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(en) Anarchist Age Weekly Review No. 408

From "Philip McCrory" <philmcc@melbpc.org.au>
Date Thu, 13 Jul 2000 06:25:39 -0400

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

Number 408
10th ­ 16th July, 2000


When I was removed after a ten week stint on Penny Johnstonıs early morning
program heard across Australia, support from the ABC staff was non-existent.
When Penny Johnston was relieved of on-air duties by Sue Howard (Shiersı new
ABC radio Osupremoı), not a murmur was heard from ABC staff.

One year later the wheel has turned full circle, Shier and his cronies on
the ABC board and in ABC Management are preparing to perform a frontal
lobotomy on the more troublesome elements within the ABC - current affairs.
What ABC staff, staff unions and the friends of the ABC failed to
understand, one year ago, was that the ABCıs strength lies in the diversity
of opinion within its production teams and presenters.  Shiersı attempts to
turn the ABC into a carbon copy of commercial culture can not succeed
without pushing current affairs into the background.

The government and the State need to understand that the ABC does not belong
to them, it belongs to the people of Australia.  The current ABC board and
management run the very real risk of facing a public revolt if they attempt
to perform a frontal lobotomy on the ABC.

Australia is a diverse community with diverse opinions; the ABC should
reflect the diversity of these opinions, not the opinions of a board and
management who believe that OSea Changeı is the pinnacle of ABC achievement.

Unless ABC staff, their workplace unions and associations and the friends of
the ABC come out fighting, the chances are that what little diversity that
is still left in the ABC will disappear.  At the end of the day, itıs
important that those people who support diversity of opinion within the ABC
remember that old World War II adage, Owhen they took the Jews away I did
nothing.  When they took the homosexuals away, I did nothing.  When they
took the communists and anarchists away, I did nothing.  When they came to
get me there was nobody left to help me.ı

The current situation in Fiji should be of concern to all anarchists.  I was
amused to hear the Fiji Military leader state that he had signed an
agreement with Speight and his goons because he was concerned that the
country would descend into anarchy.  If only Fiji would descend into
anarchy, then the two pillars of Fijian society, racism and hierarchy would
no longer be such an important component of the Fijian community.  Allowing
the Great Council of Chiefs to pick the next government is a recipe for
disaster.  The 48% of the population who are not indigenous Fijians will
sooner or later take up armed struggle.  The elements within indigenous
Fijian society who support Speight and his army colleagues, do so at their
own peril.  You cannot disenfranchise 48% of the population without serious

Anybody who believes that those people who are denied even the most basic
human rights will continue to let the situation go on unchallenged, are in
for a very rude awakening.  Any culture based on institutional racism has
the seeds of its own destruction sown within it.  Speight and his powerful
supporters within traditional Fiji society will soon find that their Kava
cup is empty.  They need to understand that the road they have taken will
have disastrous consequences for those people who have chosen to revert back
to a feudal form of government.

(Apologies to William Shakespeare)
So, the Federal Labor Party is thinking about tinkering at the edges of the
"Work for the Dole" scheme.  They want to change the name of the scheme and
make some cosmetic changes?  No big deal.  Well, considering the Minister
for Workplace Warfareıs response to these proposed changes and the mass
mediaıs hysterical response to these proposals, youıd think World War III
had broken out.

It seems that the Ofair goı society in this country (it actually doesnıt
exist although weıre constantly told it does), does not extend to the
unemployed.  Those "bludgers" have to put up with any indignity that the
system can put their way.  Reith and the Howard regime are concerned about
the Labor Partyıs proposed changes to the OWork for the Doleı scheme because
the unemployed play a control role in their re-election strategies.

They want Australians to believe that the unemployed are a pack of
Obludgersı who donıt deserve the countryıs sympathy, let alone their
support.  Their OMUTUAL OBLIGATIONı strategy is the jewel in their social
welfare program.  No wonder Reith is frothing at the mouth at the mere
mention of changes to the OWork for the Doleı program.

