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From abcibk@hushmail.com
Date Fri, 9 Feb 2001 09:39:00 -0500 (EST)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

Silvano Pelissero is a 38 years old anarchist from the Piemont area in north-
west of Italy. He was sentenced an January 31st, 2000 to seven years of 
prison after being arrested in march 1998. He is currently under house arrest,
 you can write him in French, Spanish or Italian. We have been in touch 
with him and supporting him for a year and a half. He was sentenced under 
the fake accusation of being responsible for several attacks/sabotage in 
connection with the building of a high-speed train line through the "Val 
di Susa" valley, between Torino (Italy) and the French border.


In 1991 the main European countries approved and voted the connect the most 
important cities. 4 different lines are planned in Italy. One of them between 
Lyon (France) and Torino (Italy). The building of this train line means 
an ecological disaster in the famous  "Val di Susa" valley. This valley 
has already been dramatically damaged by a motorway and things will get 
much worse if the high speed train line is built. The inhabitants of the 
Val di Susa have a long tradition of resistance against the state. The Val 
di Susa was a famous antifascist/communist guerrilla point during the WW2 
when fascism reached power in Italy. On August 23rd, 1996 the first attack 
against the working site of the train project occurred. Two molotovs are 
thrown causing one million lires of damage. Graffitis against the High Speed 
Train (=TAV in Italian) are found close to the place of the action. The 
population of the Val di Susa is strongly opposed to the project. This attack 
is the first of numerous acts of sabotage led against The TAV. The public 
prosecutor claimed quickly after this first action that the anarchists were 
responsible for these actions. Some of the attacks were claimed by a group 
called "Lupi Gripi" (which means "Grey Wolves" and has absolutely nothing 
to do with the Turkish fascist organisation that has the same name). The 
last action carried out before the arrest of Silvano and his 2 other anarchists 
comrades occurred on January 20th, 1998: an underground group broke into 
the townhall of Caprie (small town in the Val di Susa), stole some material 
in the office and sets fire to the building before leaving. On march 5th,
 1998, under a warrant of the prosecutors Maurizio Laudi and Marcello Tatangelo,
 Soledad Rosas, Edoardo Massari and Silvano Pelissero were arrested by a 
commando of the police. Silvano was arrested after he discovered a spy-microphone 
in his car. Sole and Edo were arrested after the long siege by the police 
of the squatted house where they lived. The house was searched and evicted 
at the same time. Two other squats were attacked by the police on the same 
day One was saved from eviction thanks to the squatters resistance. One 
has to keep in mind - in order to understand these events - that a severe 
repression started in Italy in 1996 against the anarchists and squatters/autonomous 
movement. The aim is to wipe them out all over Italy with false accusations,
 fake Testimony, police frame up? As usual the state  tries to attribute 
illegal acts to specialised "armed groups" and "eco - terrorists" with the 
help of the media and collaboration of the police. Dozens of anarchists 
have been arrested/Jailed/under investigation/forced to leave the country 
since the beginning of judge Marini`s investigation against an underground 
and anarchist organisation that does NOT exist. The aim is to stop the existence 
of anarchism in Italy although anyone would agree that anarchism does not 
threaten the establishment order in the current period. On march 9th, 1998 
the three anarchists were accused of "belonging to a terrorist organisation 
aiming to overthrow the democratic order". A lot of demos and support actions 
took place in Torino. Some of the gatherings turned into riots because of 
police repression. Two and a half weeks later Edoardo Massari was found 
hanged in his cell. Investigators of course claimed he committed suicide. 
Squatters got angry and more solidarity actions took place. Soledad Rosas 
started a hunger strike the day after Edo`s death. She was refused to get 
the last letters that Edo wrote her from his cell before the state murder. 
She was then granted house arrest, while Silvano was transferred to the 
high security prison  of Novara where he wrote his first statement. One 
day later, on march 21st Silvano started a hunger strike as well. Huge demos 
with up to 10000 people took place in Torino to protest the state murder 
and the repression against squatters. Soledad Rosas, the Argentinean girl 
who actually arrived in Italy AFTER the actions she was accused of occurred 
is found dead in June 1998. She spent a few months in prison (she was also 
put in solidarity confinement during this period) and was eventually under 
house arrest in a "community" short after the death of Edo. Out of the 3 
anarchists framed up by Italian justice to point them out as the responsibles 
of the attacks, only Silvano remains alive. Meanwhile the sabotage acts 
in the Val di Susa against the working site of the TAV continued. As the 
comrades of the 3 anarchists point out, their blood is on the hands of all 
involved in jailing and prosecuting them: justice, police, corporations,

