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(en) May Day 2000 (and Peltier)

From arthur <bayou@blarg.net>
Date Sun, 12 Mar 2000 01:00:13 -0500

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

                                                        Last Words of 
                                                        August Spies
                                                        November 11, 1887
                                                        Haymarket Martyr

  From all the corners of the world, upon every land that humans tread,
among those that toil for their bread, May Day stirs the spirit of 
  From the board rooms of the corporate masters, within the halls of
their political lackies and in the studios of their paid deceivers, May Day
stirs a sense of dread.
  For upon this day the past becomes the persent, and the persent 
becomes an openning to future possibilities. May Day, the International 
Day of Labor.  

"We're summoning our forces,
from shipyard, shop, and mill
Eight hours for work,
eight hours for rest,
eight hours for what we  will." 
J.G. Blanchard

  May Day, as the International Day of Labor, finds its roots back on 
May 1, 1967 when massive parades were held for the eight-hour day. 
Finding that moral persausion had little effect on the parasite that have
no morals, a general strike was called for the eight-hour day to begin on
May 1, 1886. Hundreds of thousands of workers went on strike that day 
across the U.S.. The next day even more workers joined in. Unfortunatly
in Chicago on May 4th the general strike was lost in the great
repression. This was the aftermath of the police riot in Haymarket
  A protest rally was held on that day regarding the unjust murders by
police of striking workers. The police attacked the rally without
reason, at this time some poor working stiff threw a bomb in self-
defense. Eight labor activists, members of the Central Labor Union and 
the International Working People's Association were charged and 
convicted, even though there was no evidence connecting these men to 
the bomb or bomb thrower. 
   Four men were hung, August Spies, George  Engel, Adolph Fischer 
and Albert Parsons. One man, Louis Lingg, cheated the executioner by 
taking his own life the night before the hangings. Three other men were 
sent to prison. 
  These men forever, in the hearts and minds of toilers, are remembered 
as the Haymarket Martyrs, and May Day honors their great sacrifice. 
   At the Second  Labor and Socialist  International Congress in Paris, 
May 1, 1890 was declaired the International Day of Labor. And so it has 
been ever since. 

  "Meanwhile the human herd, unconscious of its right to life, turns and
bends its back to develop by its toil for others this Earth which Nature 
has placed at its own service, thus perpetuating its own submissiveness 
the empire of injustice. But, from the slavish and bemired mass rebels 
arise; from the sea of backs there emerge the heads of the first 
revolutionaries. The herd trembles for it forsees chastisement. Tyranny 
trembles, for it forsees attack. And breaking the silence, a shout, like 
the roar of thunder, rolls over the backs and reaches even to the
thrones: "The Land!"
  "The Land!" shouted the Gracchi. "The Land!" shouted Munzer's 
Anabaptists. "The Land!" shouted Bakunin. "The Land!" shouted Ferrer. 
"The Land!" shouts the Mexican Revolution; and this shout drowned a 
hundred times in blood during the course of ages; this shout which 
echoes the thought guarded affectionately in all times by the rebels of 
our planet; this hallowed shout will bring the heaven of which the 
mystics dream down to this vale of tears, when the human herd ceases 
to throw sad glances at the infinite and fixes itself here on this
planet, which today shrinks with shame at the thought that, amid the 
splendour and grandeur of its celestial brothers, it has to drag along the 
leprosy of human misery."
                                                           Ricardo Flores Magon
                                                           Land & Liberty

  May Day has been a time of resistance, of strikes, demonstrations and 
even of revolution. A time when the exploited raise up over all that they
have lost, of all that is robbed from them each day of their lives. So 
many forced from the land and herded into the cities to slave for the 
profit of but a few greedy parasites. Land and Liberty! a revolutionary
call of the ages.  

  "Mankind invents a written sign to aid its intercommunication; and 
forthwith all manner of miracles are wrought with the sign. Even such a 
maracle as that a part of the solid earth  passes under the mastery of  
an impotent sheet of paper; and a distant bit of animated flesh which 
never even saw ground, acquires the power to  expel hundreds, 
thousands, of like bits of flesh, though they grew upon that ground as 
the trees grow, labored it with their hands, and fertilized it with their
bones for a thousand years."
                                                 Voltairine de Cleyre
                                                  The Mexican Revolution 

  The continuous great exploitation of humanity and the rape of Mother 
Earth herself, is carried out by claims of ownership backed up with 
nothing more than deeds on paper. As if some God up high had 
proclaimed that the earth and the wealth of toil belonged to just a few. 
May Day is a proclamation that the few have no rights of exploitation of 
the many and of Mother Earth herself.  