If the OWork for the Doleı program is "rolled back" (apologies to Kim
Beazley for stealing the ALPıs next election slogan), they will not be able
to implement their OMUTUAL OBLIGATIONı plans for people on single parent
benefits and disability support pensions.  No wonder Reith, Howard and
Costello are so distraught about the proposals to dismantle their pathetic
OWork for the Doleı scheme.

If the pundits in the know are to be believed, the next election will be
fought on the vision thing.  The experts keep telling us mere mortals that
tax reform is now on the back burner and the struggle to privatise and
corporatise State assets has nearly been completed, so the only thing left
is the big picture.

Excuse my mirth but I find it difficult to believe that the Democrats,
Liberals, Nationals and the Labor Party have visions.  These are practical
people who have their feet planted firmly on terra firma.  No Lourdes like
visions for them, every day pedestrian sentiments are good enough for this
lot.  They donıt like this vision thing because it may give people ideas
above their station in life.  We wouldnıt want people to take democracy
seriously and make decisions about their future, would we?  Heaven forbid
the unwashed masses may take the slogan OLiberty, Equality and Fraternityı
at face value and actually ask for some.

Can you imagine the trite vision that the Coalition and the ALP have in
store for us.  More of the same?  Access to a few more resources, possibly
even a bigger say, in our future but radical social change, no way.  What
will we do when they unpack their electoral vision for us?  I expect weıll
run all the way home.  What else would any thinking person do when
confronted with such a pedestrian inane future.

Suicide is an individual tragedy as well as a community disaster.  Suicide
rates in Australia, especially among males, have almost tripled in the past
two decades.  Teenagers, men between twenty and forty and older males are
most at risk.  Over the past few years governments have taken an interest in
the increasing suicide rate and have begun to implement suicide prevention

It seems that an increasing number of people within the field are sceptical
of the benefits of these programs.  Suicide in Australia is treated as an
individual problem.  Resources are directed at individuals, little, if any
research has gone into social and community reasons for the increasing
suicide rate.  Unless more effort and energy is directed into pinpointing
social reasons for the increasing suicide rate, the levels of suicide will
continue to increase.

Alienation, competition, an increasing gap between expectations and reality,
the rootlessness of post modern existence, the changing role of the male in
society, commercialisation of all aspects of our existence, increasing work
pressures and a lack of a career structure are a few of the problems that
need to be examined.

Experimentation on rats has shown over and over again that social conditions
play an important role in social behaviour.  The more difficult the
circumstances, the greater the level of self-destructive behaviour.  Itıs
obvious that the current trend to see and treat suicide as an individual
problem divorced from social reality will not put a dent in the current
Australian suicide rate.

Q. Will psychiatric disorders disappear in an anarchist society?
A. Of course not.  A lot of dribble is written about how things will change
in an anarchist community.  Some things exist independent of the type of
community we live in.  Although the rate of psychiatric disorders varies in
different societies, a relatively fixed percentage of people suffer from
psychiatric problems in all communities.
I expect that neurotic and reactive disorders will decrease in an anarchist
community because an anarchist society strives to satisfy human needs, not
create profit irrespective of social and human consequences.  I believe that
people with florid psychiatric disorders will be treated in a more human
fashion.  Possibly, the division between psychiatric and physical disorders
will disappear and the stigma attached to psychiatric disorders will not
exist in an anarchist society, but at the end of the day, creating a society
where everybody has equal access to power and wealth will not eradicate the
presence of psychiatric disease within the community.
Although environmental and social factors contribute to the development of
psychiatric problems within individuals and communities, changing these
factors does not necessarily eradicate psychiatric disorders.  Some
disorders are clearly related to chemical imbalances that, like a physical
illness, respond to specific medications.  The greatest advances in
psychiatric medicine in the past two decades have not been due to
psychotherapy or psychological counselling, but to the creation of specific
medications which help to overcome specific psychiatric disorders.  I
believe the more enlightened attitude to psychiatric problems that would
exist in an anarchist society would make it easier to identify, support and
treat individuals with both endogenous and reactive psychiatric disorders in
that community.  Although the number of people with psychiatric problems,
especially depressive illnesses would decrease, psychiatric disorders would
continue to trouble individuals and the community as a whole.

