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(en) More on the Battle of Quebec !!

from worker-a-infos-fr@lists.tao.ca
Date Sat, 26 Feb 2000 03:29:37 -0500

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

Quebec youth summit in Quebec city: 
Resistance, Repression and Solidarity

23-02-00 Quebec (A-Infos)—Following the turbulent
demonstration of the day before (incorrectly described
in the newspapers as a riot), around 7 a.m. about a
hundred students tried to physically block the
entrance of Quebec’s Youth Summit. The cops responded
with brutality and 4 arrests. Around noon, a
demonstration of solidarity organised by the
participants of the Counter-Summit, set off, with
black flags in front and cries of « libérer nos
camarades » (free our comrades). After a demonstration
and blockade of the police station and then the Court
House by more than 200 demonstrators, 3 of the 4
political prisoners were released (the fourth being a
minor). The liberated prisoners will have to appear in
court soon for charges of « participating in a riot »
and « assault ».

Witnesses to a well orchestrated disinformation
campaign the participants of the demonstration the day
before were surprised to learn this morning, while
reading the newspapers, that they had participated in
a riot and that no one had even told them!! An odd
riot where the authorities only complain about some
cracked windows and one injured cop! While the
demonstrators had been subjected to a hailing of tear

What came out in the media was that the cops, by
shooting tear gas to disperse the crowd, were only
answering to a provocation. Apparently they were
answering to a shower of molotov cocktails, billiard
balls and nuts and bolts. Curiously, all the
demonstrators that were questioned saw these events in
the reverse order... The only two molotov cocktails
that were thrown, according to many eye-witnesses,
where thrown AFTER tear gas where shot at close range
into the crowd. Moreover, the images shown on the
television station TVA prove that that was how it
happened. Also, at least two dailies, Le Devoir and Le
Journal de Québec chose not to transmit the cops’
version (for once, which isn’t usual) and stuck to the
journalists’ version of what they saw, be that the
young demonstrators that were attacked by the police
and their response with various projectiles (the
majority of which were... snow balls!). However all
the other media diffused the cops’ lies.

Nevertheless, this disinformation didn’t deceive the
public at large. So in the phone polls done on the
television stations, the majority of people were on
the side of the demonstrators. For example, on the
station RDI, 75% of the people were for the riot and
considered that the youth were right in demonstrating.
On the station TVA, the yes side won largely
concerning the question of whether the police officers
had used excessive force against the youth!!

Reactions of the Student Movement 

At this moment at least one university and four
colleges in the Montreal region are on strike against
the Summit. All of which should be participating in a
strike vote next week. At the same time, the cops’
reaction yesterday evening angered more than one
person in Quebec City and already the student
associations of the colleges Limoillou and Ste-Foy and
the Humanities department of  the University of Laval
have announced that there’ll be general strike
assemblies at the beginning of the next week. It isn’t
excluded that other student associations may join the

While waiting this afternoon, during a special
information assembly at the college Limoillou, the
students voted to repeat the same action from the
morning. Already, according to organisers, some 200
students will try to block the doors of the Summit
tomorrow morning. The numerous participants at the
Counter-Summit, who, with more than 500 participants
(compare this to 70, with only 10 youth, in the
official summit) is a success in itself. Finally, a
bed-in at the Laval University is announced for
Thursday evening. 

Massive presence of Anarchists

It is difficult, especially on A-infos, not to note
the massive presence of anarchists during the
demonstrations of the last few days. In keeping with a
conservative estimation one could say that 1 out of 6
demonstrators was an anarchist (a little over 200).
One of the factors that made this noticeable were the
black and red and black flags as well as the banners
such as one black with red background banner from
Montreal which read  « Insoumission généralisée » (
more or less “general rebellion” ) and the banner from
Quebec City « Pour une alternative libertaire » (“For
an anarchist alternative”). Without forgetting the
many walls in Quebec City which were adorned with
dozens of new anarchist graffiti’s within the last two

This anarchist presence translates into noticeable
changes in the province since a little over a year
ago. In short, the organized anarchist movement is in
the process of making a showing, both in quantity and
quality.  Also one has seen the numerous new groups
such as Émile-Henry in Quebec City (which handed out a
leaflet yesterday at the demo , see A-Infos) and the
Main Noire, Chat Noir and Frayhayt in Montréal. And on
top of the new anarchist publications such as Le Chat
Noir and Le Mortier, one can also detect a clear
anarchist influence in certain social groups such as
student collectives from the college Vieux-Montréal
(through the ASI and the zine Poing d’exclamation) and
the college of Outaouai (in the CRAP-O  french acronym
for the Regional political action committee of
Outaouai) without speaking about the undeniable
anarchist influence within certain popular groups in
Quebec City and Montreal.  Finally, new libertarians
groups are being formed in Montreal and Quebec City.
With all that, we can only rejoice... after, the only
thing remaining is to organize ourselves.!  

Against Cheap Labour

Against Workfare

Attack the Summit!

We dont want to loose our life earning it,

For an anarchist alternative,

We want everything and we’ll take the rest!

Nicolas Phébus for A-Infos
(so-so translation by Dee)
Quebec, February 23, 2000.

Groupe Anarchiste Émile-Henry:

Les conférences de l'Université populaire:

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