  "We must each be an army of one in the endless struggle between the 
goodness we are all capable of and the evil that threatens us all from 
without as well as from within. Yes, we can each be an army of one. 
One good man or one good woman can change the world, can push 
back the evil, and their work can be a beacon for millions, for billions.
Are you that man or woman? If so, may the Great Spirit bless you. If 
not, why not? We must each of us be that person. That will transform 
the world overnight. That would be a miracle, yes, but a miracle within 
our power, our healing power.
  To heal will require real effort, and a change of heart, from all of
us. To heal means that we will begin to look upon one another with 
respect and tolerance instead of prejudice, distrust, and hatred. We will 
have to teach our children--as well as ourselves--to love the diversity of 
humanity. To heal we will have to make a conscious effort to live as the 
Creator intended, as sisters and brothers, all of one human family, 
caretakes of this fragile, perishable, and sacred Earth. To heal we will 
have to come to the realization that we are all under a life sentence 
together...and there's no chance for parole.
  We can do it. Yes, you and I and all of us together. Now is the time. 
Now is the only possible time. Let the Great Healing begin."
                                                           Leonard Peltier
                                                           Prison Writings:
                                                           My Life Is My Sun Dance

  The struggle of the many begins with each person individually, deciding
that they will no longer be willing slaves to the greed of a few. 
Movements, struggles, social change and revolution is built one person 
at a time. While some may think that one person is powerless in the 
face of the great power of the greedy parasites, but that is not true.
One person can talk to another person, who then talks to another 
person and so on. That is the foundation that the resistance is built 

"If the workers take a notion,
They can stop all speeding trains;
Every ship upon the ocean
They can tie with mighty chains;
Every wheel in the creation,
Every mine and every mill,
Fleets and armies of the nation
Will at their command stand still."
               Joe Hill
  Though the great powers that we face may seem all powerful, when 
you  think about it you will see their weaknesses. Though they control 
wealth and production, they produce nothing. We do the producing. 
Though they have great armies to fight for their interests, they 
themselves fight no one. We make up their armies.Though they have 
their governments pass many laws that are used against us, it is we 
who enforce those laws upon ourselves. When we make the decision to 
no longer produce for them, no longer serve in their armies and no longer
enforce their laws, and to begin to serve our own interests, they will be
powerless to stop us.

  "Don't let anyone tell us that we---but a small band---are too weak to 
attain unto the magnificent end at which we aim. Count and see how 
many there are who suffer this injustice. We peasants who work for 
others, and who mumble the straw while our master eats the wheat, we 
by ourselves are millions. We workers who weave silks and velvet in 
order that we may be clothed in rags, we, too, are a great multitude; and
when the clang of the factories permits us a moment's repose, we 
overflow the streets and squares like the sea in a spring tide. We 
soldiers who are driven along to the word of  command, or by blows, we 
who receive the bullets for which our officers get crosses and pensions, 
we, too, poor fools who have hitherto known no better than to shoot our 
brothers, why we have only to make a right about face towards these 
plumed and decorated personages who are so good as to command us, 
to see a ghastly pallor overspread their faces.
  Ay, all of us together, we who suffer and are insulted daily, we are a 
multitude whom no one can number, we are the ocean that can embrace 
and swallow up all else. When we have but the will to do it, that very 
moment will justice be done: that very instant the tyrants of the  earth 
shall bite the dust."
                                                    Peter Kropotkin
                                                    An Appeal To TheYoung
  When we decide to act in the common interest of all, for the well-being
of all, a new world will be ours to build. 
  "The earth is but one great ball.The borders, the barriers, the cages, 
the cells, the prisons of our lives, all originate in the false
imagination of the minds of men."
                                                        Mumia Abu-Jamal
                                                        Live From Death Row      

  In today's world we are threaten by the globalization of the 
organizations and agreements of the economic master class. The 
greedy parasites realize the need of international organizations and 
bonds of common interest. In other words, they have been organizing 
unions of the rich and powerful.
   We need to come to the same understanding and organize 
internationally in our common interests against our common foes. 
For every person who lives upon Mother Earth and is not of the class of 
the greedy parasites, has something in common. We are all effected, in 
one way or another, by the global organization of those who aim for 
universal expoitation and control of all humanity and Mother Earth. 
  We should unite in common resistance. Leave no one behind, make 
NO SEPARATE PEACE! In order to build the solidarity that we need, we 
should view the diversity of humanity as our strength and not as our 
weakness. And thus; in common respect, and in common interests; we 
raise up as the many against the few who have kept us in bondage.
   There are many people throughout the world that are organizing for 
May Day 2000. Let us be the voice of resistance that the greedy ones 
tried  to silence so many years ago. Good luck to all of you.
                                                 In The Spirit Of Total Resistance
                                                          Arthur J.Miller                                                       




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