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(en) CGH-UNAM;Proposal for International Encounter of Students,Feb

From "Shannon Young" <shannony77@hotmail.com>
Date Tue, 29 Feb 2000 05:27:37 -0500

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

Friends and comrades,

We are bringing up the following proposal of putting on an:

II.- Message #5, sent out by the International Commission of the General 
Strike Council.

If even only a proposal of the points of view that we are receiving, we will 
hold an information session of the General Strike Council in order to 
approve the gathering. Thus, we await your respective comments, including 
contributions to the name of the event and details of the meeting.

  The general idea is to put together an International Encuentro of 
students, from Thursday, April 6th to Monday, April 10th, where we can give 
information about the situation in every one of our countries and to 
coordinate actions to unilaterally confront neoliberal educational policies, 
as ordered by the World Bank and the IMF.
  We suggest these dates because, in Mexico, the 10th of April commemorates 
the anniversery of the assasination of Emiliano Zapata.
  Although the CGH does not have the resources to pay for the transportation 
of delegates from their respective countries to Mexico City, with the 
support of popular organizations, we promise to resolve the problems of 
lodging, food, and internal transportation.
  As for the discussion agenda, like the definitive name of the event, we 
will take your suggestions until Friday, March 3rd, to submit to the session 
of the CGH on March 4th for finalized approval.
  The realization of this INTERNATIONAL ENCUENTRO will be part of a 
resistence campaign for the release of the political prisoners and for the 
fufillment of the points of our list of demands, and to prepare a 
nation-wide strike in the area of education for the month of May.
  We hope to receive your suggestions as soon as possible.

Message #5 of the International Commission of the CGH
  Message #4 was sent Sunday, February 13th. Since that day, the following 
events have taken place:
1.- The Rectory stated that on Monday, the 14th, 270,000 attended classes. 
It didn't happen like that, because the majority of students did not attend 
their schools, giving instead discussions in various schools on the 
continuation of the strike (Social Work, Sciences, Politcal Science, CCH 
West, among others).
2.- Monday the 14th, a march took place in University City to re-establish 
the assemblies in the schools.
3.- The authorities have launched a fear campaign with a list of 432 arrest 
warrants, which has forced many of our most outstanding companeros and 
companeras to severely limit their movements.
4.- In spite of their efforts to boycott us, the General Strike Council held 
meetings on Tuesday the 16th and Friday the 18th in University City.
5.- The parents have mounted an effective campaign of mobilizations and 
diffusion that has lent to the reestablishment of the working commissions of 
the CGH.
6.- The actions obligated the govenment to drop the charges, calling off 
around 200 arrest warrants, releasing some 50 companeros and companeras and 
setting bail for another 50. All of this is part of the State policy to 
yeild [on certain issues] while keeping the prisoners as hostages. The CGH 
has not given into the temptation of negotiating prisoners for demands. On 
the contrary, the reorganization process has moved forward.
7.- On Saturday the 19th, a meeting was held with around 50 organizations 
and the Consejo Nacional de Lucha [National Council of the Struggle] was 
formed (the CGH is one of its members) that proposed reorganizing the 
resistence and putting together a campaign of national struggle. The 
campaign began to arrange scattered initiatives, empowering forces with the 
help of three united and centralized mobilizations (March 18th, April 10th, 
and the 1st of May). This effort can lead to the possible realization of a 
national education strike (starting in the second half of May).
8.- In the face of the repression suffered by the Rural Teachers' College of 
El Mexe, the town of Tepatepec (adjacent to the Teachers' College) rose up 
and re-took the school, burning 7 police vehicles and taking 64 police into 
custody, as well as an arsenal of rifles, grenades, and sub-machine guns 
that were carried by the repressors. Finally, the arsenal and captive police 
were exchanged for more than 300 arrested Normalists and townspeople who had 
been imprisoned. Four companeros remain in jail.
9.- Although the university authorities try to make it seem that all of the 
community would come back to classes and that normality would return, the 
resistence manifests itself daily. In addition to the absence of professors 
and students, there are entire schools that have not resumed classes, others 
where they only hold forums, and "the hare" who is busting out all over the 
place with cultural acts, conferences, internal marches, and further 
manifestations of protest.
10.- There are two "plantones" [big projects?], one in front of the Office 
of the Rectory and the other outside of the Reclusorio [the jail where most 
of the prisoners are big held].
11.- Beyond the opportunists who have wanted to make the CGH disappear, the 
student organism has reorganized itself and maintains that the strike has 
not ended. It keeps resisting and participating in an endless number of 
activities, including those on a national and international level that are 
effecting various parts of the world.
12.- With the intention of holding back the resistence, it is probable that 
the State will carry out more arrests and it is already pressuring other 
sectors like in a harassment campaign against the Zapatista Army of National 
13.- In the presence of this, the CGH redoubles its efforts and prepares 
itself for a mobilization Friday the 25th starting at 4pm from the Plaza de 
las Tres Culturas to the Zocalo.

We will keep you updated.

Responsible for this message:
The International Commission of the CGH
Enrique Cisneros Lujan

(Translated by Shannon.)

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