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(en) account from Diallo protests in NY

From worker-a-infos@lists.tao.ca
Date Thu, 2 Mar 2000 09:32:22 -0500

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

  Day two of Diallo marches. You'll see Time magazine
but if you want the real story I'll try to keep in
some kind of reality world, but it's so tiring. Every
time I go to a march I cry from the strees of fear and
the exhilaration and hearing peoples stories of cops
kicking their babies out of their stomachs, and raping
their friends (remember Tawana Brawley? Every single
black person knew the truth, but the whole world
condemned the fifteen year old for "lying").
   I come home hungry, and the newspapers print about
one sixteenth of the real story. No mention of the
people who were beaten last night, no mention of the
woman who was trapped alone by cops in front of us all
and beaten with nightsticks, no mention of the man I
saw get crushed between a building and a cops front
wheel. I screamed and ran to hide myself in the
department store so they wouldn't get me too, but then
felt horrible, guilty..... he was arrested for
something. I wonder what excuse they'll manage to come
up with? Here's a guy who was running in the crowd and
doubled over in shock when hit by the vehicle, then
arrested when he FELL to the ground. Did they suppose
he had forced the vehicle into his own body? Was he
"resisting arrest" by collapsing in pain? Did he ever
gat medical attention? We'll never know since the
fucking news didn't SEE it happen.
  Got punched in the throat so I couldn't scream "you
hit me, brutality, blah blah..." An officer of
destruction almost pinned me to the wall with HIS
motorcycle, then grabbed my bottle of water and
squirted it all over me, laughing. I said "I can't
believe you're threatening me" and as he clocked my
wrist with the nightstck he glared at me saying
"you're damn right I am." Ran away froom him as soon
as possible to avoid a worse situation. These are not
people you want to be alone with. They are not people
at all. Once they put on the armor they are violence
machines, daring anyone to inflict humanity on them.
Their stupid laughter fends off the nightmare reality
in their heads, the little voice that says "I am a
weak, real person who is afraid, and I know that when
I hurt others it is wrong." Every cop has a voice in
their heads that says, if people hate me so much,
maybe there is a reason why. They know the reason.
They know that each time they make a fist or grab a
gun, they stand up their with DAD, all powerful
father. No one can touch me.
   Today is Sunday. Four police officers have murdered
an innocent man and injured many others in his name.
How many people can they kill? Are their rights
This city is being shut down until the police are
punished (for once). On Thursday, we go to Washington
DC, and if that doesn't do it, the non-cops are
prepared to get guns and wage war on the killers.
Every day thousands shut down major city streets and
bridges in NY. Why not where you live too? THIS IS
  Fuck it, come to Washington. Don't you want
something to tell your grandkids about? "When I was
your age, I fought the police in an all-out war." I
don't want this place that we live in to become
overrun with soldiers and nazis. I don't want my
friends to be shot and murdered just for looking the
way they do, or raped because no one was willing to
stand up and get mad.
  I sent this to everyone so you would all know that
something really important is happening right now. So
watch the news, OK? (but don't believe what you see,
just come see it for yourself).
                               LOve ya, Emily.........

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