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(en) Anarchist Age Weekly Review No. 410 24th ­ 30th July, 2000

From "Philip McCrory" <philmcc@melbpc.org.au>
Date Thu, 27 Jul 2000 04:42:57 -0400

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E



About a week ago the Victorian Mass Media was full of articles about how the
evil radicals behind the S11 protests were trying to influence High School
students in the private and State sector to take Monday the 11th of
September off and join the S11 protests outside Crown Casino.  The Victorian
Police thundered on about how "evil" these people were and encouraged
parents to ensure their children went to school on the day.

A day or two later the story broke that Bill Gates, Microsoft's number one
boy, the man who's personal wealth is greater than the personal wealth of
the world's poorest forty countries, was going to address Victoria's elite
High School children about the "Brave New World" Microsoft was creating.
Victoria's "better" High School children, both from the private and State
sector, would be attending in droves to hear the great man at the Melbourne
Exhibition Centre on Tuesday the 12th of September.

Obviously the State and the corporate sector enjoy a monopoly on what is
"good, right and acceptable" behaviours in our community.  As long as they
organise something, it's OK, good, marvellous, bloody brilliant.  Anything
which protects the status quo is Kosher with them.  Anything else, well,
that's not right, is it?  Anybody who has ideas and especially those people
who want to implement those ideas that challenge their biblical statements,
well, theyıre trash aren't they?  Their ideas are somehow illegitimate, not
quite right, weird, unacceptable.

This double thinking forms an important part of the strategy to win the
hearts and minds of people.  As a movement we need to cut through this
double standard and point out that our ideas are just as legitimate as any
of the core values pumped out by the State and the corporate media.


Nothing highlights the rhetoric reality gap we all labour under more than
the G8 conference held in Okinawa.  The world's self-appointed top 8 nations
sat around a table pretending that they make decisions about the world's
economic future.  At the end of the three day conference, they came up with
a little bit of rhetoric about how they oppose the international drug trade
but no concrete efforts to wipe out third world debt.

These clowns don't have the power to wipe out third world debt.  Debt is the
number one weapon the corporate sector has at its disposal.  No debt, no big
stick.  Individuals within a capitalist world are faced with the spectre of
unemployment, bankruptcy and poverty.  Countries are held to account by the
corporate sector through debt and trade sanctions.  Renegade nation States
that attempt to break away from the economic cartel are quickly brought to
heel by the application of trade sanctions.  No repayment of debt, social
dislocation, structural adjustment programs, poverty and eventual
disintegration of a community.

The G8 leaders neither have the desire or power to eliminate third world
debt.  The only way they can eliminate debt is through subsidising debt
elimination through increased personal taxation.  The corporate sector will
not contribute one cent towards debt reduction.  They know that if they
eliminate third world debt, they will lose the most powerful weapon they
have in their arsenal to control both the developing and the developed

Over seventy percent of Australia's non profit organisation's income comes
directly from government.  The privitisation of welfare services is both a
bonus and a curse to Australia's church groups.  The Salvation Army, St
Vincent de Paul and a host of other church groups have grown fat on
government contracts.  The relationship between Church and State has become
very blurred indeed.

Church groups are hostages to government policy.  They have become so
bloated on government contracts, their welfare policies are shaped by their
need to tender and win government welfare contracts.  It's unusual to hear
church groups criticise government decisions.  Their loyalty has been
brought through a complex tendering process that not only rewards them
financially but legally stops them from talking.

The churchs have become willing agents of government policy.  The newfound
partnership between Church and State is highlighted by the role The
Salvation Army plays in the formulation of government policy.  The Federal
government has cleverly harnessed conservative church groups to their
welfare policies by funding private schools and by providing government
contracts to church groups that support their policies.

Those church groups that have hitched their wagon to the government
tendering train have grown fat on the proceeds.  The services they offer are
normally second rate because they are drip fed by welfare contracts that
seek to minimise expenditure at the expense of welfare recipients.  The new
partnership between Church and State destroys any independence church groups
may have had when they attempt to act as advocates for the poor,
disadvantaged and welfare recipients.

