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(en) The so-called institutional leftist in Brazil (Marxist-leninists, Maoists, trotskists, Stalinists, etc.) are completely discredit.

From worker-a-infos@ta.ca
Date Sun, 27 Feb 2000 15:18:40 -0500

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> From: projetoperiferia@ig.com.br
Political context:
The so-called institutional leftist in Brazil (marxist-leninists, 
Maoists, trotskists, Stalinists, etc.) are completely

In despair they will do anything to take hold of any movement 
against the system in order to get votes for the union
elections and most of all in the local elections at the end of 
this year. They arrive to monopolize, control and if they
don't achieve it, they do anything to destroy and melt the popular

It was like that in Belém and they want to do the some with the
feminist resistance groups, the march to the shame wall
(frontier between Mexico and USA), groups supporting zapatists, 
and solidarity groups to Mumia, etc.
How can we forget important facts of the past?
How can we despise facts that announce the tomorrow?
Will we never learn and will we always do the some errors?
Why do we always do these some errors??
If a sullen sky means storm, then it will rain.
I'm talking about institutional left, the State capitalists.
Some think they are harmless, others think they are even allies!
Two events that occurred almost simultaneously show the contrast 
between two struggles alike in their contents, but
different in the strategy. Belém and Seattle.

While in Belém a majority of social-democrats and professional 
politics of the institutional left tried to manipulate
and violate the right to expression of the workers who traveled 
2.000 km to be able to participate in the II EAPHCN - in
Seattle, libertarians, ecologists and non-authoritarian groups 
met face to face the capitalist system in a demonstration
of what organized workers can do without the interference of 
authoritarian left.

Institutional or not, this marxist-leninists groups are the 
same as those who shot in the back the militia fighting Franco in the
Spanish Revolution.
They are the same as those that under the leadership of Trotsky 
betrayed and ambushed the revolutionary Ukrainian Nester Makhno in
order to take his life. 
They are the some as those that finished and destroyed the 
union and popular movement that dawned in full
force in the late 70 in Brazil.

They are the some that robbed the money of their organizations 
and run away to Europe with their tail between the legs,
while repression killed and tortured their comrades in Brazil 
after the military take over in 1964.

Definitely NO, we don't need the help of this herd of scum to 
pursue any struggle. We will do the March do the Shame Wall! Yes!
But without those scoundrels!

Alvimar Bessa - Projeto Periferia http://www.geocities.com/projetoperiferia

Please forward this letter so that this March to the Shame 
Wall will not be monopolized and manipulated from Brazil.
We must avoid at all cost what happened in the II American 
Meeting for Humanity and against Neo-liberalism.
Let's us all be present in the meeting in S. Paulo, Brazil, to 
discuss the March and the proposals for the meeting to be
held in the end of March in Mexico City.

Maxwell Teixeira de Paula <ligatra@baydenet.com.br>

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