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(en) Ali Khalid Abdullah- New Reflections on the "War On Terrorism"

From Zola Emile <blackstarnorth@yahoo.com>
Date Mon, 19 Nov 2001 16:29:13 -0500 (EST)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

*Below are two essays and a poem recently written by
anarchist political prisoner Ali Khalid Abdullah. 
Contact the author by writing him.

Ali Khalid Abdullah
3225 John Conley Dr.
Lapeer, MI 48446

by Ali Khalid Abdullah


As we drop bombs we will also drop food to you so
you'll accept our destroying your land.

As we drop bombs we will sometimes kill innocent
civilians, but its only "collateral damage".

As we drop bombs we will send troops in to assassinate
anyone we think is an enemy.  Forgive us for often
being wrong in our judgment.  

As we drop bombs we will drop leaflets saying, "Wanted
- Dead or Alive.

As we drop bombs we will also entice you with million
s of dollars in reward money and maybe even get you a
feature on John Walsh's 'Amerikkka's Most Wanted'.

As we drop bombs we will tell the world that we're
only after "Muslim Extremists" and "Islamic
Fundamentalist", though we realize the general public
will only focus in on the words "Muslim" and "Islam".

As we drop bombs we will make sure that after we have
cratered your landscape it will be barren and

As we drop our bombs we will tell our Amerikan people
twisted stories so they'll accept our actions.

As we drop our bombs we will tell the Amerikan people
not to question us or use their First Amendment right
to protest our actions. 

As we drop our bombs we will have our FBI and other
agencies intimidate, interrogate, threaten and harass
Amerikan citizens to induce fear, panic, and

As we drop our bombs we will keep our news agencies
blind... only feeding you mis-information,
dis-information and no information as to the truth of
what we're doing.  You know we work under tight

As we drop our bombs we will harass, intimidate,
interrogate, threaten, and further prosecute Blacks
and Arabs who are in our prisons and jails and
practice the Islamic religion.

As we drop our bombs we will secure the world's
support with the threat, "either you are with us or
you are with the terrorists."  That way we can be sure
no nation will think for itself.

As we drop bombs we will devise ways to restrict all
immigrants from coming into our borders, and round up
those we think are suspect, because of their names,
religion or ethnic background, and detain them til we
feel ready to release or deport them.  We'll find a
way, by Gawd!

As we drop bombs we will beat the War Drum and get the
Amerikan people totally patriotic - give up their
money and accept all that WE do.

Then, when we have finished our bombing we will have
accomplished our main goal, our aim, and our

* * *

by Ali Khalid Abdullah

Amerikkka's alleged 'war on terrorism' reminds me of
Amerikkka's 'war on drugs'.  A lot of suffering caused
to people of color and other ethnic groups but never
completing it's intended mission, because the mission
was never meant to be a true war on drugs in the first
place.  And I see the same thing taking place in this
new call for war. 

Further, I have a problem with the word "terrorist"
coming from the mouths of politicians and the general
public who seem to mimic everything the government and
the corporate-bought-and-paid-for new media tell them.

It's amazing to me that no one seems to call Amerikkka
a terrorist nation when, domestically, Amerikkka
allowed its police (the new hero's) to drop and BOMB
on the MOVE family in Philadelphia in the 1980s with
federal, state, and local authorities instructing the
fireman (also new hero's) to let an entire row of
buildings burn to the ground as men, wimmin, and
children died within and shot and beat those who
escaped the burning buildings.  Or the recent WACO
incident with David Koresh and the Branch Dividians
where the government's federal, state, and local
authorities, along with the military (Delta Force)
used White Phosphorous (one of the most fearsome
incendiary devices imaginable favored by the CIA's
"wet" teams), murdering men, wimmin, and children in
that horrible fire.

Who had the MOVE family of the Branch Dividians
killed?  Who had they terrorized?  Yet, government
officials and their news agencies SOLD THE Amerikan
people, and the world, a tale that it was necessary to
act in such an unmerciful and extreme manner.

I am also amazed how, in the wake of September 11,
2001, all New York City police officers and police
officers in general, have been categorically risen to
the status of "Amerikan Hero's", and suddenly, all the
brutality and ASSASSINATIONS committed by police on
Black people and people of color, and their hostility
toward them have vanished due to the World Trade
Center / Pentagon attack.  Which now says that the
government and their various police agencies now have
a green light to assault, maim, brutalize and
assassinate at will and there will be NO
accountability, because they are now "Amerikkka's
Hero's".  And why?  Because the politicians and the
news media says so?

