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From "David Brown, Recollection" <recall@eskimo.com>
Date Wed, 21 Aug 2002 01:39:52 -0400 (EDT)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

It's been over 4 months since I've sent out a summary of
additions & updates to the Daily Bleed's Anti-Authoritarian

Updates include dedicated pages, name entries, links:

ADRIEN, Georges. French Journalist & writer
ALLEN, E. J. B. British anarchist syndicalist
ANDRADE, William. Australian Anarchist
Angry Brigade. British 1970s "underground" group
Arbeter Fraint Group. Published "Arbeter Fraint"
BARRETT, George (aka George Ballard). British anarchist.
Black Mask. Militant NY anarchists, dadaist inspired culture
      orientated actions. Later became Up Against the Wall Motherfucker.

BONANNO, Alfredo. Italian anarchist militant.
Boston Anarchist Club
BRUPBACHER, Paulette & Fritz. Swiss anarchists
BURROWS, Herbert.

CAPDEROQUE, Marie (Marion Bachmann)
   French syndicalist, feminist
CASERIO, Sante Jeronimo.  Italian anarchist
CHARRIER, Mécislas.   French individualist & illégaliste.
CLARK, John P.  American professor, anarchist scholar.
COURBET, Gustave. French Realist artist, militant  anarchist.
CUBERO, Jaime. Brazilian anarchist, author, teacher.
DI SCIULLO, Camillo. Italian anarchist, ran "Il pensiero" in 1890s.
Ferdinand Domela Nieuwenhuis updated
EHRLICH, Howard. American teacher, sociologist, author,
   director of The Prejudice Institute
Esperanto movement. International language movement involving anarchists

ESTER BORRAS, José  Spanish anarchist & Resistance fighter
ETCHEBEHERE, Hippolyte.   Argentinian anarchist
ETCHEBEHERE, Mika (née Michèle Feldman).  Argentinian anarchist

FELICANI, Aldino. Italian-American anarchist, typographer, editor,
   printer, publisher.
FERRER, Francisco y Guardia.  Spanish anarchist founder of La
   Escuela Moderna,
GEORGAKIS, Dan.  Anarchist, involved in Black Mask, coeditor
   The Encyclopedia of the American Left
GOLBERG or GOLDBERG, Mécislas.  French anarchist, father of
   illégaliste Mécislas Charrier
GOZZOLI, Virgilio.  Italian-American, publisher, anti-fascist
HAPGOOD, Hutchins.  American anarchist, journalist
HUMBERT, Jeanne.  French pacifist, militant devoted to
   fighting for sexual freedom
ISHILL, Joseph.  Anarchist lauded by radicals & fine press
   enthusiasts, who consider him one of the finest American
   printers & typographers of the 20th century.

Japan Anarchist Club (Nihon Anakisuto Kurabu)  Anarchist communist group

Japanese Anarchist Federation.  Active early 20th century, then again
   June 1951 until 1968.
JOLIVET, François Henri.  French working poet, anarchist & pacifist
Kaos GL  Turkish anarchist group of gays & lesbians in Turkey.
KEELL, Thomas H.  British anarchist, editor of Freedom newspaper,
   from 1912-1932.
KOMBOA ERVIN, Lorenzo.  Anarchist, Afro-American militant, author.
KUPKA, Frantisek  [aka Frank or François].  Anarchist artist, satirist &

LANE, Joseph.  Anarchist, one of the little-known founders of the
libertarian socialist
   movement in Britain.
LEVANDOWSKY, A.  Russian anarchist Esperantist, founded ISAB
   Scienca Anarkiusm Biblioteka
LEVINE, Philip. Major American poet, anarchist.
Living Theatre: see also Judith Malina, Julian Beck.  Important American

   avant garde experimental performance collective.

McDOUGALL, Willie. Activist in the Glasgow Anarchist Group in Scotland.
MALINA, Judith.  American anarchist, pacifist, poet, performance artist
MESSAC, Régis. French militant, teacher, novelist, pacifist, resistance
NAKOV, Alexandre Metodiev.  Bulgarian anarchist militant & esperantist.
 Neo-Malthusianism French movement of radical feminists & anarchists in
   struggle for sexual freedom & birth control rights.
OWEN, William Charles. Anglo-American militant & anarchist individualist
PATCHEN, Miriam.  Militant pacifist, anarchist, companion to the poet

PERLMAN, Fredy. Czech-born American printer, scholar, theorist,
publisher, &
 anti-authoritarian activist.    Updated.
PEUKERT, Josef.  Head of the Autonomie group (1892) in the US.
PRUDHOMMEAUX André.  French agronomist, libertarian, Revolutionary
Pacifist Group.
  Founded by anarchist Ernst Friedrich
ROMPAPAS, John.  Radical New York publisher (Rabelais Press), funded the
   "Revolutionary Almanac" & "Social War"
ROUSSENQ, Paul.  French, best known as the "anarchist convict",
SAKUTARO, Iwasa.  Japanese anarchist communist
SANSHIRO, Ishikawa.   Japanese anarchist syndicalist
SEYMOUR, Henry.  British editor of The Anarchist;
SHUZO, Hatta  Japanese anarchist
SIMON, Louis.  French pacifist, author & individualist anarchist.
STARRETT, Walter. Pen name ("W.S.") for Warren S. Van Valkenburgh
Sydney Anarchist Club (Australia).
Tutmonda Ligo de Esperantisja Seustatano (TLES / Worldwide League of
   Esperantist Anarchists)

VAN RONK, Dave.  American songster, IWW member & anarchist.
VAN VALKENBURGH, Warren S.  American anarchist editor ("Road to
   Freedom" & "Spanish Revolution")
WARWICK, Robert Lee.  American anarchist, edited "Social War",
Whiteway Colony  Anarchist colony in Gloucestershire

WILSON, Charlotte M. Wilson.  First editor of the British paper
WINN, Ross.  American, Texas-born anarchist, publisher
ZAPATA, Emiliano.  Mexican anarchist, lead an army under the slogan
'tierra y libertad'.
ZILBERFARB, J.  Russian anarchist Esperantist, founded ISAB
   Scienca Anarkiusm Biblioteka

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--- BleedMeister David Brown
In addition numerous dedicated pages I've done in the past
have been updated with new material.
As always, corrections, suggestions, additions welcome.

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