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(en) Czechoslovak Anarchist News Service, Report 001/2001 - "Urgent call for solidarity with persecuted anarchists and antifascists"

From "Jaime B." <intersec@atlas.cz>
Date Mon, 1 Jan 2001 08:30:36 -0500 (EST)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

Czechoslovak Anarchist News Service

Provided by Federation of Social Anarchists

Czech section of International Workers Association

Report 001/2001



(PRAGUE - January 1, 2000) - On January 8th there is scheduled probably =
the final session of the famous case of "Zlin Ten". Ten anarchist and =
revolutionary antifascist comrades are accused of "heavy health injury, =
committed in organised group under ideological pretext", for which they =
can be given maximum 10 years sentence. Zlin City Court shall decide =
this case after more than 3 years of prolonged legal and political =
battle between anarchist movement and biased capitalist INjustice.

One of the ten defendants is David SROTT, age 22, metalworker, dedicated =
FSA-IWA militant, one of the most active comrades all over former =
Czechoslovakia. On December 12th the State prosecutor proposed to pass =
against David the sentence of at least 3 years in high security prison. =
Comrade David has been common target of Police persecution, see our =
reports about violent Police dispersal of 1st May anarchist =
demonstration in Prague 2000, when David Srott was for no reason =
attacked by riot troopers, violently abused and arrested.

So called Zlin trial started as early as in April 1998, when group of =
local anarchists/antifascists violently repulsed attack of 12 =
naziskinheads, organised in so called "Patriotic Front", extreme =
nationalist and fascist organisation, leaving one of the nazis heavily =
wounded. Police hastened to the scene, rounded up all well known local =
anarchists and constructed monster case when "group of dangerous =
extremists attacked the group of innocent citizens." All comrades were =
given charge of "heavy health injury, committed in organised group under =
ideological pretext" (=A7 222 of Penal Law), for which they can ge given =
10 years sentence.=20

Details of biased Czech INjustice

Some of the neonazis, giving witness reports against David and his =
co-defendants - especially Tomas OZVOLDIK, Viktor PAPALA, Stepan PLACAK =
and Petr PECENA - were already sentenced in the past for racially =
motivated violence and other crimes. Mentioned Stepan Placak, who is =
used as a witness against comrade David, has been for instance charged =
with attempted murder (=A7219) for armed assault on life of young =
soldier of compulsory service of Jewish origin, who protested against =
Placak=B4s verbal propaganda of holocaust and nazism in one Prague pub.

The whole case is led by the state apparatus in the style of disgusting =
manipulation with facts, using fake witnesses and open support, given to =
neonazi violence. Here are some more cases.

The responsible Police investigator, officer PALISEK, forced by various =
threats former naziskinhead J. Kubik to testify against the defendants. =
Officer Palisek moreover smuggled into the crime file one falsified =
report, allegedly made by one of the witnesses, originally proving =
innocence of the defendants, but now dismissing her statements. Officer =
Palisek had been in the past already punished by the Interior Ministry =
Inspection for serious offences, like denying arrested persons the right =
to have a defence counsel.=20

When the whole trial started to be closed with very probable result of =
acquitting of all defendants, State Prosecutor proposed two new false =
witnesses, coming from top ranks of regional neonazi groups. First of =
them is Petr PECENA, 26 years old, leader of Zlin naziskinheads, who =
stood in elections for ultra-right wing Republican Party. Pecena gives =
really "valuable" report, stating, that one of the defendants allegedly =
told him personally about his complicity in the "attack". Pecena had =
been in the past already sentenced for various racially motivated =
violent offences, like attacks on local Gipsy community etc and also for =
violent abuse of his girlfriend. During this trial he even physically =
attacked the judge.

The whole situation is perhaps best described by comrade David Srott =
himself in the statement, given to our magazine:"It is obvious that this =
is the case of fabricated monster trial, conducted hand in hand by =
fascists in bomber jackets, fascists in police uniforms and fascists in =
disguise of judges. We know very well, who is standing against us. This =
is the real organised crime, based on democratic politics and fascist =


The situation of our comrades is again very bad, but we can see again =
that powerful combination of international anarchist protest and =
pressure and activity of good defence counsels, paid by CZ Anarchist =
Black Cross group (integral part of FSA-IWA), is serious threat and =
obstacle for repressive plans of Czech state forces.

CZ Anarchist Black Cross is covering expenses for David Srott legal =
defence, because he as all ordinary anarchists -workers, cannot afford =
to do so. Costs of legal defence in this case, covered by CZ ABC, =
climbed over 2000,- USD. Greater part of it comes from international =

We send brotherly anarchist greetings to organisations and comrades, who =
recently contributed to defence of Zlin comrades:

-Anti-racist Action, Ottawa, Canada

-Bristol (UK) antifascists and anarchists=20

-Confederation Nationale du Travail, French section of International =
Workers Association

What you can do:

-IMMEDIATELY send letters, faxes and e-mails of protest to your local =
Czech consulate or embassy. Demand dropping of charges against David =
Srott and his nine co-defendants, charged by "heavy health injury, =
committed in organised group under ideological pretext." Demand that the =
State prosecutor and judge cease to protect and cover the fascist =
political identity of "victims". Protest against the fact that this case =
is conducted in very common and almost obvious manner of Czech police =
and courts denying existence of political identity of organised neonazis =
and using organised neonazis against people with antifascist conviction. =
Always demand an official answer to your requests.

-send donations to CZ ABC Defense Fund (for details, contact our =
International secretariat)

-spread this information world-wide - write articles for your local =
anarchist press.

-became subscriber of CZ ABC English-language information bulletin


Federation of Social Anarchists

International secretariat

PO BOX 5, 15006 Praha 56, Czech republic

e-mail: use BOTH intersec@atlas.cz <mailto:intersec@atlas.cz> AND =
fsa-praha@usa.net <mailto:fsa-praha@usa.net>

www.volny.cz/fsa-map <http://www.volny.cz/fsa-map>

tel: *420-(0)604-773440

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