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(en) news from Bangladesh (Seattle and IMF/WB Global Day of Action...)

From "el desaparecido" <desaparecido@gmx.de>
Date Tue, 7 Mar 2000 15:06:20 -0500

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The following is a fax from Mushrefa Mishu (Garments Workers Unity Forum) 
in response to the proposal of a Global Day of Action around the IMF/WB 
summit in Prague in Septembre 26-28. 
This movement involves has participated in previous global days of action like 
may98 and J18. 
the contact fax number is, fax: +880-2-8616977

Dear O.

First of all, accept my revolutionary greetings of the ushered millennium. I 
feel much elated on receiving your fax letter. I would like to extend my 
sincere thanks as you have remembered me till now. I got a PGA poster 
from a Bangladeshi person sent by you. Again one more thanks to you for 

You know, we have been going on with making a constant agitating 
movement and demonstration in Bangladesh against imperialist and ist 
corporal institution viz. WTO. IMF, WB and all sorts of multinational 
company. For your kind information, 22nd October of 99 was the day of 
central council of our worker’s organisation. In this council, with much 
enthusiasm of thousands of workers, we have adopted policy and action plan 
nemcon to strengthen our ongoing fight against WTO, IMF, WB, ADB 
including all other imperialists’ blessed institutions.

Here, Bill Clinton, president of USA, will arrive in Bangladesh on March 25th. 
On that day, our organisation will organise a demonstration and huge protest 
rally waving black flags.

I would like to draw your kind attention, that we have six mass organisations 
as follows:

1) Garments Workers Unity Forum
2) Bangladesh Peasants Forum
3) Bangladeshi Kishani Forum (Rural Women Organisation)
4) Bangladesh Ingigenous Forum
5) Matridhara Cultural Command
6) Students Unity Forum

We have a national organisation too comprising these six mass 
organisations and it bears the name “Revolutionary Unity Front (RUF)”. We, 
through these above mentioned six organisations, along with RUF are going 
on making fight against imperialists and ist all institutions. No resistance of 
imperialists and ist compradors can abate us from our ongoing continuous 
Dear friend, I represented in the PGA’s conference held in Geneva in 
February of ’98 on behalf of our organisation as well as Bangladesh. The 
participation in this conference made my experience unyielded and affluent. 
Our organisation will remember with much gratitude the essential 
cooperation that you have extended to me for ensuring my participation 
there. The apparent position of our organisation is to build up a firm unity and 
militant movement of people accross the world against imperialists and ist 
unilateral monopolisation, aggression and  regulation. I participated in the 
PGA conference surely retaining in mind a boundless expectation to gear up 
peoples’ movements accross the world. But it is a matter of great regrets 
that, since my handbag was snatched, I lost all the contact address and 
numbers to you all. For this reason I couldn’t make any contact and 
communication with you for a long time. It is my pleasure to inform you of 
holding a huge demonstration and protest rally with black flag by our 
organisation on the very day of WTO’s ministerial meeting in ’98. We did too 
fax to you informing all of these messages. But I felt afflicted later as not 
having any reply from you.
However, on receiving your letter yesterday, I have expressed my firm 
commitment to build up people’s movement all over the world setting aside 
all of my afflictions.

Dear O., the successful massive protest of Seattle has transfused a stream 
of strength in our heart. The saga of successful movement of people in 
Seattle has been uttered repeatedly in a gut manner in all the movement, 
struggle and speeches of agitating rally. This revolt and agitation has been 
expanded all over the world. This movement shouldn’t be confined in only 
Europe or North America. I think, in regards to expansion the robust zeal of 
this movement, PGA can play a vital and pivotal role.
Now, here, we are keeping our opinion after perusing your proposal in our 
These are as follows:
1) We think, it be a much better program to fix a certain date as global day 
of action on 26/28th September during the annual general meeting of IMF/WB.

2) ‘Global Day of Action’ will be observed respectively in all countries and 
along with this, a militant protest and agitation rally have to be organised to 
be held in Prague on 26/28th of September during the annual general meeting 
and on 16/17th of April in Washington during the executive meeting. All 
member organisations to PGA should be contacted now and once in order to 
hold these two programmes with utmost success.

3) During the annual general meeting of IMF/WB of Prague on 26/28th 
September, PGA may take a program to submit memoranda to the person 
concerned on behalf of all member organisations of all countries.

4) Collecting pictures and news of the programme ‘Global Day of Action’, 
agitation and protest rally of Prague and Washington, Bulletin, posters 
should be published and be sent to all countries to strengthen the campaign 

Friend O., we would like to impart you about our opinion on the context of 
your proposal. Please, inform us of all messages  promptly and hope you will 
continue to keep in touch with us. Let me also inform about the Latin 
American and European meeting of PGA. I would like to get the number of 
web-site concerning this, if there is any. A continuous contact will gear up 
movement - and hope you will make a regular communication from this 
responsibility. I too express my firm commitment to keep a contact to you. 
Contact me through this fax no +880-2-8616977. If you feel any urge of our 
participation in these programs, you can inform us.
With revolutionary greetings to all my friends,

Mushrefa Mishu

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