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(en) New pages on Struggle (http://struggle.ws/new.html) - Seville, refuseniks etc

From Andrew <andy@dojo.tao.ca>
Date Wed, 3 Jul 2002 12:16:55 -0400 (EDT)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

Below are the latest additions to the Struggle 
site.  They include a number of new additions 
from Anarcho and an archive of WSM talks from 
the early 1990's that we recently discovered.  
There is also a report on the June 22nd EU summit 
demo in Seville and an interview with an Israeli 
refusenik who is an anarchist.

As always you can access these at

The Seville 2002 EU summit protests [with 
An Irish anarchist reports from the European 
Summit protests in Seville

Interview with anarchist refusenik
An interview with an anarchist jailed for 
refusing service in the IDF

The Anarchists of Casas Viejas by Jerome R. 
Review of the excellent book on the Casas Viejas 
revolt of 1933

The CNT in the Spanish Revolution (vol. 1) by 
Jose Peirats
Review of the best anarchist book on the Spanish 

Wrong Steps: Errors in the Spanish Revolution by 
Juan Garcia Oliver
Review of a pamphlet containing the section from 
Oliver's 1978 autobiography on the events of 
July 1936

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back
A lengthy review of "Imagine" by the Scottish 
Socialist Party leaders Tommy Sheridan and Alan 

Technology, Capitalism and Anarchism
An anarchist analysis of technology.

Don't Vote, Organise!
A lengthy discussion of why anarchists argue for 
direct action, not electioneering 

Its basic ideas revolve around organising all 
workers into the "one big union", keeping 
control in the hands of the rank & file, and 
opposing all attempts to create a bureaucracy of 
unaccountable full-time officials.

The Marxist theory of the State....an anarchist 
reply There is no one Marxist theory of the state, 
different currents within Marxism have developed 
their own variants. However all share the idea 
that the State can, and must, be used as a means 
towards achieving the classless society

The failure of Marxism
There is much of use within Marxism, I do not 
propose to throw away the impressive economic 
analysis for instance, but as an ideology, as a 
tradition and as a guide for the future it has 
failed; and failed on a grand scal

Religion and clerical control
In Ireland organised religion, especially 
Catholicism (with it's named constitutional 
position) has worked to limit the freedoms of 
all regardless of their own personal beliefs.

Racism and Irish Travellers
Anti-racist and anti-fascist work has been a 
major concern of the left. However there are 
still very few groups or individuals even on the 
left who identify attitudes to Travellers as 

Revolutionary politics and single issue 
Over the past decades, there has been a tendency 
for activists to move away from 
organisations,and organisation on a class basis, 
and concentrate on single-issue campaigns. In 
its lifetime, the WSM has been involved in many 
such campaigns

Leninism and the failure of the Russian 
The Russian revolutions of 1917 demonstrate that 
a revolution is possible but they also warn 
against authoritarian methods of introducing 

What's the importance of the French revolution?
We can examine the French revolution as a 
prototype of how revolutions occur and progress. 
Kropotkin defined it as the "mother of us all ". 
The ideas and methods of the French Revolution 
were and still have relevance to us today

Rosa Luxemburg on socialism and objective 
Rosa Luxembourg argued that socialism didn't 
just entail a change in material conditions but 
also a change in relationships within society, 
that freedom was a prerequisite for a socialist 

As always you can access these at

3000 + pages on anarchism, Ireland, Zapatistas
revolutionary history and struggles around globalistaion

New pages on Struggle are accessable at

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