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(en) Mexico, UNAM, translation of Feb. 22 CGH press bulletin

From "Shannon Young" <shannony77@hotmail.com>
Date Sat, 26 Feb 2000 17:34:54 -0500

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

                University City, February 22, 2000

                       GENERAL STRIKE COUNCIL
                           press bulletin

I. The law of the big stick against all social movement.

The Zedillo-Labastida government is loosely applying the "law of the big 
stick" to all of the "incidents in history": A media campaign citing 
"intransigence", "dark intentions", "interference by outside groups", 
followed by a judge who solicited; a "surgical" operation by a certain 
repressive body (PFP, riot cops, police, army, etc.), in a pre-dawn raid 
that allowed them to detain the largest number of people possible, with the 
respective certification by notaries and observers of "human rights"; in 
prison with a ream of absurd charges and arrest warrants for those who 
remain free after the recourse of forgetfullness, nothing happened here, 
along with the usual role of "reconciliation". This is the prescription that 
the government uses to try to defeat the CGH. The same applies to the 
normalists of El Mexe and the "shot in the butt" that came out of it (as 
summed up by El Mexe "There is an intervention by outside groups in the 
conflict: PRD, FPFV, CGH;" the normalists struggle "doesn't have any 
substance, no preoccupation, is fundamentally educational and academic" 
declared the employees of SEP and the government of Hidalgo. Where have we 
heard this speech before?). And now they're at it with the EZLN, accusing 
them of being unwilling to compromise and insighting all types of 
provocations in Chiapas. The government is utilizing popular discontent, it 
is lighting a time bomb. The big stick will not bring down social movements, 
solution to the demands is the way to resolve the conflicts.

II. Now the blood of our parents is that which is being spilled.

The parents of our imprisoned companeros have decided to draw out their 
blood to demand freedom for their children, an action that the students 
joined in. What more will the voracity of the federal government and its 
minion, De la Fuente, demand?

III. More lies from De la Fuente, the University's problems are not 
resolved, only more complicated.

It continues to be shown everyday that the problem is NOT resolved, the 
authorities, made bold because they can sic the military on the students to 
make them pay, for this reason, they will instate fees as they wish. The 
authorities have nothing to say and it shows, now that the General 
Regulation of Payments of 66, that of the 20 centavos [2 cents], will be in 
effect until the University Council "analyzes and defines some possible 
modification", not as if their intention was to say "until Congress defines 
its way around it" like the very University Council that approved it and 
that was put up to voting in the fraud-plebisite. Anyway, the schools will 
charge what they want until as students, we close the doors to fees.

Our companeros remain imprisoned, De la Fuente's declaration is a lie, the 
charges have not been dropped, and in certain cases, the directors have 
ratified the legal reports. Furthermore, they keep our companeros in very 
bad conditions, causing illness in the more than 20 companeros who find 
themselves sick. Do they not realize that this is destroying entire 
families? Reaching the point that the parents, in their desperation, are 
ready to give their own lives?

What remains of the demands constitutes a very serious problem for the 
university. De la Fuente doesn't want to resolve the problem, we will 
continue fighting with all of our strength to resolve this through dialogue. 
Our companeros know that the seven points of own list of demands are just, 
for this reason, there is no normality in the the university. We are all 
pressing for a resolution in a manner most rapid and best suited for the 
benefit of everybody.

IV. There is no normality in the University.

On the much-announced normality in the university, we have been informed 
that in ENEP Aragon professors and full-time students of Economics have 
decided to quit.

While in ENTS the doors are again closed to the proceedings, in CCH-O the 
halls are closed and there will be no classes, all of this continues to 
demonstrate that the problem has not been resolved and to make it understood 
that there will be no normality until the demands of the CGH are resolved.

V. The march was a success.

The CGH's march today was a complete success, thousands of thousands of 
students, teachers, and parents marched today towards University City, 
chanting loudly "and they say and they say that we are". On our way past the 
various colleges, companeros joined in the march which arrived at the 
esplanade of the Office of the Rectory, where a meeting was taking place, 
demanding: the resignation of De la Fuente, the fufillment of the list of 
demands, and the release of All of our imprisoned companeros.

VI. We will retake political action from our schools.

In these moments the CGH is retaking the path of political action, despite 
all of the outreach limitations and harassment towards professors, students 
continue sending out the brigades. We are informing people in the 
marketplaces, in the hospitals, in the subway cars of the metro. We are 
calling upon all students to go to their assemblies and to spread the word 
about the march on Friday the 25th at 4pm from Plaza de la Tres Culturas to 
the Zocalo.

                      SOLUTION TO OUR DEMANDS!

                               -CGH Commission of press and promotion

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