Iıve just got hold of a little piece of paper that outlines a list of
anti-World Economic Forum events in Melbourne during September.  Examining
this piece of paper, Iım concerned that the Victorian Trades Hall Council
and the Church supported Jubilee 2000 movement is attempting to sabotage the
movement to shut down the World Economic Forum.
It seems that the major rally planned against the Asia Pacific leg of the
World Economic Forum is planned for Sunday the 10th of September, a day
before the beginning of the meeting.  Sources within this movement tell me
that the rally will not be held within a bullıs roar of Crown Casino.
 "September 10th - High profile speakers and big rally with Victoria Trades
Hall Council, Jubilee 2000 and other N-GOıs".
The other interesting aspect of this little piece of paper is that the Union
Movement plans to wait till the 12th of September, a day after the World
Economic Forum begins, to hold a Union rally on Labor rights.  I can see the
hand of the Victorian ALP and the Victorian State Labor government at work
in this attempt to sabotage protests against the World Economic Forum.  As
we all know, the Brackıs Labor government is almost a carbon copy of the
Kennett government they replaced.  The ALP needs to ensure that the
government is not embarrassed by the scale of the protests.  Many Church
groups find themselves in exactly the same position, although they are
concerned about the negative decisions of the World Economic Forum summits,
they donıt want to embarrass the government of the day.
The governmentıs Odivide and ruleı strategy is an attempt to turn resistance
against the World Economic Forum meeting in Melbourne into a token event.
All protesters, whether from the Labor movement, Church groups, non
government organisations or community based groups should begin protests on
the same day outside the venue where the summit will be held - Crown Casino
on the 11th of September.  If these organisations are serious about their
opposition to the World Economic Forum and I doubt the ALP and large chunks
of the Labor movement are, we would have that large rally planned for Sunday
the 10th of September on the 11th of September outside Crown Casino - we
must remember that we need to be suspicious of the motives of the ALP Orats
in the ranksı.

The Melbourne based anarchist groups were being swept aside by an ever
increasingly popular student Maoist movement in 1970.  In an attempt to
parody the student Maoist anti-imperialist movement, some of Melbourneıs
anarchists devised the OSave the Lemmingsı campaign.  A OSave the Lemmingsı
march was organised that went from Toorak village in Melbourne to the
Swedish Consulate in Toorak.
Obviously the word OLemmingı was synonymous with the word OLeninistı and the
OSave the Lemmingı campaign was organised to highlight the dangers of
centralised leadership within the Marxist-Leninist Left.  Songs were created
for the campaign.  My favourite:  Hymn for Lemming Aid sung to the tune of
OThe Red Flagı - what else, goes something like this...

1. The Lemmings fate it haunts us yet, In these dark days could we forget
that they in deep despair do hide and drown their hopes in suicide.
2. Upon the tundra long ago A Lemming tree stood in the snow where every
five years at its roots     The Lemmings held their Lemming moots.
3. But oh to tell the saga sad The tree was felled by man so bad And every
Lemming far and near Drowned itself in grief and fear.

Chorus (after each verse)
We raise our Lemming banner high
Without our help they still may die
Though men may rant and men may rave
Perforce their faith we still may waive.

At the end of the song it was customary to intone the dirge Lemming tree.
. Lemming tree very pretty
     And the Lemming flower is sweet
     But alas for the poor Lemmings
     No longer can they meet

This dirge was passed sown corrupted by the years as OLemon Treeı.

Next week, Lemmings of the World Unite!!  Dare to struggle, dare to swim!!