Daily some politician has made his/her way to the
television networks airwaves and have boldly said,
"The Amerikan people may use some of their civil
liberties", and yet few are paying really close
attention to the message being delivered.

They are telling the Amerikan people, and the world at
large, that their is going to be a new assault and an
erosion of the Constitution and the laws in which
govern this society.  They are telling you that you -
Amerikan people - will have to put up with and accept
whatever government decides to do under the guise of
"Homeland Security", which is the perfect cover to
deny and denounce all.  (We no9t here that truth has
become a valuable commodity that the government of the
United States and the media have economized.  As
Richard Salent, former president of CBS News has
stated, Media's job IS to feed the public what media
thinks the public ought to know).

This alleged war on terrorism doesn't include nor does
it mean a war simply on outside forces, but also,
against anyone and anything that "they" deem is, will
be, potentially perceived as, or may cause a problem
to their hidden agenda.  That included many of us who
voice our dissent in word, print, or by demonstrations
or other forms of actions.

It will by Amerikkka's Hero's who will insure that you
and I stay in our place or we will risk being outright
assassinated and branded as terrorist, or a threat to
homeland security.

* * *

When Amerika was attacked on September 11, 2001, we
all watched - FROZEN - as television showed us two
planes crashing into the World Trade Center, taking
the lives of thousands.  We were shown footage of part
of the Pentagon where a plane had ran into it, and we
saw the ruins of another plane that crashed in
Pennsylvania killing all an board.  These were tragic
events and they horrified many.  The nation mobilized
as political leaders, organizations, and the Red Cross
canvassed the Amerikan public asking that they donate
money, clothing, and other essentials to help the
victims of this tragedy.  The outpouring was
overwhelming and made me feel a strange goodness
inside knowing that the human spirit would reach out
and give.  But then I began to ask myself questions
and these questions spoiled the good feeling I had

I began to ask "Where was the support for many others
who are living in peril"?  This question hasn't been
answered and as I watch the new-found Patriotism that
has washed over the shores of this country, I must ask
whether or not this is real patriotism or emotional
patriotism?  Is this real concern for fallen humanity
or is this government led and induced?

We have millions of people in Amerika who are
homeless.  Where is support for them?  We have
hundreds of thousands without adequate nutrition. 
Where is support for them?  We have people being shot
down in the streets like animals because of their skin
color by the police.  Where is the support for their
families, and where is the nation's efforts to this
ethnic genocide?

We have children unable to read and write and
attending inferior schools.  Where is the nations
support to improve this national tragedy?  We have a
nation that has locked-up up to 2 million of it's
citizenry... destroying families, creating further
poverty and ruining lives that could be saved.  Where
is the nations support to end this draconian practice?

We have people being executed in unprecedented
numbers.  Where is the nations support to end all
state and federal executions?  We have people
unemployed or working minimum wage jobs that fail to
meet their needs.  Where is the nations support for
all workers to have financially secured jobs.

We have a judicial system that doles out unequal
justice to the poor and people of color.  where is the
nations support to end this lopsided judicial
practice?  We have a government that allows the
corporate sector to poison the air, pollute the water
and soil.  Where is the nations support to end this so
that our children can live in a world worth

We have our elderly unable to buy the medicine they
need because pharmacutical companies rather place
their bottom line on profit rather than the saving of
ones life  and allowing them to have a quality life. 
Where is the nations support for the elderly?

We have new agencies, i.e., television, newspapers,
and magazines that fail to tell the whole truth to the
Amerikan people.  When are we going to demand a stop
to this?

We have a lot of things that could be corrected but
the Amerikan people have failed to do any of these
things as a group of PATRIOTIC AMERIKANS which causes
me to question the sudden patriotic flag waving and
singing the "Pledge of Allegiance" everyone seems to
be doing since September 11, 2001.

If the people truly cared and if the government is
truly concerned about the safety of the people, then
the spirit of giving would not be based on a tragedy. 
It would be based on wanting to see that all people
are cared for and it would be done all the time.  

In reading and hearing of millions of dollars that's
been generated from donations the people have given to
help during this crisis tells me that we have the
power to change all our social, political, and
economic ills if we try wanted too.  But, do we really
want to?  That is the question.

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