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(en) US, Washington, IMF/WB Direct Action Information [EXCERPT]

From Fitzhugh MacCrae <alaidh@yahoo.com>
Date Fri, 7 Sep 2001 15:36:52 -0400 (EDT)

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IMF/WB Direct Action Information

> From: "Mobilization for Global Justice" <update@globalizethis.org>

Dear Friends,

This email comes to you from the Mobilization for
Global Justice scenario
working group in Washington DC.    We are would like
to begin building a
broader consensus about a mass direct action during
Global Justice Week.
Below you will find our thinking about goals,
intentions and possible
actions.  Please discuss this with your groups and get
back to us at:
agcheckin@riseup.net as soon as possible with your
feedback and input.

You will also find the following information in this
Convergence Information, Direct Action Scenario,
Demands, Action Visions,
Proposed Action Calendar, Solidarity actions, Affinity
Groups, Spokes
Council, Legal Information, Housing, Contact Info

For the most up to date info. please visit

September 23rd - September 28th
Location TBA
The convergence will be a space for workshops
including nonviolent direct
action, legal/jail/court solidarity, anti-oppression,
affinity group
formation, legal observer training, blockade training,
street medic
training, communications for direct action, scouting,
media messaging and
more.  Spokes councils will be held every night at the
convergence as well
as all day art and puppet building.


We are planning large-scale, well-organized,
high-visibility actions to
protest the IMF/World Bank meetings on Saturday and
Sunday, September 29-30.
We will take direct action to open the meetings, to
make our demands, and to
engage more of civil society in the growing discussion
about corporate power
versus justice, democracy and a sustainable future.
If we must, we will
challenge the walls that shut out people here and
around the world from
participating in the decisions that impact our lives
and communities.  We
envision colorful and festive actions with street
theater as a major
element.  We will make space for a variety of
non-violent action styles
reflecting our different groups and communities.  We
will also act in a
spirit of mutual-aid, respect and accommodation with
all groups and
coalitions that are planning complimentary events and
actions independently
from the Mobilization for Global Justice.

The Mobilization for Global Justice joins the masses
of people organizing
for global justice in welcoming you to Washington DC
this fall to protest
the IMF and the World Bank.  We have agreed to a few
basic visions for
action in order to facilitate the coming together of a
broader, more diverse
movement.  This understanding should allow people from
many backgrounds,
movements, and beliefs to work together and encourages
the movement-building
trust.  These are not philosophical or political
requirements or judgments;
there are many ways to resist corporate globalization.

-The Mobilization for Global Justice is a nonviolent
-We will carry out this action in a manner that
reflects the world we want
to create, and act in the service of what we love.
-We envision a nonviolent world; we will use means
consistent with this
-We will act with respect for the local community and
in a way that
encourages all to join us.
-We will protect and care for each other in this
action.  We will stand in
solidarity against police and state repression, even
with those whose
choices differ from ours, and work to ensure our
tactics do not result in
the endangerment of our sister and brother activists
or people not
participating in the demonstrations.
-We recognize that people of color, poor people,
LGBTs, people of limited
mobility and immigrant groups are at greater risk of
police harassment,
arrest and abuse.  We respect that people may wish or
need to have safer
spaces to express themselves and we will act


We will take action to be seen and heard anywhere the
delegates may be in
order to deliver our demands.    In doing so we also
want to convey to all
who are willing to see, our vision for another world.
We intend to do so
through creative projects including banners, puppets,
theater, dance, spoken
word, through our courage and willingness to sacrifice
and through our
ability to act in unity embodying a new set of
political practices that
value direct democracy, creativity, collective action,
responsibility and
accountability to one another.

  In order to accomplish this we are proposing a
series of activities on the
days leading up to and following the two day meeting
on the 29th and 30th.
Within this framework  we are encouraging different
organizations,  clusters
or affinity groups  to take responsibility for
particular actions that speak
to their goals, interests, issues or hearts.

We seek to build and coordinate these actions through
an Action Spokes
Council that will meet in the days ahead.   Up until
that time we ask for
groups to provide feedback, creative ideas, logistical
support etc through
the people who have contacted you about it.

We want to acknowledge that many other activities are
already being planned
and this schedule does not encompass them all.  Events
noted with ** are
available for affinity group and cluster participation
and organizing, and
are not fully planned.  The other listed events are
being organized by other
groups who are asking for attendance and support.

