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(en) New Spanish anarchist organisation: Apoyo Mutuo

From "Chris Robinson" <christopher@nodo50.org>
Date Tue, 31 Jul 2001 13:53:07 -0400 (EDT)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E


A group of Libertarian Militants met last 23rd June in Barcelona in order to
discuss the following documents, which had previously been sent to all

--Building Mutual Aid.

--Proposal of a Political Declaration to build a Libertarian Network: Apoyo
Mutuo (Mutual Aid). Similar to the April 1st Madrid Declaration (and thus
not translated for the time being).

--"Libertarias. Reflexiones sobre organizaciOn e ideas libertarias." (Not
translated yet.)

This was also to set in motion a project with those militants who felt the
need to lay the foundations of a new Libertarian Network, totally open to
any and all modifications which may be proposed and approved in subsequent
meetings held with new members.

The meeting was presented as a result of the agreements taken in Madrid at
the end of last March and beginning of April, in which the International
Libertarian Solidarity Network (ILS) was constituted, and the fomenting of
specific libertarian organisations in each country was proposed. The need to
construct a territorial network, which would develop strategies of
intervention in all social problems, was also put forward.

The goals of this new project are none other than the drawing together of
the different libertarian groups and people who take part in the different
fields of social struggle: syndical, ecologist, antiglobalisation,

We see ourselves as being participants and promoters of the fight against
globalisation, the EuroMarches against unemployment, solidarity with the
Zapatistas, amongst many other struggles, on both local and international
levels. The aim of all this is intervening with greater clarity in the same
direction that the libertarian movement and its alternative proposals are
taking with greater and greater force.

We have not forgotten the urgent need for a major structural effort on an
international level of the whole libertarian movement, taking into account
the current world situation with globalised capital flexing its muscles. We
think that precious time is being lost, and the demands of the fight against
globalisation, for a world in which freedom, justice, equality, solidarity
and mutual aid are a reality oblige us to go in this direction without
wasting a second, with all the conviction we can sum up, openly overcoming
sectarian divisions, jointly coordinating all of the libertarian left, while
establishing our own grounds distant from neo-reformist projects.

As mentioned above, our starting point is previous struggles: the
antiglobalisation movement in all its aspects, and the Madrid Declaration of
last March/April. These are struggles which we plan on participating in and
spreading. Logically enough, therefore, the documents : "Building Mutual
Aid", the political declaration on setting up the Libertarian Network, and
"Libertarias, reflexiones sobre organización e ideas libertarias" (to be
translated soon) were debated and passed.

At the same time, for the reasons that have been expressed above, we have
made a request to form part of the International Libertarian Solidarity
Network (ILS), letting all of the organisations which form part of it to
know our agreements about it, as well as how we are setting ourselves up as
a Libertarian Network together with our political declaration.

The soon-to-be-translated "Libertarias, ..." is seen to be a document around
which to work in order to build an organisation structure. It contemplates
the coexistence of overall agreements with multilateral agreements between
the different affinity groups and other organisations. Direct democracy must
coexist with respect for diversity, allowing joint projects to be built.
What is joint or common must take priority in the analysis of and proposals
about globalisation, the State, the concept of revolution, the relation
between social movements and organisation. This should not substitute the
social movement in its decision making and forms of struggle. We will be an
open organisation, not doctrinal and with libertarian alternatives, with the
capacity to intervene not only in cultural aspects, but also in the
political fight for freedom and autonomy. We must take into account the need
to step onto the battlefield: at this stage in time the libertarian movement
has sufficient theoretical base. Nor should we forget the parallels we may
have with other left-wing projects. At the same time that we weave a network
to link libertarians, we should also create an organisation that can
intervene on a political yet non-institutional level, with the conviction
that if what we libertarians represent is not done by ourselves, nobody will
do it in our place. We propose joining theory and practise. We are aware
that our project is being proposed during a period of global crisis of what
was the "left". We will soon have a document on the programmatic basis from
which we can gon into the organisational aspects in greater depth.

In the meeting opinions were voiced on what a specific libertarian
organisation should be and questioning its present-day need, although these
voices shared the analysis of the present moment of the documents presented.
These doubts are considered to be logical and are as valid as is the desire
of others to create the Network at this moment, always bearing in mind that
it is not a closed affair but on the contrary is completely open with
regards to its future projection.

Other agreements taken:

The name of the organisation: Red Libertaria Apoyo Mutuo. El gozo del viento
de la libertad. (Mutual Aid Libertarian Network: The Joy of a Breeze of

Starting a website and email discussion groups as soon as possible. This
website will contain, at very least: current events (local and
international) as seen from a libertarian viewpoint; information about
participation in social and syndical struggles, interviewing peopled
involved and an ongoing debate centre.

Working groups created for:

--Propaganda and cultural acts. One of the participating groups has promised
to edit a 16 page monthly magazine for one year.

--Spreading the project and training members.

--Finances: the membership quota was agreed to be 1% of the annual salary in
addition to voluntary contributions.

The relationship with the libertarian movement and, as a first step,
creating a map of this movement.

Action and events. There are agreements for EuroMarches every two years. The
next one will be in Seville, coinciding with the Summit of Heads of European
States in June 2002. Therefore, taking into account the calendar of events
for 2002: (((V.O. SAYS 2001, MUST BE A MISTAKE. MESSAGE SENT)) March,
preparatory meeting of European Heads of State in Barcelona; May, meeting of
Heads of State of IberoAmerican countries together with Spain and Portugal
in Madrid; June, the aforementioned meeting of European Heads of State in

We plan on participating as a Network in all these proposed events. Working
plans will be sent immediately.
Statutes and legal questions.

Programmatical basis.


An organising/relational committee was named, comprised of four militants
from different regions.

The next meeting was called for 29th and 30th September in the Valencian

International Libertarian Solidarity (ILS) referred to above is temporarily
located on: www.cgt.es/jornlib2001/home.htm

Until website is set up, please contact olapili@airtel.net for further
details in Spanish or English.

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