Source of the article:  Melbourne Anarchist Archives (1965-1973).  Thanks to
Dimitri from Barricade Books for providing us with a copy of the archives.
CRAIG OıHARA, A K Press 1999
ISBN 1873176-16-3
Any book thatıs described as "a vile, rebellious, offensive document" by the
Lithuanian State Censor is my type of book.  Those people who think that
Punk and Philosophy are mutually exclusive concepts need to get their teeth
round this 180 page book.  Just in case you think this is a light weight
piece of nonsense, it also has a bibliography.
The A K Press edition is the fourth edition of this book which first came
out in 1992.  The first edition was produced on a self-serve photocopy
machine.  The author drilled two holes in the wad of paper and slapped in
binder rings.  This edition is encapsulated in a glossy multi-coloured cover
and is full of very poor, black and white photographs of venues, bands and
performers.  The bookıs strength doesnıt lie in the photographs, it lies in
its content.
After an incisive introduction by Marc Bayard, a man who has recently taught
a semester long College course at Tufts University in Massachusetts, on punk
as a political, cultural and social movement and an introduction by the
author Craig OıHara, the book is divided into sections which include such
perennials as Why Punk?, Media Misrepresentation (who doesnıt the media
misrepresent), OSkinheads - my favourite section.  I finally understood the
difference between Skinheads and Punks.  Although they may look alike, the
difference is akin to anarchism and fascism.  Anarchism, Gender issues,
Environmentalism and Ecological concerns make up the rest of the book.  My
favourite chapter is the last chapter DIY - Do It Yourself - "The early Punk
Rock groups urged other people to form their own groups and tried to break
down the traditional star/audience boundaries".
If youıre interested in what lies behind Punk, this is one book you canıt do
without.  Thanks to Anarres Books for providing the review copy of OThe
Philosophy of Punkı.  Itıs available for $21.60 (Australian) from Anarres
Books.  Order via Snail Mail PO Box 150, East Brunswick 3057, Melbourne,
Australia or Email your order to mailorder@anarres.org.au.  Write to them
for their current catalogue or take a peek at their web site to have a look
at what they in stock:

Ever thought about the myriad of little things that make up a day.  The
arguments, the disappointments, the unexpected word of kindness from a
stranger.  The past buzzing through your mind drowning out the present and
aborting the future.  Even when we sleep, our minds are processing,
dreaming, thinking, resting.  All this happens during that never ending
struggle to meet the bills, pay off the pound of flesh we owe and interact
with those few people a 24 hour day brings our way.
Post-modern existence, a life without rituals and meaning has made us
hostages of media dream factories that see us as little more than units of
consumption.  The more we own, the more important we become, the more we
have, the more weıre cemented in a nightmare of our own making.  One day
runs into another, the strength and idealism of youth dissipates into a
greyness that eats at our very souls.  The futility of existence becomes
more obvious as we grow older.
All this happens while we try to maintain our personal sanity and struggle
to make some sense of ourselves, our lives and our place in the world.  All
this takes place in a cauldron, full of stunted wishes, withered desires and
a head-long rush into poverty.  The poorer we become, the fewer moments we
devote to the bigger questions.  Every moment is spent keeping body and soul
together and the wolf from the door.  Leisure becomes the sole driving force
that helps turn days into weeks, weeks into months and months into years.
Not leisure time thatıs filled with endless cycles of consumption but
leisure time that frees us from the humdrum survival mode we are programmed
to endure.  Leisure to think, to act, to plan, to achieve - ALL POWER TO THE

