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(en) US, [BRC-ANN] Police Brutality in Los Angeles

From Michael Novick <johnbrown21@usa.net>
Date Wed, 8 Mar 2000 14:33:02 -0500

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E


Against Police Brutality &
For Community Control of Police

Wednesday, March 15, 2000

Downtown Los Angeles, CA, USA

GATHER 4:00 PM, DA Garcetti's Office,
Criminal Courts Bldg., Temple & Spring St.

MARCH to City Hall East City Council Offices.

PICKET 5:00 PM, Parker Center,
LAPD Headquarters, Los Angeles & Temple St.

The news of crimes by cops in LAPD's CRASH unit at the
Rampart Division didn't surprise people who've faced police
brutality. Cops operate in a racist manner under color of
authority. Their 'us against them' mentality is protected by
a code of silence, and by authorities allowing a 'margin of
error' on police violence. The Dalton Street raids exposed
the criminal nature of CRASH years ago. The jailhouse
informant scandal exposed the DA's complicity with perjury.
The Rodney King beating exposed the culture of racism, sexism 
and violence at the LAPD. What's different this time is that
it's clear to everyone that it's not just a few cops, it's
not just Rampart, it's the system!

The courts, the DA, the police brass are all part of the
problem. The confessions of a cop caught stealing and
selling cocaine have exposed so many frame-ups, the shooting
and killing of unarmed men, planting drugs and guns to justify 
those crimes, perjury, 1000's of cases may be overturned.
How many of those were second or third strikes? Judges
forced innocent men to plead guilty to crimes they didn't
commit with the threat of long sentences. Chief Parks claims
he didn't have enough resources to supervise the cops, but
there were enough for Operation Hammer and other kinds of
racial profiling to criminalize thousands of Black and
Latino young people. D.A. Garcetti says he doesn't have
enough resources to investigate and prosecute criminal cops,
but he had enough to lock up more "third strikers" than any
other DA, and to secure gang injunctions on perjured police

Now they want to stick it to the taxpayers to clean up the
mess they made! Mayor Riordan wants to steal the money from
the tobacco settlement, meant for health and education
projects, to pay damages.
We say, No Way! Make the cops pay!
Let the liability come out of their pockets and their
department. Why throw more money into police coffers, when
their internal investigation can never solve the problem?

Community Control of Police -- Now!

The cops can't be trusted to investigate themselves. Too
much is enough! We're tired of phony solutions that just
make the problem worse. Only an aroused community exerting
its control over the police can put an end to police
brutality and racism!

We demand the DA indict the killer cops and sheriff's
deputies who have taken the lives of people like Margaret
Mitchell, Tyisha Miller, Ken Callis, Amadou Diallo, Julio
Castillo, Juan Saldana, Ricardo Clos and others. We need a
permanent independent special prosecutor who will focus on
nothing but police corruption, brutality, racism and

We need community assemblies that can watchdog the police in
every division, and put forward people's policies to control
police practices, pending the development of independent
elected civilian review boardswith subpoena power and the
authority to discipline the cops. If not, cops will follow
their unwritten customs and protect and serve only the rich!

End the militarization of the police, and stop police spying
on community organizations and disruption of gang truce
efforts. When Sen. Hayden took testimony about police
harassment from gang-truce advocates, the LAPD came out to
identify those trying to maintain a truce. They eventually
arrested and framed up a number of activists, one of whom
they turned over to the INS for deportation to try to quash
his testimony exposing another Rampart Division frame-up.

Dismantle the CRASH units city-wide, now!

We demand mental health intervention and training, so cops
won't use their guns on mentally ill or disturbed people.

Individual cops must pay for the damage they do. When the
cops are individually accountable for punitive damages, they
will be more responsible with their power. Don't rob our
kids of parks, libraries, health care and social services to
pay for police abuse!

It's past time to get organized and fight back against
police repression, racism and brutality!
The Campaign for Community Control of the Police is a new
grass-roots coalition aimed at educating and mobilizing the
community to exert its power and authority over the police
who are supposed to serve us. The March 15th demonstration
against police brutality and for community control of the
police is not a one-day affair, but the beginning of a
concerted and consistent campaign.

We're building a pro-active movement that can force the LAPD
and the Sheriff's Department to respect the rules and civil
and human rights that already exist, like the requirement
that LAPD officers give a business card with their name,
badge number and supervisor's name and phone number to
anyone they detain and release; or the court-ordered
prohibition on political spying by the LAPD against
community groups, especially those involved in police 
reform efforts.

We cannot fight for you, but we will fight with you! We 
want to help form Justice Committees for victims of police
violence, and Defense Committees for victims of police
frame-ups. We want to include you in building neighborhood
assemblies that can watchdog the cops and prevent these
crimes from happening in the first place.

This is a campaign for winning some long-overdue justice in
this city and this society. We will jam up the City Council,
the Police Commission, the Advisory Councils created by the
police brass, until we get some real solutions. There can't
be any effective community-based policing until there is
some real community control of the police!

If you're frustrated by the lack of police accountability,
if you're fired up about police abuse, and can't take it 
any more, join the Campaign for Community Control of Police!

We meet Thursdays at 7:00 pm at:

Coalition Against Police Abuse
2824 S. Western Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90018

Contact us at 323-733-2107 or by email at <csgt@pacbell.net>.

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