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(en) Norway: AktivistInfo #10 -excerpts- (no)

From I-AFD_2@anarch.free.de (FdA/IFA Hamburg)
Date Mon, 5 Mar 2001 13:32:18 -0500 (EST)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

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                        ---  Excerpts ---

               _                        Nyhetsbrev nr.10
  __ _         _              aksjon.fix.no/aktivistinfo
 / _` |       | |              aktivistinfo@hushmail.com
  (_| |       | |
 \__,_|ktivist|_|nfo - Nyhetsbrev for venstre-aktivister

  1.0 LEADER: How is it possible they fake surprise now?

  2.0 NEWS

  2.1 The death of Benjamin Hermannsen
  2.2 Good antifa march in Hoenefoss
  2.3 Anti-nazi demo in Trondheim

   | 1.0 LEADER                                  |

  How is it possible they fake surprise now?

This was bound to happen. Racial hatred cost the life of a young person.  
This incident is very unfortunate, but it does not come as a surprise.  
During the last years, the Nazis have gained ground in Oslo. A series of  
attacks with knives and other arms, numerous injuries, and incendiary  
bombs against take-aways owned by immigrants ae the visible results of  
Nazi activities. Heaven knows why all this did not cost more lives.

There was no lack of attempts from the anti-racist scene. That did not  
help. Police, municipalities, and so-called scientists accuse anti-racists  
and Nazis to keep each other going. Police played down Nazi activities as  
mere stupidities commited by children and does not want to admit that  
these are racist motivated violent acts. It is sheer hypocrisy when police  
and politicians now tell the media they are surprised that something like  
this could happen in Norway. Since Per Kristian Kyvik threw a bomb against  
the Mayday march in 1979 and the following action in Hadeland in 1981 the  
Norwegian Nazis proved to be a violent potential.

In 1995, police confiscated more than 100 arms when raiding the Nazi  
quarters "Aker Cultural Workshop". The next year, a bomb was placed in  
Blitz which fortunately did not take any lives. 1996 also was the year  
when Johnny Olsen, the man behind the Hadeland action, fired a pistol at  
anti-racists. Olsen also shot during another incident. Afterwards, police  
believed that Nazis could be a danger for persons "under special  
circumstances". Since then, a multitude of incidents happened. Here is an  
assorted list of the Nazi "successes":

- Erik Ragnar Solheim was shot by Terje Sjoelie and died in an internal  
quarrel about stolen arms (e.g. machine guns).

- April 1988: a femal anti-racist was shot in the legs by Daniel De Linde;  
a male anti-racist was attacked with an axe.

- A man from Pakistan was stabbed and received a lung injury when a Nazi  
attacked him without any prior warning. Investigations were made against  
the following persons: Tom Andre Eid Larsen, Petter Gundersen, and Werner  

- December 1999: Two take-aways owned by immigrants were attacked with  
incendiary bombs. Nazis Erik Lauritsen, Andreas Moerkved, and Joachim  
Smaadahl were sentenced for this.

- December 2000: a person with 'foreign looks' was attacked with a knife  
and received injuries to face and neck. The man fortunately survived the  
attack. The following persons were tried for this attack: Erik Lauritsen,  
Ole Nicolai Kvisler, Joe Erling Jahr, Joachim Utne, Linn Jacobsen, and  
Veronica Andreassen.

Johnny Olsen is a good example for the way police treats many of the  
violent crimes committed. Police were watching Olsen, who committed  
numerous crimes, and Olsen was in prison after the shootings, but his last  
crimes were not taken into consideration. Police urges to have their  
possibilities expanded, but in fact they should try and use the  
possibilities they already have.

How is it possible that police and politicians now fake surprise about  
these Nazis who are capable of killing? Now where have they been these  
last 25 years? Police and authorities share a responsibility for the Nazi  
violence which developed. To put it mildly, it is incredible that they now  
pretend to be shocked and unaware.

This shows that we cannot leave the fight against Nazis to police and  
authorities. The most important weapon in the fight against racism and  
fascism is the mobilisation of the people.


   | 2.0 NEWS                                    |

  2.1 The death of Benjamin Hermannsen

15-year-old Benjamin Labaran Hermannsen could be an almost deliberate  
victim when he met Nazis on Jan 26, 2001, if one does not take into  
account the overall picture. Benjamin was not only killed because he was  
black, but also for being an anti-racist who stood up against Nazis.

Although the Boot Boys deny on the website that the arrested persons are  
giving info to the police, all culprits have been arrested and we also  
know what happened.

