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Re: Insurreição 15

From Maria Cunha <maria.cunha@iname.com>
Date Fri, 3 Mar 2000 09:06:02 -0500

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

Dear friend,
The EU summit will not be in Porto after all. It’ll be in Lisbon, on the
23rd of March. One of the major unions has already something prepared, I
think something like a big demo demanding better wages, bettter working
conditions, …the usual stuff for oficial unions. I have been in contact with people
from Lisbon and PERHAPS we’ll try to give it another way of looking at this.
It is an idea of some that we should appear dressed as CEO’s saying things
like: “Thanks EU for protecting our profits”, “May the Social Model of the EU
continue to be rethoric”, “Low unemployment is bad for business”, and
stuff like this. Of course we had to have a text explaining thing but I think
this could work.
There is nothing on the web. At least nothing that I know of. People can
get this bit of information and some updates that might show up through my
e-mail. And you, Luciano, please feel free to use anytime you feel like.
Revolution is only part of our lives. One of the most important ones, but only part of

Stay strong brother

Bellow I send you the last things done here in Porto. There are things
that may have happened without my knowledge, so don’t look at this as all the
things that happened here.

On the 22nd and the 23rd of December 1999, firstly on the Praça da
Liberdade (Freedom Square) and then on the Rua Santa Catarina (Saint Catherine
Street), we went out with our alternative crib. Jesus was a cipher (in Portugal
the symbol for money is very similar to the U$), his father (Joseph) was the
World Bank, her mother (Mary) was the IMF, the church was an ox and the state
was an ass; the three wise men were as follows: one was taking transnationals
logos as a gift to the baby cipher, another was a KKK guy smoking Marlboro and
the third was a black chained guy. We distributed a text (a child asking his
father what that was all about and the father patiently explaining it). The whole
idea was to unmask christmas as a party that is going more and more towards its
mercantilistic point of view and less towards the popular way of
celebrating jesus’ birth. We also tried to show people who really rules the world.
The text (portuguese version) and some images are available from:
antonio.cunha@iname.com; Insurreição / Apartado 4013 / 4001-001 Porto
Codex / Portugal.

On the 15th of January, exactly at 6.00 pm, the first joint was
lightened. By then we were around 10 persons. When the last one was smoked, around
7.30 pm, there had been near 50 persons. Not all of them smokers, but all
solidary with this act of civil desobedience, that was this first organized Smokerally
in Porto. If we call it the first, that means that others will follow. Stay
in touch through: rungapatunga@aeiou.pt; Fysga / Apartado 4720 / 4012 Porto
Codex / Portugal

Luso-Brazilian night of anti-colonialist wall painting
In the night from the 21st to the 22nd of January we went out to paint
the Porto’s walls with some sayings against the Celebrations of the 5th
Centenary of the arrival of Pedro àlvares Cabral at the Brazilian beaches in 1500.
Together with us, other 3 portuguese citties (Bragança, Aveiro e Lisboa)
and around 20 brasilian ones, the 22nd of January woke up with the city
walls saying things like “500 years of indigenous, black and grassroots
resistence”, “500 years of the massacre”, “500 years of concealment” (which in
portuguese works better, as descovery is ‘descobrimento’ and concealment is
‘encobrimento’), and others. In Porto, we took advantage of this
internacional night to paint some things that wouldn’t fit in an (only)
anti-colonialistic night. Other things about this issue are meant to happen in the near
future. The 25th of April is the date of the democratic revolution in Portugal,
but is also the day when Cabral reached Brazil. On that day we’re thinking of
doing something that may show that what we’re comemorating is the same thing
that we fought against in the revolution that ended up almost 5 decades of right
wing dictatorship. Stay tuned (for there will be a cartoon), through:
cacn30@egroups.com; cac / apartado 4720 / 4012 Porto Codex / Portugal

On the 28th of November 1999, seven people squatted an abandonedhouse in
Rua Santa Catarina, 1325, Porto. After being car driven to the nearest
police station for identification, after explaining the cops they could do
nothing against us, we went back to the house and started to restore it (it was
abandoned for 8 years and the roof had been (on purpose) sent down.
On christmas day we had a visist from a guy claiming to be the legal
representative of the owner. We sent him away. One week later the door
had been broken and they had sealed the house. The big problem is that, this way,
lots of our stuff was kept inside the house.
The party, meant to open the house to the public and thought to happenn
on the 22nd of January, didi’t take place and was postponed to the next squat.
Contact us through: cacn30@egroups.com;
cac / apartado 4720 / 4012 Porto Codex / Portugal

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