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(en) Polin, Teasing a wounded lion - More on the action against the Russian consulat in Poznan

From Zaczek <GAWLIK@plearn.edu.pl>
Date Tue, 29 Feb 2000 08:12:55 -0500

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

The Russian consul in Poznan said the following, commenting
the demo: "It's easy to kick a sick and wounded lion. Even a
monkey can do it. But what will happen if the Lion comes back to health?"

It's not difficult to guess what the Russian government is dreaming
about. Everybody in Poland knows that Russia will fall
down on us as soon as it rebuilds it's military and hierarchical
potential. NATO guarantees are like the Maginot Line: it seems
powerful, but will prove to be perfectly useless.
Western Europeans will trade Poland for the guarantee of not
being bombed with nuclear weapons. Everybody knows that too.

Even if we behave like cowards, and avoid any controversy
with Russia, we will not be able to stop that from happening.
And can Russian anarchists give us the guarantee that they
will be able to stop their government from starting a war?

As far as the principle of national self-determination is concerned,
i can only say that most anarchists in Poland are not opposed to it,
neither am i. During the 1905 revolution, revolutionary socialists
fought for independence from Russia under black and red flags.
During world war II, anarchists fought for independence from Germany
under a black and red flag. It is obvious for everyone in our country
that the situation under foreign occupation cannot be compared to any
kind of homegrown authoritarism.

Obviously opinions on that topic vary, depending if a given
person has grown up in a culture of a nation resisting or
conducting occupations.
Calling the opinion i defend here "nationalism" is as
stupid as calling the opposite opinion "imperialism".

The wisdom of some nations - which i do not question - tells them
to avoid frontal resistance to avoid more disasters. This is
the case of Czechs, for example.

It is obvious that living in a city that still remains
crippled because of the choices it's people made in WWII, i have
reasons to ponder whether resistance is an obligation or
an act of stupidity. Despite all the regrets, the answer of our
people is still the same: "resistance is an obligation".

Our people have the right to remain faithful to the way of life they
have chosen as their own. They know the price they will have to pay for it.

If anyone says that we are trying to provoke disasters,
i will say that any revolutionary activity, any honest
struggle for freedom and justice will bring just that.

If common people say that "it's not possible to change the
hierarchical society", they know what they are talking about:
you can change it for a while, a bright moment, but it will
be followed by the darkest night of repression.

All you can hope for, is that your actions will be forever remembered,
and that even the longest nights end with sunrise.

- Polish Anarchist Federation - Warszawa

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