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(en) [EXCERPTS]Index: 07-FEB-2000 to 13-FEB-2000

From DAMN <damn-index@lists.tao.ca>
Date Sat, 19 Feb 2000 07:00:17 -0500

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

Index: 07-FEB-2000 to 13-FEB-2000

Title: UK Agricultural Minister Pied
Date: 12-FEB-00
Author: Staff Reporter
Style: First-hand Account
Reference: http://www.ainfos.ca/

The fury of Britain's farmers impact directly on the Government when
Agriculture Minister Nick Brown has his face smeared with chocolate
eclair by a woman protester, said to have links with anti-genetically
modified crop protest groups, half way through an angry confrontation
between Mr. Brown and farmers at their union conference. In a related
incident, after being besieged by more than 500 rioting demonstrators
disguised with ski-masks at the World Economic Forum  in Davos in
Switzerland Indonesian President Abdurrahman Wahid arrives in the UK
today along with 10 ministers and 100 Indonesian corporate directors for
a business seminar with 400 invited delegates from British industry.


Title: Kingston, TN Coal Plant Demonstration
Date: 12-FEB-00
Author: None
Source: Katuah Earth First!
Style: Action Report
Reference: None

Activists from Earth First! protest at the Kingston coal plant, located
just off I-40 in Tennessee, over the large amounts of SO2 (sulfur
dioxide), NOx (nitrogen oxide), and CO2 (carbon dioxide) it releases
into the atmosphere. Of the NOx recorded in the Smokies, 15-20% comes
from Tennessee Valley Authority's (TVA) coal burning facilities, by
TVA's own admission. Of TVA's eastern plants, Kingston is the largest
emitter of SO2  having released 117,185 tons in 1998, and if it met the
same standards new plants must meet, it would be equal to eliminating
the pollution from 1.3 million cars. Currently TVA is being sued by the
E.P.A for non-compliance with the Clean Air Act.


Title: El Salvador Strike Action Update And Alert
Date: 12-FEB-00
Style: Action Update
Reference: www.cispes.org

Over ten thousand health care administrative workers, nurses, doctors,
and assistants are in their third month of striking against the Social
Security Institute (public health system) of El Salvador.  The workers,
members of the public health union (STISSS), are protesting against the
government's threat of privatization and against the effects it would
have on health care and access to it.  The government of President
Francisco Flores refuses the union's request for negotiations, and
instead, the responds by militarizing the strike sites and firing 221


Title: Bangkok Protest Against Globalization
Date: 12-FEB-00
Author: Staff Reportre
Source: Agence France Presse
Style: News Article
Reference: None

A thousand activists march on a major UN trade conference calling for
radical changes to the global financial system they say keeps much of
the world locked in poverty.  They are undeterred by a massive Thai
security curtain around the United Nations Conference on Trade and
Development (UNCTAD) designed to prevent a repeat of violence which
marred trade talks in Seattle and Davos.  As world leaders and delegates
met inside a conference centre, singing and yelling protesters carrying
banners lambasting the World Bank, World Trade Organization and IMF find
their route to the venue blocked by riot police., although later,
flanked by cordons of police, several hundred Thai and foreign
protesters are allowed to approach the conference centre hosting UNCTAD
and stand across the road from the venue.


Title: UNAM Action Update
Date: 10-FEB-00
Author: paz libertad
Source: Movement 2000<movimiento_2000@yahoo.com>
Style: Action Update
Reference: None

The war of counterinsurgency arrives in Mexico City at dawn, Sunday,
February 6, 2000. In their new role as Federal Preventative Police
(PFP), more than 2500 elements of the Mexican Army raid the campus of
the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) under orders of the
Secretary of Government. The seizure of the UNAM facilities begins at 4
am, after the second judge of the district, María del Carmen Flores
Cervantes, issues 430 arrest warrants for striking students, which had
been solicited on February 3 by the Federal Government. Ultimately, more
than 600 students are arrested.


Title: French Unions Protest Over LPG Sell-Off
Date: 10-FEB-00
Author: Staff Reporter
Source: International Federation of Chemical, Energy, Mine and General
Workers' Unions (ICEM)
Style: Action Report
Reference: http://www.icem.org/update/upd2000/upd00-11.html

French unions in Elf Antargaz calls a strike on 8 February, as a pledge
to sell the company sparks fears of major job losses. Owned by
Elf-Aquitaine, Antargaz is France's second biggest supplier of liquefied
petroleum gas (LPG). Elf's pledge to sell Antargaz was one of the main
elements cited by the European Commission yesterday when it announced
its approval of a merger between Elf and TotalFina, which will be the
world's fourth biggest oil group.


Title: Boeing Action May Be Largest White Collar Strike Ever In US
Date: 10-11-FEB-00
Author: Michael J. Martinez
Source: Associated Press
Style: News Article

More than 17,000 engineers and technical workers walk off the job in one
of the biggest white-collar strikes in U.S. history. No end to the labor
dispute is in sight early today as Boeing's stock falls $2 a share, or 5
percent, to $38.81 Wednesday on the New York Stock Exchange. Meanwhile,
production at the world's largest airplane maker continues without
interruption, since assembly employees belong to a separate union and
have a clause in their contract requiring them to work regardless of
what other Boeing employees do.


