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(en) Daily Bleed: 4/29 Proudhon, Ferandel, Goldman, Friends of Durutti, First of May Group (excerpts)

From David Brown <recall@eskimo.com>
Date Sun, 29 Apr 2001 14:58:22 -0400 (EDT)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E


Visionary filmmaker, convert to Haitian voudoun.


1858 - France: “Justice” by P-J Proudhon -- philosopher,
economist, sociologist -- appears.

                                "Property is theft!"

Plays pitcher for the
http://www.clark.net/pub/cosmic/98aar.html#proudhon >
Armageddonia Anarchists; not as good as BleedMeister's
Nummer One Son who has to play a double-header in the
rain today
(<a href=http://www.scn.org/ncll/teams.html#sr2</a>),
but has a wicked slider.


1894 - A Capitol Crime?: Jacob Coxey's protest Army of the Poor
reaches Washington D.C. Led a group of 500 unemployed workers
from the Midwest & arrested for trespassing on Capitol grounds.

      “JACOB COXEY 1999 SAINT (April 16)”
   Leader of "Coxey's Army" of hoboes, arrested for strolling on the
   White House lawn.

      When they busted all the unions,
      You can't make no living wage.
      And this working poor arrangement,
      Gonna turn to public rage.
      And then get ready . . .
      We're gonna bring back Coxey's Army

            ---Eddie Starr,
        “The  Return of Coxey's Army”, from the CD “War
         Zone, Union Jax.”

1896 - Séverin Ferandel (1896-1978) lives, in Basses-Alpes.
Travel agency interpreter, anarchist militant, syndicalist, ran a
radical bookstore, aided Spanish refugees, etc. while living in
France & Mexico. See “Anarchist Encyclopedia” page

1915 -- Late this month, Emma Goldman embarks on a lecture
tour; motivated primarily by need to pay off debts of "Mother
Earth". One of her first engagements, in Philadelphia, is
delivering "The Limitation of Offspring" in Yiddish before
an audience of 1,200.

1919 - Germany: From April 29 to May 2, Munich:
Government forces crush in blood the Republic of the
Councils of Bavaria. Resistance  results in many
hard-fought street battles. Many resistors are summarily
executed, leaving more than 700 dead.

1937 -- Spain: Late this month a poster from Friends of
Durruti Group is pinned up on trees & walls throughout
the city of Barcelona. In it, they set out their program:

             "All power to the working class.
              All economic power to the unions. Instead of the
              Generalidad, the Revolutionary Junta."

1938 -- England: A literary & musical evening in London
for the SIA (Solidarité internationale antifasciste) draws
a small audience & is a financial flop; Ethel Mannin finds
Emma Goldman's militant speech inappropriate to the
occasion, organized to promote humanitarian ends.

       During the Spanish Revolution the CNT floated a new
       international fund, principally but not exclusively for
       Spanish refugees, the Solidarid Internacional
       Antifascista (SIA). At that time the ABC (Anarchist
       Black Cross) was no longer in existence. The monetary
       support came mostly from the CNT members themselves.

       After the defeat the Spanish refugees, especially in
       France, required massive support but all they received
       was that contributed by other Spanish comrades in the SIA.

http://flag.blackened.net/ksl/bullet3.htm#Black Cross

1961 - England. 826 arrested in nuclear disarmament
demonstration, London.

1966 -- Spain: This year has seen the formation of the First
of May Group to co-ordinate Spanish resistance outside the DI
(a secret section (Interior Defence) to organise & co-ordinate
actions of the Spanish Resistance). Today Mgr Ussia
(Ecclesiastical Counsellor to the Spanish Embassy to
the Vatican) kidnapped in Rome; the first action claimed
by the First of May Group.

2000 -- US: Mid-Atlantic Anarchist Bookfair. Seth
Tobacman from NYC performs a slide presentation of his
amazing artwork! Detrius (from the band Angry Folk!) plays
acoustic Anarcho folk punk. Len Bracken on 'The artwork
theory of revolution & a general theory of civil war', from
his book The Arch Conspirator, with mention of LaFargue's
The Right to Be Lazy.

       The world that we have made as a result of the level
       of thinking that we have done so far, has created
       problems we cannot solve at the level of thinking at
       which we created them.

                                                 --- Albert Einstein

--- Auntie-Decor, 2001

Daily Bleed in full, Web Version:

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