Nicolay Kvisler (21), Erik Lauritsen (20), Petter Gundersen (21), Joe  
Erling Jahr (19), Veronica Andreassen (18), and Tine Johansen (17) are  
accused of manslaughter. The men come from the scene around the Boot Boys  
and Erik Bluecher's branch of Blood & Honour in Norway. Kvisler and  
Gundersen are said to be the lovers of Andreassen and Johansen who are  
said to come from the scene around Tore W. Tvedt's organisation 'Vigrid'.

At about 10 p.m. on Jan 26, 2001, as the Nazis reported themselves,  
Kvisler, Andreassen, and Jahr were on the streets while the others were in  
the appartment which served as a basis for the attack.

Notwithstanding the truth in the Nazis' reports it is evident that their  
tour ended in a dead-end street. Shortly after 11 p.m. Benjamin Labaran  
Hermannsen was killed brutally with a knife. Kvisler and Andreassen said  
that Jahr was the leader in this attack. Kvisler insist he tried to stop  
Jahr. Meanwhile, witnesses have reported that Kvisler in fact was actively  
taking part in the attack.

Who is guilty and to which extent?

The day after the arrests, there was a legal hassle about who will be  
accused of what. No matter who had the knife, who drove the car, and who  
made the plans for the attack, it is evident that these 6 Nazis are  
guilty. [...] Previous attacks by Nazis were almost fatal, and it is pure  
coincidence that nobody was killed before. This is something all persons  
in the Nazi scene are aware of.

"Oestfold Skins" have congratulated the Boot Boys on their website to this  
murder! The Swedish Blood&Honour Nazis were able to comment the murder  
during Norwegian TV news.

Some of the accused have been arrested before in conncection with  
stabbings. So e.g. the same Nazis attacked a black person on December 2,  
2000 and injured him. Kvisler, Lauritsen, Jahr, and Andreassen took part  
in this crime. Also participating was Lauritsen's lover and Andreassen's  
best friend Linn Jacobsen.

The accused Nazis have participated, either together or individually, in  
the majority of incidents which happened in the regional Nazi scene during  
the last five years. Gundersen was present when Johnny Olsen fired several  
shots at an anti-fascist action on May 17, 1996 which took place in front  
of the appartment where the Nazis had gathered. He took part when the  
Viking-Nazis attempted to infiltrate FpU. In 1997, Kvisler and Jahr took  
part in a march at the night of pogroms in the town of Hoenefoss. On Sep  
2, 1999, Lauritsen drove the car in attacks with incendiary bombs against  
two take-aways owned by immigrants. On Aug 19, 2000, the Boot Boys  
organised a march for the mass murderer Rudolf Hess in the town of Askim.  
Gundersen applied for the approvement of several Nazi marches. Kvisler was  
accused of having attacked a Swedish photo journalist with a baseball  
club. On New Year's Eve, Tine Johansen took part in an attack against a  
black person who was beat up with bottles. These persons also took part in  
actions organized by Danish and Swedish Nazis. Kvisler has been sentenced  
for violent acts.

What now?

When the first 5 Nazis were arrested the same night, Jahr tried to clear  
off. Although being supported by Swedish Blood&Honour Network, his escape  
ended about a week later. He was found without ticket in a train in  
Copenhagen/Denmark. He gave himself up to the bewildered conductors who  
just wanted to see his ticket.

Danish AFA protested in front of the prison Jahr had been brought to and  
thus made it clear to the Nazi which sympathy there is for a murderer.  
After 9 days in Danish prison, the other prisoners also made it very clear  
to Jahr what they think of a Nazi pig who murdered a 15-year-old boy.  
Being afraid of more repression against him, Jahr volunteered for  
isolation and finally was glad when being deported to Norway.

Veronica Andreassen was sent to Bretvedt prison for women. She was treated  
harshly by her fellow prisoners [... translation unclear; presumably  
because of the swastika at the back of her head].

No matter whether the Nazis are in prison or will be released, we hope  
they will make less public appearance in future. The powerful anti-racist  
actions throughout the country following the murder should have told the  
pigs they are unpopular.


  2.2 Good antifa march in Hoenefoss

More than 400 persons took part in a march against racism on Wednesday,  
Feb 14, 2001, in the town of Hoenefoss. This must be seen as a success  
given the short time of mobilising for the march.

Contrary to previous marches in Hoenefoss which saw a participation of  
young persons mainly, persons from all age groups took part this time. The  
march was organised by a group called "Changemaker". A small group of anti- 
racist youth participated, too, and was noted for their slogans and  
speech. [...]

Pictures of the march can be found at:
or at:

	/Buskerud AFA

  2.3 Anti-nazi demo in Trondheim

About 200 activists took part in a march in the town of Trondheim which  
was organised by the UFFA scene against fascism. The march had been  
organised prior to the death of Benjamin Hermannsen but was turned into a  
march also protesting this murder. [...]


translation: FdA/IFA Hamburg e-mail: i-afd_2@anarch.free.de

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