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(en) anarchist yearly gathering in the netherlands: invitation

From infocentrum wageningen <infocent@wnet.bos.nl>
Date Fri, 25 Feb 2000 08:02:36 -0500

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

Hi all,
here is an invitation to our yearly gathering, most of the years a lot of 
and most of the times interesting & lots of workshops & books & people.
Be welcome this year as it is trying to become more international orientated.

Dear anarchists,
I would like to invite you to come to the next yearly anarchist gathering
"Pinksterlanddagen (PL)" in the Netherlands. They will take place from 9 to
12 June in Appelscha, near Assen. This year we have nicknamed the PL "Future
workshop Appelscha". The idea is that visitors (usually some four- to five
hundred) discuss their ultimate (anarchist) ideals and ways to work towards
them. But this 'future-issue' is only one of many things that can be done.
Activities range from utterly practical things like some sporting and
dancing, to discussing all kinds of topics related to anarchism.
However, usually, there aren't many people outside the Netherlands
and Belgium, which we think goes against the anti-border grain of anarchism.
This year, we want to break with this trend. We think it would be nice if
one or more groups or individuals from abroad would come, meet people, join
in discussions and exchange experiences.
I would like to ask you if you would like to take part, or maybe
even help organize, an international presentation. We, the people organizing
the next PL, are now inviting as many anarchist groups and individuals from
abroad as we can. We hope that some seven or so will eventually come and
tell, in (and outside!) this presentation, about what they are doing, how it
is to live where they do and what their ultimate ideals are. A more definite
plan will evolve depending on the responses we receive. Besides; we can't
afford too much travel re-embursements. But perhaps some of you, or people
you know, plan to go in the direction of the Netherlands anyway?
If you are interested, or if you know any people or groups that might be
interested, please do not hesitate to let me (and them of course) know.
Anarchist greetings,
(member of the organizing group of PL 2000)
E-mail: toekomstwerkplaats@hotmail.com
De Vlinder
Lauwerecht 55
3515 GN Utrecht, Netherlands

Future workshop Appelscha
How to continue with anarchism??

This is the title of the 64th edition of the annual anarchist gathering
called Pinksterlanddagen (PL) in Appelscha, the Netherlands. Under this
heading the new organizing group hopes to unite (at least for the moment...)
some 500 anarchists, activists and other rough rabble in the June 9 to 12

The PL takes place on the only anarchist campsite of the Netherlands, during
a weekend full of discussions, workshops, videos, acts and dancing. For more
information you can apply to the address below.

As the title suggests, we aim at an ambitious PL 2000. Future workshop
Appelscha is more than some empty slogan, more than a vague framework within
which discussions can take any direction; Future workshop Appelscha is a
plan, a structure. We want to accomplish that every single discussion, each
workshop, yes each activity taking place at the PL, will be (also) about the
future of anarchism.

An often-heard complaint about the PL (and the (Dutch) anarchist movement in
general!) is its passive, sometimes rather consumerist character. An other
grievance is the non-committalness of many PL-activities. If discussions
result in anything at all, seldom something is done with that. Coherence
between the different themes, the larger (anarchist) connections, the
building of a broader movement, all these kind of things rarely are
discussed because of this lack of (doing something with) results. Both
criticisms - passivity and visionlessness - Futureworkshop Appelscha hopes
to meet at least a little.
With your help, of course!

An important precondition of a good discussion is that people want to talk
about the same thing more or less. To make sure such will be the case in
Appelscha, we drew up some questions. We count on every individual visitor
and each group that contributes to the PL asking themselves these questions
before the (June 9-12) weekend. The idea is that our questions are - in
whatever way - posed (and) or answered in all workshops and activities
taking place at the PL. So that we know (again) of one another what each is

Here they are:
1) In what way do you feel yourself or does your group feels itself
committed to some anarchism? And what kind of anarchism is that?
2) What is your (group's) long-term aim?
3) How do you think you can realize your small ideals or grand utopias
during the following years?
4) What do you think is the connection between your (groups's) theme and
"the" anarchist movement?
5) With who or with which groups would you (not) like to cooperate the
following years?
6) ......................
7) ......................

We would like to invite wholeheartedly every reader of this invitation to
think about the questions posed above. People or groups that feel challenged
we would like to call on to write down their ideas or criticisms. This
applies to Dutch, but also to Begian, English, German, Danish, Turkish
(etcetera) groups and individuals.
All your spontanuous, considered, awry and funny contributions will be
published on the PL's website. In May a reader will be published, including
the current state of the discussion. Write, paint and draw, you all!

PL 2000 will start off with a general meeting. In it, an overview of
(contributed) ideas concerning the future of anarchism and what these can
mean for "the" movement the following years, will be presented. As already
said above, during the PL every workshop or activity will be asked to
address the questions listed above from their particular points of view.
Also individuals just walking around will be bothered with questions
concerning their utopias and roads towards them. (Eventual) results of these
interviews, discussions, presentations etcetera will be collected and
discussed in a concluding general meeting.

All these beautiful or inspiring results will be published in the summer of
this year by the organizing group in a reader. This reader then serves as a
trigger for further discussion, up to PL 2001. After all, each point of
view, certainly each anarchistic point of view is always the beginning and
never the end of a good talk...

It goes without saying that we hope that many of you feel appealed to. If
you are not, do not be bothered to let us know. This or other contributions
to the Futureworkshop you can send to the address(es) below:

Futureworkshop Appelscha
C/o PO box 1338
3500 BH Utrecht

With militant greetings
the organizing group

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