Fredericton - Moncton - Saint John - Charlottetown

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