What little, if any independence universities had has finally been
extinguished.  The loss of tenure is the most serious challenge universities
have faced over the last two decades.  The privitisation and corporatisation
of education within the nation's universities has been made possible through
short term contracts and the abolition of tenure.  No university lecturer or
professor is willing to champion ideas that run contrary to university
Senate decisions because they know that their contracts will not be renewed
and they will be starved of research funds.

The current brain drain is a direct consequence of university policies that
reduce staff to cogs in a production process that rewards conformity,
discourages thinking and punishes critical analysis and action.
Universities have become production lines that produce uniform products that
lack diversity. Universities manufacture consent by rewarding mediocrity and
punishing critical analysis.  No wonder people who are interested in
critical thinking who want to expand the boundaries of knowledge are
flocking from Australian universities.

Structures which promoted critical thinking have been replaced by structures
which reward staff who work up the right channels, don't rock the boat and
produce a uniform product.  The only staff who seem to be given free reign
are those who treat knowledge as private property that can be patented and
developed on the commercial market.  The sharing of knowledge which occurred
through publishing material in peer reviewed journals has been hijacked by a
corporate and university coalition that is only interested in developing
knowledge that will pay a direct dividend to the corporate sector and the
university.  The idea that universities should function as an oasis of
critical thinking has been replaced by the necessity for universities to
make a dollar.

So "Tiger Woods is the best golfer in the whole wide world".  So what?  A
great deal if you read the mass media.  Ever wondered why elite professional
sports men are paid so much?  When you compare what they earn with what they
do, you soon understand that a sporting great is worth lots more than anyone

In Tiger Wood's case Nike is paying him over 100 million US. dollars to
promote their products over the next five years.  Elite sportsmen and women
are used to sell products.  The more familiar the sportsperson, the bigger
the payback.  The spectacle itself has become secondary to the sport
person's marketability.  Those that are media savvy make the bucks.  The
community eventually pays the price for the exorbitant fees these
"entertainers" receive.

At the end of the day sport is a diversion, the elite professionals make a
buck, while the rest are bit players that build the infrastructure that
allows them to make that buck.  If Tiger Woods didn't exist, the media would
invent him.  They need good looking, presentable role models who are willing
to play the game and extend the media's monopoly on entertainment on this
planet.  Market forces are manipulated, manufactured and used to destroy
what little co-operative spirit exists in the sporting field.  Woods is a
successful commodity that helps to cement the globalisation and
corporatisation of sport.  Monopoly corporation's need the Woods of this
world to extend their global tentacles.

Q.  What would happen to the media in an anarchist society?
A.  The monopolisation of media outlets would be a thing of the past.  New
technology allows almost anyone to report on the news.  The problem isn't
related to the technology, the problem is related to the monopolisation of
news outlets by a few corporate players.  Government's control and regulate
the bands that are available for broadcasting.  An anarchist community would
have no need of a centralised media that sets a particular agenda.
As monopolies fall apart, media outlets would fall into the hands of the
staff as well as the communities that use them.  The division between staff
and community would soon disappear.  Community groups would have access to
the space that's controlled by staff. The diversity of opinion in the
community would be reflected in the media coverage.  No one opinion or world
vision would be able to dominate the media.  The greater the degree of
decentralisation, the greater access to the media to different opinions on
how to tackle particular issues.
The media would change from an instrument that presents a homogenised world
view to one that would be devoted to airing opinions on how to solve real
problems in real time.  Advertising would give way to information exchange
and opinion pieces would emerge that tackle real issues, not manufactured
lifestyle pieces.  The hard sell would be replaced by debate, discussion and
the promotion of activities that promote individual and community
The media would revert to core principles that promote mass communication
and co-ordination.  Its role as opinion maker and controller would replace
it's role as mass communicator.  Mass communication for all by all, not mass
communication by a few to control the many.