The battle lines are drawn up for the forth coming Melbourne
anti-globalisation protests.  The mass media has rediscovered "radical chic"
and news stories are beginning to break into the main stream press about the
likely disruption that will occur on the 11th, 12th and 13th of September.
The Victorian Labor government is beginning to call on its trade union
allies to smother the planned protests.
Sure theyıve organised a few talk fests and a few demonstrations held away
from the Crown Casino complex, but they have conveniently ignored the first
day of the meeting.  Not even one unionist will officially be there on the
11th of September.  Trades Hall is going to stage a march on the next day.
We need to understand that the Victorian Trades and Labour Councils
objectives are different, very different from the mass of protesters. They
want to put a lid on the protests before they even begin.
Now is the time for rank and file unionists and radical shop stewards to
ignore their leadershipıs calls to protest separately.  We need to march
together.  We need to assemble together so we can blockade the Crown Casino
complex.  A divided movement is a week movement.  Whether weıre young, old,
employed, unemployed on social security benefits, self-employed, a trade
unionist, a Church activist, an environmental activist or a radical
activist, we need to act together.  If we donıt, we run the very real risk
of letting the delegates to the Asia Pacific leg of the World Economic Forum
off the hook.
This is more than a media event, this is our chance to throw a sabot (wooden
shoe - the old worker tactic of throwing a wooden shoe into the machinery to
sabotage the boss) into the globalisation equation.  Human rights,
environmental survival and labour rights hinge on our ability to derail
their plans for the world.

JOSEPH TOSCANO (Libertarian Workers for a Self-Managed Society).

. ANARCHIST NEWSLETTER for JURA BOOKS, No.16, July 2000, 440 Parra,atta Rd,
Petersham 2049. Sydney Australia PO Box N32, Petersham North NSW 2049
Australia. Tel (02) 9550 9931 Email jura@chaos.apana.org.au
. ARIVISTA ANARCHIA No.262 April 2000, Editrice A, C.P. 17120, 20170 Milano
Italy. Tel/Fax 02 28 96 627 email arivista@tin.it
. LE LIBERTAIRE No.206, 207 June-Aug 2000, 25 Rue Dumé-d-Aplemont, 76600 LE
Havre, France Tel 02 35 53 33 41, Fax 02 35 53 21 22.
http://le-libertaire.org Email libertaire@normy
. LE MONDE LIBERTAIRE No.1209 8th-14th June 2000, 145 Rue Amelot, 75011
Paris France, Tel 014805 3408, Fax 014929 9859.
. SICILIA LIBERTARIA No.186 April 2000, Via Galileo Galilei 45, 97100
Ragusa, Sicily, Italy.
. UMANITA NOVA 80th year, 2nd April 2000, C.So Palermo 46, 10152 Torino
Italy, email fat@inrete.it, Tel/Fax (011) 857850 http://www.ecn.org/venne/
. INTERNATIONALISM No.113 Summer 2000, PO Box 288, New York NY, 10018-0288
United States www.internationalism.org

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Do you live in Melbourne? Are you attending the demonstration against the
Asia Pacific leg of the World Economic Forum on the 11th, 12th, & 13th of
September?  Then think about Billeting an anarchist/s for the protest.
Anarchists from across Australia are coming to the demonstration by car,
bicycle, plane, bus and train.  The least we can do is put them up for a few
days.  Ring the Anarchist Media Institute on (03) 9828 2856 anytime and
leave a telephone number and name if you can billet an anarchist/s.  Youıve
got to be in it, to win it ­ bigger than Ben Hur - the peoples pre-olympic
festival outside Crown Casino in Melbourne on the 11th, 12th and 13th of

11th, 12th, 13th September
or telephone us for an A3 b/w poster about the demonstrations planned for
these three days.  You can photocopy and distribute this poster in your
workplace, school or around your community.  The more who turn up, the

Politically manipulated and scorned?  Sick of being a peripheral player
every time a Federal election comes around, then join:- VOTE INFORMAL TODAY,
DIRECT DEMOCRACY TOMORROW, a "political party" that is putting the boot into
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century Australian phenomena.  DON'T PUT IT OFF.  JOIN THE PUSH FOR CHANGE
NOW.  Written and authorised by Joseph Toscano (National Convenor 205
Nicholson St Footscray 3012  Melb Australia)

A) Anarchism towards the 21st century
B) Towards an anarchist society 1999 handbook
Libertarian Workers for a Self-Managed Society Position and Activities 1999.
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