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(en) Zapatista Women March

From Bob Dobbs <macondo2001@yahoo.com>
Date Tue, 7 Mar 2000 15:06:15 -0500

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

(translated by macondo2001@yahoo.com) (from a-infos-ca)
Friday March 3rd, 2000

*On Wednesday the 8th, in San Cristobal
A military strengthening in preparation for the march
zapatista women
*They will demand peace in Chiapas and that the army

Hermann Bellinghausen, reporter, La Realidad, Chiapas,
March 2 * As the
military presence increases in number and intensity
around the
communities in resistence, the zapatista women prepare
themselves to
their homes and march in the streets of San Cristobal
de las Casas next
Wednesday the 8th, International Day of the Woman.  In
the last few
the federal army installed two new checkpoints on
roads entering this
tojolabal region.  In the ejido lands of La Esperanza,
only three km.
old Guadalupe Tepeyac, they installed an army base of
operations.  In
a few days they went from "security" for the road
to a post for strict searches, with sentry boxes and
special parking
vehicle registration.  The other checkpoint is in El
Penasco.  This
the military helicopter patrols over La Realidad
aquired an
agressiveness.  A primary school teacher related: "The
helicopter came
down so low that it almost landed in the school patio.
 And from
inside, a
soldier filmed, trying to capture what was going on
inside the
Beneath flights so low they are almost landings, or
almost blow the tin
off the roofs of the houses, the women of this and
other communities
preparing to mobilize.  They study the countersigns,
paint blankets,
come to agreement.  In other places, campesinos in San
Jose de la Nueva
Esperanza arrived here to denounce the incursion of
the federal army
this community, that was repelled by men, women, and
children the
February 28th.

Thousands of tojolabal, tzotzil, and tzeltal women,
support bases of
EZLN, will take part in a protest in the streets of
Jovel, for the
time.  The first was march 8th in 1996.  A
considerable group is
including participation of campesinas from the
Lacandon jungle and the
highlands.  According to a representative of the
community, the
participation of the *choleras* in the north is not
confirmed, "because
the conditions are not right" to transport them to San
Cristobal de las
Casas next week.  In what will be the next zapatista
mobilization since
the consulta nacional, a year ago, the women in
resistance will demand
demilitarization and peace.
This is expressed by Rosalia, a slender and serious
youth: "We are
going out to demand respect for the women and children
of our
communities."  It is not necessary to be more
we could hear and feel the echoing of the armored
vehicles that slowly
pass through town.  "We want them to leave", says
Rosalia.  The
grandmothers, mothers, and granddaughters will
participate.  "We are
to tell them to abide by the San Andres Accords," she
adds.  And so,
streets of San Cristobal will fill with dresses once
again.  Women
demanding to be left to live.

Unspeakable military occupation
The process of militarization advances without cease,
impermeable to
official declarations to the contrary.  The feverish
construction of
highways for military ends, and the installation of
bases of operations
and military encampments infuse more and more olive
green into the
and gorges of the Lacandon jungle.  Today, this
reporter saw around 15
federal military trailers moving heavy machinery
(graders, trascavos,
very large backhoes) between the jungle and the
Guatemalan fronteer. 
is without counting  the dozens of vehicles belonging
to the private
contractors, who go hand in hand with the military
expansion in these
when nobody glances this way.

Joel, from San Jose de la Nueva Esperanza, related
that a patrol of the
Mexican army, coming from Rizo de Oro, was detained by
the campesinos,
support bases of the EZLN.  "We stretched cords across
the road so the
could not pass, and the women put themselves in the
middle of the road
stop them if they didn't respect the cord." As you
will remember, at
end of August of 1999, in a similar incursion of the
soldiers into said
community, the troop fired at the unarmed indigenous,
wounding two, one
seriously, and arresting three men.  The
representative of La Realidad
that speaks for La Jornada, said that "the helicopter
also fucks with
other Aguascalientes, and from here we see that it
lands in El Corozal"
military base in the high mountains, en this tojolabal
valley). He also
said that the soldiers have advanced to Amador
Hernandez in the last
days.  They put "triple cover" of barbed wire around
the encampment and
the helicopters installed -- also last august-- in the
Monte Azules
Biosphere Reserve, in the lands of the zapatista
community Amador
Hernandez.  "As they advance, the soldiers destroy
more mountain", and
describes how the federal troops look for the
indigenous who have daily
protested the military presence for six months, and
intercepts them by
force.  This has created the most tension in this
difficult point in

"The situation demands it"
Today was established a military control point in El
Penasco, between
Nuevo Santo Tomas and the lands occupied in Guadalupe
Tepeyac, where
town is deserted.
-And now why this checkpoint? - I ask the soldiers who
intercept me.
One of them responds:
-The situation demands it, you see.
-What situation?  Did something happen?  Is there some
I still haven't gotten an answer.
In addition to the palpable increase in the military
pressure in the
autonomous municipalities like San Pedro de Michoacan,
Tierra y
and Emiliano Zapata, yesterday and today there was a
huge police
in the highways of the indigenous regions of Chiapas. 
Coinciding with
proselytizing tour of the presidential canidate of the
PRI, Francisco
Labastida, all of the patrols of the Policia Federal
de Caminos combed
trajectory of San Cristobal de las Casas to the
fronteer region.  In
same way dozens of CFE vehicles mobilized.  The PGR,
with the
participation of the Policia Juidcial Federal,
yesterday and today
established control points surrounding San Cristobal,
Comitan, and
points that Labastida was scheduled to visit.  Aside
from this, and the
wounded and gassed in Nicolas Ruiz, and Nachajev
(Chilon), where
the Chinchulines and the Preventative Police intruded,
around here
is happening.  Just the dry season is beginning, and
also the flowers
the immenent spring.

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