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(en) Communique from the Faerie Resistance Troupe

From "Eric Stiens" <estiens@phantasmagoria.f2s.com>
Date Tue, 1 May 2001 06:30:11 -0400 (EDT)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

Grabbed from the indymedia newswires and thought it worth disseminating:

Initial Communique of the Faerie Resistance Troupe (FART)
By Laurel Leaves (picsee23@mail.com)


1 MAY 2001

We are faeries, elves, pixies, sprites, gnomes, wyvern, halflings, dragons
and all sorts of Otherkin along with our friends, allies, supporters, etc.
This press release is being sent out on Beltane (in the Global North) as
well as Samhain (in the Global South) two times of the cycle of the year
where we are particularly active, as well as May Day, a joyous radical
holiday throughout the world.

Our natural habitats are being destroyed. Cities are losing their sense of
spontaneity and urgency and magic and instead being turned into the same
strip malls across the world. Our sacred spaces and magical energy centers
which have been gathered upon by all peoples and species of the earth for
millennia for healing rituals, vision quests, ceremonies, burials and
baptisms are being sold to the highest bidder and paved over, built upon,
and destroyed by people who have lost all touch with the subtle energies
flowing through their veins.

Millions of people are becoming so consumed by consumerism that they are
losing touch with us, and with other spiritual traditions (and if you look
hard enough, we are found in some guise, in all the traditions) that have
sustained the spirit for all time. Millions of other people are dying and
being destroyed-being murdered with varying degrees of quickness-by the
institutions that perpetuate this cycle at the other end.

In short. Capitalism is boring. And boredom is deadly.

We, the wee folk as many of you quaintly call us (although you would be
surprised how big some of us really are), have always been engaged in
resistance to this death by monoculture and we are excited that people
across the world are increasingly joining us and in many cases
(re)discovering their connection to the natural rhythms of this planet and
the energies of the universe.

However, sometimes the resistance is as boring as the institutions resisted=
Make no mistake =AD we have been there blowing the tear gas out of your eyes,
planting a flower on the grave of a fallen resister or causing the sun to
shine in through the prison window for a few extra seconds one
afternoon---but we are tired of boring resistance just as we are tired of
boring institutions.

In the spirit of joyous resistance and reclamation of ours-elves we offer u=
the following whimsical suggestions in the name of poetic terrorism (to
quote a fellow fae if s/he knew it or not Hakim Bey) and beautification:

Celebrate don=B9t Desecrate. Paint rainbows on buildings instead of rhetorica=
Slogans. Place magical sigils over =8CNo trespassing=B9 signs, and paint
nonsense poems on the front of the banks. Realize that while creation can
come from destruction so to can destruction come from creation. The hippies
were onto something with that whole peace and love trip despite what you
think about their demographic makeup and end results of their failed
revolution. Glitter is a revolutionary weapon-use it wisely. We need more
spells in the streets. Turn street poles into maypoles and sewers into
cauldrons. Random art installations. Comfortable chairs in the middle of
busy thoroughfares. We can never have the monopoly on violence, however we
already have the monopoly on creativity. Ask for help from the goddess or
allah or buddah or bob dobbs, wherever you find your connection to the
Source at. Then again, even if you don=B9t believe in US try asking us for
help anyway, we like to be included.

It is time to turn our resistance into joyous displays of inclusivity and
creativity. Dancing in front of dumpster fires. Disco in the lobbies of
corporate headquarters. A rave in every corporate megaplex. Songs in the
streets and instruments in more hands. Gardens on every corner. Rituals in
every living room. More places for faeries to play and frolic. More places
for people to create and share. More time for everything.

We urge more otherkin as well as pagans and magical revolutionaries to take
to the streets and the forests in defense of our natural birthrights and in
support of all oppressed peoples and animals and to realize that every elf,
human and sparrow is made of the same stardust.

This is the first communiqu=E9 of the Faerie Resistance Troupe (FART). We are
not an organization. You cannot join. If you want to be a part you need
nearly declare yours-elf so. If you want to publish a communiqu=E9 you need
only do so. If you want to change the world you need only start with one
small action.=20

In the spirit of love and revolution, we wish you a very blessed mayday and
samhain, and offer greetings of solidarity on May Day.

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