The Victorian Police and the State government want to keep protesters north
of the Yarra.  They will be erecting water filled plastic barricades around
Crown Casino to keep demonstrators away from the World Economic Forum
delegates.  Protesters will be penned into designated areas north of the
Yarra "miles" from the conference centre.
A number of protest organisers have begun to have meetings with the
Victorian Police in order to stage manage the protests.  Protesters need to
remember that it would be an error to congregate into a designated protest
area.  Opponents of the Asia Pacific leg of the World Economic Forum need to
assemble at points around the Casino Complex.  Our protests need to be
visible, noisy and widespread.
People who have decided to attend the protests need to have a look at the
protest site.  The Crown Casino Entertainment Complex is accessible to the
public.  Have a walk around and inside the complex, make decisions about
where you would like to hold your protest.  Remember it's much more
difficult to contain a protest that has multiple focal points than a group
of people who are confined to a particular area.
People still have the right to assemble and protest in Victoria, you don't
need a police permit to protest.  Don't confine your activities to north of
the Yarra.  As many people as possible should assemble on the south side of
the Yarra.  Crown Casino is on the south side of the Yarra, why should
protests be confined to the north side only.  Remember there is no specific
organising group that can tell you where to protest.  Hundreds of groups are
involved in the organisation of these protests, where they choose to
assemble is their business, not the business of self-appointed protest

A national conference was held at Camp Eureka outside Melbourne on the 25th
and 26th of November 1972 to discuss ideas about community action.  An
Anarchist conference held at Melbourne University in March 1972 brought up
the idea of community action.
The aims of the conference were to co-ordinate and develop activity between
a number of groups that were involved in community activities.  The
conference revolved around the idea that individuals "must develop faith in
their ability to organise themselves before there can be revolutionary
The emphasis was on political action which encompassed claimants unions,
community media, free schools, food co-operatives, free medical and legal
advice, lumpen proles unionıs squatting and all types of direct action.
Members from the Working Peoples Association of Victoria, secondary students
unions, gay liberation groups, anarchist and self-managed organisations,
rank and file union groups and members of a number of communal co-operatives
attended the conference.
Time was set aside for general discussion about particular topics.  Although
plenty of shelter was available at Camp Eureka and food could be bought at
cost price, participants were asked to bring food to add to the communal
pile.  They were also asked to bring their own utensils and sleeping gear as
Camp Eureka didn't have any electricity in 1972.
Source of article - Melbourne Anarchist Archives 1966 - 1973.  Thanks to
Dimitri from Barricade Books for providing a copy of the Archives to the
Anarchist Age Weekly Review.

Alan Dearling, Brendan Hanley (Mook Bahloo), Ab Enabler Publication 2000,
ISBN 0952331640
Dipping into this 248 page odyssey through "Alternative" Australia, I
couldn't help feel that this was a book that was thrown together for the
sake of writing a book.  Alan Dearling could be described as an
"alternative" writer.  He seems to latch onto a particular subject that has
been ignored or bypassed by the mainstream media, hits the net, works up his
subject, makes his contacts, flies in, meets a host of new people and hey,
presto, within a year or two he whips up a new book.  I think he now has
twenty one notches on his literary gun.
Alternative Australia is an interesting book that is basically a collection
of stories and ideas by Australians who have decided to walk off the beaten
track.   It provides a peep into the lives of people who believe there is
another way, a better way, a more humane and honest way of living on the
Australian continent.  If I have one criticism, it crams too much in too few
pages.  In many ways, it's similar to an abridged encyclopedia, a bit of
this, a bit of that, but little in depth analysis of any particular subject.
Dearling and Hanley have been able to open the window on an unseen
Australia, one that's usually ignored and trivialised by the mainstream
Australian media.  Although the book skims the surface about what is
alternative Australia, it's a good book because it opens people's eyes to
the diversity of lifestyle and action that's possible in Australia.  The
best article in the book is possibly John Englarts Collectives, radical
politics and Feminist issues, but I'm biased.  I've known John for over
twenty years.
Alternative Australia Celebrating Cultural Diversity is available from
Anarres Books for $22.50 - a very reasonable price for a book crammed with
photographs.  Write to them at P.O. Box 150, East Brunswick  3057,
Melbourne, Australia or Email your order to mailorder@anarres.org.au.   Look
at their web page and have a browse through the fascinating titles they
stock.  www.anarres.org.au or write to them for their current catalogue.
Thanks to Envirobook and Anarres Books for each providing separate review
copies of the book Alternative Australia.  Envirobook, 38 Rose St, Annandale
2031, Sydney, Australia.  Email:  editor@repulican.com.au

