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(en) An open letter to editor of (en) Russia,Mosco AUT: mailradek no.26

From laure ng <molotovgarden@yahoo.com>
Date Sun, 5 Mar 2000 15:03:24 -0500

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

The following letter will be sent to Radek and Russian
anarchists in English and Russian for their comments.

Dear Radek (Oleg and Dima),

The following letter concerns a heated discussion
which followed the posting of the last "mail Radek",
English version, perhaps inadvertently on the alter-ee
list (and on A-Infos).  

Being this news was in English, I assume that it is
meant to be read by people outside of Russia and may
be, for them, their only source of information on
these matters. The problem is that the information in
it can be extremely misleading.

In the last mailing you mention a book by Alexei
Tsvetkov and give the address to his site. Although
you mention a "break with Dugin", you fail to mention
the fact that for 4-5 years, this same Tsetkov was the
editor of the fascist newspaper "Limonka", the organ
of the National Bolshevik Party. (I'm sorry guys - not
everybody knows this.) Instead, he is described as a
veteran of the anarchist movement! Furthermore, it
sounds as if you believe in this guy's weird
conversion from fascism to anarchism. I find it very
unlikely; what's more, he used to call himself an
anarchist years back, then turned to the NBP, then
back to anarchism?! Sorry, the guy's obviously a
COMPLETE IDIOT and I'm even more sorry there is
ANYBODY out there that doesn't realise this. If there
is any single person out there that deserves to be
purged from the anarchist movement for life, it would
be Tsvetkov.
I consider that the information sent out in the last
mailing was, at best misleading, at worst pro-fascist.
As you probably know, I have labelled it as such, but
realise that it's not entirely fair to put this label
on it without asking for your clarification. So, for
the record, I want to know if you believe in this
so-called conversion of Tsvetkov and consider him to
be among your comrades, are neutral to him or are
against his whole legacy? 
Personally, I question your political sense and
integrity for mentioning this site without clueing
people into the history of its creator. Perhaps you
have mentioned his history before and I am unaware of
it but the caveat needs to be repeated as people may
not have seen it or have forgotten.

I would also like to inform you about some of the
characteristics of western anarchists as opposed to
Soviet ones. In general, we do not forgive people for
editing a fascist newspaper for 5 years. We don't
welcome them to our meetings afterwards, we don't have
lunch with them. We kick their mother fucking asses.
Also, most people (with a few exceptions), are not
very fond of authoritarian communist organizations.
There may well be a few odd ducks out there (or,
perhaps odd dicks) who find anti-capitalism an issue
important enough to unite them with commies, but in
general, anarchists do not like hardcore
Leninists/Stalinists/Maoists or whoever-ists. 

In the mailing sent there was no real definition of
whom is a Stalinist, a Leninist, an anarchist or what.
I understand that certain people in Russia think it is
"sectarian" to split the left into such unimportant
labels but (and I think I can speak for a lot of
people) to some people it matters. So the quality of
the information you are distributing is not
satisfactory as it can be misleading.

Now, I'm a very busy person and don't feel like having
to make clarifications to your mailings so I hope you
can see the sense in doing this yourself. In the end
it would be in your own best interest because
otherwise we will just waste time fighting with each
other. Because if it continues like this, if we cannot
trust you to inform people more correctly, then we
will have to assume that you are comrades with the
authoritarian, anti-semitic Komsomol and with the
former editor of a fascist paper. I personally think
that you don't take their politics very seriously
because you don't take anything too seriously - and
that's bad enough. Maybe you can do something to
clarify your position on these matters and make sure
in the future not to get involved in that disgusting
cesspool of the Russian left.


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