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(en) Workers Solidarity No66 now online

From Workers Solidarity Movement <wsm@newmail.net>
Date Fri, 7 Sep 2001 07:24:31 -0400 (EDT)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

Workers Solidarity No66 has now been added to the Workers Solidarity 
Movement web page.  

To read the articles online go to

You can also download a PDF file of this issue from.  We encourage you to 
make extra copies of this and distribute them locally

Articles in this issue are as follows

Workers Solidarity No 66 August September 2001

The WTO and GATS
According to the WTO, the GATS agreements cover 160 services' sector. What 
few people realised when the deal was first done is that the GATS also 
includes healthcare, education, housing, water, waste management and other 
basic services usually run by government agencies.

Are anarchists violent?
There is a lot of nonsense turning up on TV, radio and in the newspapers, 
which tries to make anarchism little more than another word for violence. 
In reality anarchists are no more violent than anyone else

The Battle for Kinsale
The Old Head of Kinsale in Co. Cork is an area of renowned beauty. It has 
been enjoyed as an amenity by locals and by people from outside Kinsale who 
have heard of the traditional walk out along the Old Head to the lighthouse 
at the tip of the headland

Capitalism: Boom to bust? Is this as good as it gets?
We can't say how long it will be before this downturn spreads into the rest 
of the economy, but we can say that it is only a question of time. 
Capitalism moves from slump to boom to slump

Council's Bin Tax Rubbished
The Dublin Campaign against the Bin Tax is entering a crucial phase. 
Meetings calling for a mass campaign of non-payment have been held in 
various areas throughout the city.

What did you hear about Genoa?
One of the interesting things to do with rolling news-coverage, such as on 
Sky News, is to watch how the spin changes in the course of the day.

Irish campaigner arrested and beaten
The most frightening experience involved my arresting Carabinari attempting 
to stab me. When this happened my mind thought of people who had died of 
gunshot wounds in French detention and for a moment I did question my future

Bolivia: debtors armed with dynamite and molotovs
In La Paz, a group of small debtors armed with dynamite and molotovs 
occupied the building of a banking supervisory agency. There they held 
hostage 94 of the institution's functionaries

Get involved in building anarchism in Ireland
We need YOU to get involved. At its simplest this could be taking 10, 20, 
50 copies of each issue and distributing them to your friends, workmates 
and neighbours

Restructuring and resistance: Diverse voices of struggle in western Europe
This is an inspired book that succeeds in explaining why many people in 
western Europe are opposing capitalist globalisation. It does this by doing 
what the mainstream media will not, giving them a voice.

Why Mick O'Reilly was victimised
He has been a thorn in the side of the Irish government and the Irish 
Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) bosses, being the only member of the ICTU 
executive to consistently oppose the 'social partnership' deals.

That's Capitalism
More on the bosses crazy world

Athy factory occupation
As we go to press, workers are still occupying Peerless Rugs in Athy. The 
plant had closed on July 4th


To read the articles online go to

Download the PDF file from


>From Irelands's Workers Solidarity Movement

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