For a complete calendar of actions and events please

-Immigrant Rights March

-**Banner Actions**

-**Actions to Keep the Fence Open**
- pm Women's Torch Light March

- am **Airport Leafleting / Actions**
- am Parking Lot Attendants Unite Action- HERE Local
- 10 am Rally and March for Clean Energy
- noon TACO BELL Action -Immokalee Farm Workers
- pm Rush hour - Stop Global Sweatshop Actions - UNITE
- **Evening March or Action**

-(3-4 am) **Wake Up Call at the Hotels**
- (8-9 am) **Open the Meetings!**  Cancel the Debt!
Hear Our Demands!
Morning mass action to attend the meetings.
- (2 pm- at IMF) Solidarity Marches!   Both the
International Action Center
and the Latin American Solidarity Groups are planning
marches to the White
House and then the IMF around mid-day.
- pm Interfaith Service and Candlelight March to the

- **Another World is Possible** – feeder marches from
around DC to the
IMF-WB that will bring images, props, photos, banners
etc illustrating the
world we are trying to build and the demands we are
trying to advance.  We
will engage in a positive, participatory direct action
in creating this
other world and then march as a unified group to the
Ellipse in order to
join the permitted march and rally.
-Mass March, Rally (and concert) – a number of
sponsoring groups including
the AFL-CIO are initiating a mass permitted event on
Sunday afternoon on the

-**Jail Solidarity Actions**

-**Jail Solidarity and Vigil**

-**Jail Solidarity and Vigil**


We will encourage and facilitate jail and court
solidarity for the actions.
Through jail solidarity we can take power in a
situation designed to make us
powerless.  We do this by making our decisions as a
group, by acting in
harmony with each other, and by committing ourselves
to safeguard each other
's well-being.  Every time there is a choice in the
legal process, activists
can refuse to cooperate, making things difficult for
the authorities.
Through solidarity tactics, we use group
non-cooperation to gain some
control, expedite the legal process and consequences,
prevent the
authorities from singling some people out for harsher
treatment, and help us
resist fines and probation.  Solidarity tactics extend
the action to the
prison and legal system with the strength and
community of a group.  We
encourage action participants to clear their calendars
in advance for
several days after the action, should it become
necessary to use a
fill-the-jails tactic to win demands.  Those who want
or need to leave will
have that option open.  We will have legal support for
those arrested
through arraignment: this includes legal and
solidarity briefings, a staffed
legal support office, and experienced lawyers who can
make jail visits.


Everyone participating in the actions is asked to form
or join an affinity
group—a self-reliant action group of 5-20 people,
including people who do
not risk arrest and do support work before, during and
after arrest.
Affinity groups are the basic planning and
decision-making bodies for
actions.  Form an affinity group with your friends,
people from your
community, workplace or organization.  Two or more
affinity groups that have
something in common or want to do similar actions
should consider working
together as a "cluster" of affinity groups.  Leading
up to the actions,
participants will coordinate through an Action
Spokescouncil, with
group-designated spokespeople responsible for carrying
their group's plans,
opinions and decisions to the spokescouncil and
reporting back to their
group.  Affinity groups will discuss agenda items and
proposals before each
spokescouncil.  Affinity groups are encouraged to
arrive on September 23, or
as soon thereafter as possible, in order to
participate in the spokescouncil
's planning of the actions.  If this is not possible,
affinity groups should
try to send at least one person early in the week.
All direct action
participants should be in town and trained by the
evening of September 27.
All participants are strongly urged to take part in
nonviolent direct action
preparation workshops, which will combine training
with specific strategy to
prepare for both the action and for jail/court
solidarity.  Trainings will
be available in Washington during the week leading up
to the actions.


We demand that the World Bank and International
Monetary Fund:
-Open all World Bank and IMF meetings to the media and
the public.
-Cancel all impoverished country debt to the World
Bank and IMF, using the
institutions' own resources.
-End all World Bank and IMF policies that hinder
people's access to food,
clean water, shelter, health care, education, and
right to organize. (Such
"structural adjustment" policies include user fees,
privatization, and
economic austerity programs.)
-Stop all World Bank support for socially and
environmentally destructive
projects such as oil, gas, and mining activities, and
all support for
projects such as dams that include forced relocation
of people.
-We furthermore demand that the United States
government, the largest
shareholder and most influential government in the
World Bank and IMF, adopt
the above demands, and work vigorously to compel the
World Bank and IMF to
implement them.

DEMANDS BY OTHER GROUPS  (as we know them)
No to Fast Track, No FTAA,  No New Rounds of the WTO,
No To Plan Columbia,
Priority Treatment for Combating Aids, Amnesty Now for
All Immigrants,


Mobilization for Global Justice
1328 Florida Ave.
Washington DC 20009
(202) 265-7714

Working Groups:
ARTS & ACTION Angela Flynn 202-986-9455,
Listserv: artsinactiondc-owner@yahoo.com
CONCERT: Contact Gaurav Madan
EDUCATION: Monica Wilson 202-387-8030
FUNDRASING: Paul Osher 202-332-5060
MEDIA: Stacy Malkan smalkan@hotmail.com
MEDICAL: Jen Cohn, jennifer_cohn@hotmail.com,
MESSAGING & MATERIALS: Daniel Holstein 202-270-8387
OUTREACH: Michele B michele1917@yahoo.com  Listserv:
LOGISTICS (housing and food): Laura 301-864-6132
NUTS &BOLTS: Jen Carr 301-277-1581 jencarr3@cs.com
SCENARIO (Non-Permitted): agcheckin@riseup.net
SCENARIO (Permitted): Robert Weissman 202-387-8030
TRAINING: Liz Butler 202-285-6758 liz@forestethics.org
WEB: Tom steelgame@yahoo.com


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