Some things you only see once in a life time, no matter how hard you try,
the chances of it occuring again in your lifetime are very rare indeed.
Last Wednesday afternoon while speeding down an eight lane freeway, I saw
something Iıve never seen before.  A perfect rainbow arched over the
freeway.  Each colour was distinct.  The rainbow was full, strong and formed
a perfect 180ş  arch over the freeway.  It was so perfect I could see the
pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  The ends of the rainbow disappeared
in a clump of trees on each end of the freeway.  A golden light merged into
the foliage, I swear I saw a pot of gold at each end of the rainbow.  As I
got closer, the cars around me slowed down to get a better view.  Cars that
were travelling at 110 kilometers an hour slowed down to 90 kilometers.
Iım sure that the sight of this marvellous natural phenomen pierced the soul
of the most harried driver.  The chances of seeing a perfect rainbow smack
bang in front of you must be very slim indeed.  Iıve seen parts of rainbows,
perfect rainbows far into the distance, rainbows with washed out colors,
pieces of rainbows, lop sided rainbows, but Iıve never seen rainbows with
pots of gold at the end of them.
About the only thing missing from this picture postcard sight was the gnome
shovelling gold pieces into the pot.  On second thoughts, I wonder what that
movement among the trees was, I just thought it was the wind playing with
the leaves.  Maybe it wasnıt, maybe it was a gnome shovelling gold coins
into the pot.  I wonder if he was unlonised, I wonder if Iıll have to pay
G.S.T. on that pot of gold.  Iıll never know because I just couldnıt find
the exact spot, everytime I thought I was close enough to scoop up a handful
of gold coins, it was just outside my grasp.

On your mark, get set, go!!  Yep, youıre in for  a field day of sport.
A.F.L. grand finals, Rugby League grand finals, the Olympics, soccer, golf,
The Melbourne Cup and oodles of cricket.  Over the next two to three months,
the government is hoping that you'll get into the swing of things and you'll
slouch in your couch and watch this exciting spectacle.
Amazing sights for a sports mad people?  Well, not exactly, let's take a
break from the hype and look at what's actually happening.  Elite sportsmen
and women will be going through their paces while their corporate sponsors
are hoping to make a buck from the spectacle.  More importantly, these
sporting spectacles help to rekindle the nationalist flame and divert our
attention from what's going on around us.
What's so great about well fed, well paid , full time sportsmen and women
playing sport?  Nothing really.  I've got nothing against sport, even
competitive sport but what's being served up to us is not sport.  Maybe it's
entertainment, maybe it's a diversion, maybe it's a spectacle, but sport I
doubt it.
Tens of thousands of ordinary Australians gain a great deal of pleasure from
participating in sports.  Men, women and children play and compete against
each other, not for money, but for the thrill of the occasion.  This is
sport at its very best.  The corpoaratisation and globalisation of sport
looms as a very real threat to this vast armada of sports men and women.
Resources and money that went to support this vast network of voluntary
organisations is now flowing into the pockets of the corporate sector.
State money has been diverted from the voluntary sector to the corporate
sporting sector.  No wonder I'm cynical about the forthcoming smorgasbord of
corporate sport that's being promoted as something that's good for the


JOSEPH TOSCANO (Libertarian Workers for a Self-Managed Society).

? FREEDOM  Vol 61 No 14 15th July 2000, 74b Whitechapel High St, London
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Has been awarded to the Australian Democrats, their new found concern for
those Australians who have been disadvantaged by the tax they introduced,
the G.S.T, is very touching indeed.

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