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(en) translation of CGH March 7th press bulletin

From "Shannon Young" <shannony77@hotmail.com>
Date Thu, 9 Mar 2000 17:26:00 -0500

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

University City, March 7, 2000.
                        GENERAL STRIKE COUNCIL
                            PRESS BULLETIN

I. The real terrorists.

The police-like and terrorist attitude of the rector and of his attorney is 
clear, the political persecution that they practice at the time of acting 
against companeros that are on their list is evident. It doesn't even matter 
whether they participated or not in a certain action, including whether they 
were or were not present at the moment in which the acts were taking place. 
This is the case of the companeros who already have legal reports before the 
PGR [Attorney General's Office] for the capture of the rectory building 
yesterday. ROBBERY? Who did we students rob by closing the rectory tower? To 
whom does it belong? De la Fuente? Migallon? We were carrying out an action 
of pressure against those who have not resolved our demands and who keep our 
companeros in prison. We were not thinking of staying to live there.

DAMAGE TO THE PROPERTY OF OTHERS? For breaking a window pane and a padlock? 
Why did they lock themselves in the rectory with a padlock? Why can't 
college students enter the rectory freely? What are they hiding? By the way, 
that which the authorities declared is false in the sense that lock-picking 
tools, hammers, and acetylene blowtorches were used. The only thing that was 
used was a hacksaw.

ILLEGAL DEPRIVATION OF FREEDOM? Of whom? De la Fuente and his employees were 
the first to abandon ship like rats, through the tunnel in the basement of 
the rectory and, by the way, they took a large amount of archives with them. 
What are they hiding in there? ALL of the workers and people who were in the 
rectory tower left within minutes at the request of the students. Who was 
deprived of their freedom?

De la Fuente continues stoking the fire with these new denunciations. We 
will not allow even one more of our companeros to go into their jails. When 
are the authorities going to understand this? When are they going to resolve 
our demands and free our companeros? How far are they going to take things? 
Enough already.

II. On the declarations of Juan Ramon de la Fuente.

1. Mr. De la Fuente, in his declarations yesterday regarding the seizure of 
the rectory: "this act of provocation seeks to destabilize our institution 
and to generate a national problem in particularly sensitive and important 
times for all Mexicans," illustrates with total clarity that which is his 
real and only preoccupation at the moment. It clearly reveals that which is 
the mission he was given by his patron, Zedillo, which is the reason he was 
given the job as rector: to break the CGH, to end all student organization 
at the University, to open the way to the governmental project of 
privatizing the Public Universities of the country; but in the short term 
that which preoccupies them most is presenting an image of "social peace" 
for the electoral process and for this, time is running out. Movements like 
the one at UNAM bother them because they bring into discussion throughout 
the populace, the rights that the government have come to snatch away from 

Zedillo entrusted De la Fuente with a precise task and he failed. He is 
inept. According to government calculations, after the military evacuation 
of UNAM and the mass arrests, the CGH would have died and afterwards only 
the "reconciliation" of the university community would remain. Well, the 
dead breathes and the struggle continues. What were they hoping for? That we 
would forget everything? That fear would paralyze us? Does the fact that the 
student movement keeps fighting for a University for everyone make them 
uncomfortable? Are they in a hurry to end the university conflict? The 
easiest way to end the conflict: REALLY RESOLVE THE CGH DEMANDS, 

2. De la Fuente lies when he says that the actions undertaken by the CGH in 
schools and colleges have been rejected by the community. Those who dedicate 
themselves to trying to violate the accords of the Assemblies of the 
different departments, besides the directors and employees, are small groups 
of researchers, full-time professors, and a few students; who, at a phone 
call or e-mail's notice, quickly go to confront the students.

3. With his declarations, Mr. De la Fuente indirectly recognizes that which 
is clear to everyone, the discrediting and isolation of his rectorship. Who 
else but its directors is going to move a finger in defense of the rectory?

4. See how they lie! Not a day passes in which the rectory and its lawyer's 
office does not "boast" of the "negotiations" they have carried out for the 
release of the students that THEY put in jail. THEY LIE, the most 
irrefutable evidence that they have not dropped everyones' charges is: 1) 
last Friday, when they finally dropped the charge of robbery against a group 
of companeros, they were able to leave immediately, 2) the 86 companeros 
that were "granted" the right of provisional freedom yesterday, will be 
prosecuted for the crime of robbery and rioting against the University and 
3) the declarations of the director of Prepatoria 2, in regards to some of 
the students that closed the building and those who carried out the 
administrative act, have warrants out for their arrest; when, according to 
the authorities, the remaining 20 warrants are only for non-students.

The only negotiations that the rectory are carrying out are to make sure 
that a group of companeros, who they consider to be the leaders, remain 
imprisoned in Reclusorio Norte. On the support that they offer for paying 
the bail fees, forget it. We don't want even one red cent from the same 
people who jailed our companeros, from the same people that ordered the 
crackdown, from the same people that started this conflict and who have 
extended it in a monstrous way with the strange illusion of dissolving 

III. On the unfolding of lies from the Body of Directors

1. Gentlemen, those who have put all of their determination into the 
re-establishment of "normality" and "reconciliation" in the University are 
Zedillo, Labastida, De la Fuente, and you all because you believe that 
classes will be the "balm" that, little by little, dilutes ten months of 
student struggle and that cures the profound indignation that the university 
community and the population feels against you, against your cowardly and 
repressive action. However, despite all of their persistence, they must know 
that they have not succeeded.

2. The only thing that the university authorities, of which you all compose 
the major part, have taken steps towards is the imprisonment of all of our 
companeros and the guarantee that a group of them will remain in the 
Reclusorio. Oh, of course, they are also trying to make sure that other 
companeros who are now free (some are persecuted and harassed by their 
bodyguards and law enforcement cronies) and who are on their list should be 
jailed and/or expelled from UNAM.

3. What dialogue are we blocking with the seizure of the rectory? Who 
permanently blocked dialogue over the past ten months? Who olimpically 
violated the accords that were signed on December 10th? Is there any limit 
to their sarcasm?

4. Of course we are stalling and will continue to stall the transformation 
of UNAM that you all are trying to impose. We are not going to allow you to 
expel the students of limited resources. We are not going to allow you to 
divide up the University. We are not going to allow you to cut off research 
on a whim, orienting it towards the exclusive service of industry. We are 
not going to allow them to manage the diffusion of culture as if they were 
dealing with soccer games. WE WILL NOT ALLOW THEM TO DO THESE THINGS. WE 

5. Their cry for further repression of the student movement does not 
surprise us. During these past months, they have done nothing else. Have 
they not chosen the wrong profession? Is their vocation not better suited to 
running a prison, for example?

6. We agree with you in the sense that the violence that impedes the 
discussion of the future of our institution must be put to a stop. Stop the 
violence of the Rector and his University Council, which imposes measures 
behind the backs of the members of the University community. Stop the 
violence of the directors who raid student spaces, threatening and carrying 
out university and judicial acts, providing confidential UNAM files to the 
PGR, targeting the prisoners who can not get out of jail, pointing out those 
who haven't yet been arrested, and filling the university facilities with 
bodyguards and legal thugs. Stop the violence of putting the PFP [a type of 
military secret police specializing in student subversion and 
counter-intelligence] in UNAM. Stop the violence of jailing university 
students who express dissent towards the authorities. STOP.

                                                Press Commission

The original ducument in Spanish is available on-line at:
(Translated by Shannon)

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