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(en) Czech, Prague, message from Solidarita - from the comrades who egged Madelaine Albright

From "Vadim Barak" <mixam@volny.cz>
Date Wed, 8 Mar 2000 00:51:44 -0500

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E


On 6th of March 2000 two members of the Czech organisation of =
revolutionary anarchists Solidarita showed their resistance towards the =
American imperialism and threw several eggs on the US state secretary, =
Madelaine Albright.

She was on her official visit to the Czech Republic; just few days after =
a false speculation occured that she is going to run in next =
presidential elections in our country. Many neoliberals were =
enthusiastic about this information and expressed their support for her =
potential candidature. But not so the Czech working class enraged about =
destruction of the economy by Western capital, about barbaric war =
against Yugoslavia and servility of the Czech ruling class to a new Big =

On 6.3. 2000 Albright gave speech to students of Masaryk University in =
Brno. Four of our comrades managed to get through a tight police and =
security control and mixed with students. When Albright was going to =
approach the students and let them to shake her hand, two of the =
comrades, Milan Naplava and Jindrich Lumbach, started to throw eggs on =
her, shouting a slogan: "Death to the American imperialism!" One of the =
eggs spoiled Albright=B4s dress. The police and bodyguards were =
absolutely shocked that several revolutionaries were able to get so =
close to M. Albright and attack her. A Czech president Vaclav Havel - a =
faithfull servant of American imperialism - quickly denounced those =
brave revolutionary anarchists.

Our comrades were immediately arrested by the police and detained from =
about 11.00 of March 6th to 14.00 of March 7th. They were interrogated =
by the police and photographed probably by a men of CIA. This act of =
anti-imperialist resistance enjoys a wide support among Czech working =
class people, who are very sensitive to political and economic pressures =
of American imperialism (disguised as globalisation). A lot of angry =
ordinary people with anti-imperialist sentiments spontaneously phoned to =
the police station and protested against the arrest of our comrades of =
Solidarita and demanded their unconditional release. Other revolutionary =
anarchists of Solidarita did the same.

After these protests they were released but are prosecuted for a =
criminal act of disorder and can be sentenced to prison for two years. =
An usual practice in such cases is to give to the disorderer a fine, but =
heads of Faculty of Law of Masaryk University and state prosecutor =
demand an imprisonement. The Czech capitalist state proves to be nothing =
more than a lackey of imperialist powers - USA and EU.

This action was a protest against continuing attack on the Czech working =
class, which is more and more hit by the effects of the capitalist =
globalisation - the form of imperialism at the end of the second =
millenium. It was a symbolic act of revolutionary anarchist resistance =
to this capitalist globalisation and its chief engines: imperialist USA =
and US dominated transnational institutions like IMF, WB, WTO or NATO. =
It was a symbolic act of revolutionary anarchist solidarity with =
suffering workers, working peasants and the poor of Irag, Cuba, =
Yugoslavia and Kosovo. It is they who are hit by imperialist embargos =
and wars, not their murderous local rulers.

Our comrades need your solidarity and help. Please, organise demos at =
Czech ambassies, petitions to Czech ambassadors etc. and demand that the =
charge against our comrades be immediately dropped. We also desperately =
need financial help as we will need to pay for a lawyer. If you want to =
help, wright for more information to this e-mail adress: mixam@volny.cz

In solidarity
Vadim Barak
International Secretary of Solidarita

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