Short after the murder of Sole, Silvano was granted house arrest in the 
community of "Mastrolietro" about 25 miles from Torino. This Italian "community 
system" is an alternative to prison, as prisons are far overpopulated. About 
50000 prisoners live in these so-called communities where people prosecuted 
for minor crimes are locked under the control of social workers who are 
actually nothing else than disguised cops. Silvano is pointed by authority 
as a dangerous anarchist. He was granted house arrest because of the death 
of his 2 comrades and the massive demos in support of them that followed. 
He would otherwise have stayed locked in Novara`s hell.
As one can read in his declaration, Silvano always claimed to be innocent 
on the attacks against the TAV he is accused of. Nevertheless he also claimed 
to be strongly opposed to the project. Needless to say that Silvano, Sole 
and Edo were framed up by police and the judges. By arresting/murdering 
them, Italian justice could both get rid off 3 well-known and active anarcho-
squatters and "explain" the sabotage affair against the TAV. The thing is 
that the actions did NOT end up with their arrest and that the anti-TAV 
struggle is a popular struggle. Anarchists are far from being the only ones 
who would take actions against the working site of the train line. Anarchists 
have often been the scapegoats of Italian system through the years and the 
death of anarchists within prisons/police stations is a sad Italian tradition.
After a very long trial during which numerous charges were proved false 
by Silvano`s lawyer, he was eventually convicted. Squatters and anarchists 
from Torino kept on organising demos in front of the trial building until 
the last day. A lot of international solidarity actions took place in Greece,
 France, Spain, Switzerland? SILVANO GOT 7 YEARS ON JANUARY 31st, 2000. 
He was supposed to be condemned one week earlier. Over 1000 protesters held 
a demo in the streets of Torino to ask for freedom for Silvano. The supporters 
in the trial building were brutally kicked out by the police. One girl was 
injured and taken to hospital. The cops were waiting for a day to feel free 
to smash some anarchists/squatters. In the afternoon of the same day, the 
squatted house "l'Asilo" was attacked by the police. It's as if the conviction 
of an innocent comrade was not enough for the pigs and for Italian corrupted 
justice. The system NEEDED one guilty, therefore, the trial was nothing 
else than a theatre play as the sentence was decided much before being announced. 
Silvano went on appeal. He is allowed to stay under house arrest until his 
next trial. If you want to write him and if you can't write in any other 
language than English, send us your letter and we will translate it.

"We witnessed how justice, especially in Italy, is a masquerade. There has 
never been any justice in Italy! Fascist's arbitrary repression never ends. 
You don't have to go until Austria where the government is manipulated by 
the fascist Haider to face fascist power: you just have to come to Torino 
and walk close to a squat or a house where blacks or foreigners who don't 
speak Italian live. In Italy the government has been for over 30 years in 
the hands of fascists."


Here's the first statement that Silvano wrote from his cell in may 1998 
when he was imprisoned in the famous high security jail of Novara. A lot 
of Italian political prisoners are jailed in this terrible prison.

To the civil society, to the anarchist comrades, to the greens, reds, blacks,
 to those who understood everything or nothing, to those who are not interested 
at all in what happens around them, to everyone aware of changing the course 
of history.
Novara, may 5th, 1998

The undersigned Silvano is the son of Bruno who was a 15 years old partisan 
order - taker (communist partisans who fought in north Italy in 1943 - 1945 
against the nazi - fascist of the Salo republic) in Balmafol - Combe - Caserme 
Sevine area. He never lined up with communists, socialists or other political 
parties. HE WAS NEITHER AN ANARCHIST. He never gave back the fire weapons 
he used during the partisan guerrilla and he always kept them to defend 
himself and his family from any assailant - German, fascists or communists. 
In 1981 he was jailed just because he was found guilty of possessing these 
weapons and he died in hospital in 1983 because of bad health. 
I confirm and point out that I'm anarchist, rebel and individualist. This 
statement only concerns myself and not my two comrades Soledad and Edoardo 
who are accused and imprisoned for the same crime as me. 
I would like to remind you that the crimes we are charged with include subversive 
association, assault against public buildings with explosives, robbery.
I point out that I'm incompatible with any way of life you have, with the 
salary system, with authority and ownership (which always comes from exploitation). 
I'm against TAV project in ITALY, FRANCE OR GERMANY or elsewhere. I'm against 
tourism in the snowfields of Val di Susa or Valle d'Aosta, as well as on 
the Cancun baches in Mexico or in the CLUB MED villages, wherever they are 
 I'm against any use of nuclear power as well as the exaggerate use of car.
I'm opposed and incompatible with any form of authority, from the judge 
who discharges or charges with a crime according to his whim, to the policeman 
doing his job, the head foreman and the school teacher.
In your civil, democratic society, founded on an hypocritical peace I can 
not see a possible space for me to live. I can see no place for dialogue 
with your majority that has mainly turned his/her back on the ground for 
the sake of that shame which justifies any slaughter: THE PROGRESS!!!
I deny any involvement in the assaults carried out in Val di Susa or other 
places. I deny being involved in a group called GREY WOLVES (LUPI GRIPI) 
(that has claimed some assaults in Val di Susa and has nothing to do with 
the Turkish GREY WOLVES).
The idea to be active in an organisation does not comply with the principles 
of anarchism.
I end this short statement as part of my duty to my comrades who showed 
me their solidarity.
I do not want to justify my position towards the so-called civil society 
that accuses me of eco-terrorism.
I do not recognise any power and authority to judge my way of living.
I shall take note of the sentence passed against me, which shall only be 
executed owing to a greater numeric and technical force.
Everyone may think and do what s/he wants. Those who want it can stay by 
me and those who do not feel like it can stay away from me as if I was a 
demon coming out from who knows which hell of society.

No surname, as it is not important. Family names are only used for filling.


Current adress: Silvano Pelissero, Com, Mastrolietro, Via Ferrerinoli n°2,
 Sanponso, 10080 Torino, Italy

Wanna do more for prisoners? Send donations, get flyers or monthly info 
bulletin (in french):
ABC-Dijon, Maloka, BP 536, 21014 Dijon Cedex, France.
E-mail: maloka@chez.com

Article distributed by Anarchist Black Cross Innsbruck:

6024 Innsbruck

e-mail: abcibk@hushmail.com

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