Title: Gap Vandalized For Alleged Sweatshops
Date: 09-FEB-00
Author: Joe Potente
Source: The Daily Cardinal (U. Wisconsin)
Style: News Article
Reference: http://news.excite.com/news/uw/000208/politics-57

Unrest regarding the subject of sweatshop labor continues on an around
the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus Sunday as unknown protesters
affix fliers to the windows of The Gap, 341 State St., charging
exploitation of child labor overseas.  The fliers are glued to the
windows with a substance that makes them quite difficult to remove. No
person or organization's name is mentioned on the fliers, and a suspect
has yet to be identified.


Title: Protests In Austria Continue
Date: 08-FEB-2000
Author: Staff Writer
Source: Rosa Antifa Wien <raw@swi.priv.at>
Style: Report/Eyewitness account
Reference: http://gegenschwarzblau.cjb.net/

More than 10,000 people demonstrate against the new Government in
Vienna, marching around the city and through the central railway
station.  Groups of police of cops storm the demo, attacked
indiscriminately. Later the march continues in front of the headquarters
of Haider's FPOE party, and goes on till 3 am.  'Normal' police officers
stay in the background, but a lot of officers of the "Staatspolizei"
(Austrian secret service) are seen.


Title: Michigamua Protest
Date: 08-FEB-00
Author: Josi S. Cohen
Source: Detroit News
Style: News Article
Reference: http://www.mail-archive.com/natnews%40onelist.com/

Eight protesters have moved into the top floor territory, demanding that
University of Michigan's administrators sever all ties with Michigamua,
UM's version of the secret societies that exist at colleges nationwide
because, they allege, the group continues to exploit and stereotype
Native American culture. Initiates call themselves Fighting Wolves, they
yell and whoop during their group's theme song, which includes a verse
about being a "very powerful clan," and they meet in what they call a
wigwam - the seventh floor of the University of Michigan's student
union. Michigamua members signed an agreement in 1989 to stop any
offensive rituals or traditions, and  the protesters, calling themselves
Students of color, say UM administrators condone the society's actions
by allowing them sole access to the union's top floors.


Title: U-Michigan Multi-Ethnic Occupation
Date: 07-FEB-00
Author: Peter Romer-Friedman <peterome@umich.edu>
Source: United Student Against Sweatshops< usas@listbot.com >
Style: First-Hand Account
Reference: http://www.umich.edu/~sole/usas

A multi-ethnic coalition occupying the top three floors of the Michigan
Union at the University of Michigan makes dozens of demands of the
University, from immediately increasing the tenured faculty of color to
improving on-campus resources for groups and students of color.  The
10-15 students call for the University to sever its ties with a secret
society called Michiguamua, which has blatantly mocked Native American
culture through its continued use of pseudo-Native American props,
artifacts and drums.  The secret society has members such as former
President Gerald Ford, various CEOs, and NFL Hall of Famers.


Title: Students Occupy U. Penn President's Office In Anti-Sweatshop
Date: 07-FEB-00
Author: Susan Casey
Source: United Student Against Sweatshops< usas@listbot.com >
Style: Action Report
Reference: http://www.umich.edu/~sole/usas

Thirteen University of Pennsylvania undergraduate students stage a
noontime occupied of the office of University President Judith Rodin.
Penn Students Against Sweatshops (PSAS) demand that the university take
steps to end its association with sweatshop labor.  They also call on
President Rodin to end ties with the Fair Labor Association (FLA), an
industry controlled institution that students say will cover up
sweatshop abuses, and join the Worker Rights Consortium (WRC), a
verification institution based on worker input.


Title: Native Group Protests At Peace Bridge For Release Of FBI Agents'
Date: 06-FEB-00
Author: Bob Kennedy
Source: NativeNews (by way of ishgooda@voyager.net)
Style: News Article
Reference: www.turtleisland.org

Led by a ceremonial drum corps, members of the North American Native
Warriors march from the FBI building in Buffalo, N.Y., to Fort Erie,
with more than 200 natives crossing the Peace Bridge into Canada, in
protest against what they say is unfair treatment of aboriginals on both
sides of the border. The group says the protest is focused on the cases
of Leonard Peltier, 55, who is serving two life sentences for the
murders of FBI special agents Ronald
Williams and Jack Coler in 1975, and who was extradited from Canada, and
of Dudley George, a native man shot and killed by an Ontario Provincial
Police officer during a native protest occupation of a provincial park
in Ipperwash, Ont., in 1995.


Title: Moscow Anti-War Demonstration
Date: 05-FEB-00
Author: Staff Reporter

An antiwar demonstration in Moscow's  Pushkin square is called jointly
by a number of anarchist and ecologist groups, including Anarchist
Antiwar Movement, Dikobraz Group,  Ecologist Movement "Rainbow Keepers",
Localization Program of Socio-Ecological Union.  

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