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(en) Remember Dan & Spit by helping bring their racist murderers to justice!

From "ARA CALGARY" <aracalgary@hotmail.com>
Date Sat, 19 Feb 2000 06:08:22 -0500

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

We are writing on behalf of Anti-Racist Action (ARA) Calgary and are asking 
for your support of ARA Las Vegas in their efforts to find justice for two 
of their members, Lin "Spit" Newborn and Daniel Shersty, who were victims of 
an execution style, double murder by neo-nazis in the summer of 1998.

Below is a letter from ARA Las Vegas as well as the text for the newspaper 
ad and the donation / endorsement form.

For more information on Dan & Spit please visit:

In anti-fascist solidarity,
Anti-Racist Action Calgary

PO Box 23147, Connaught Postal Outlet, Calgary AB, T2S 3B1, Canada
phone: (403) 221-0098 telbox# 111-0107
email: aracalgary@hotmail.com
website: http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/Senate/6545/

February 2000

Dear friends,

We are writing on behalf of the Las Vegas chapter of Anti-Racist Action, an 
international Network which seeks to "expose, oppose and confront" organized 
racism. Across North America, ARA groups organize protests against the KKK 
and neo-nazis, while also working in solidarity with broader community 
campaigns for racial and economic justice. We have strong support among 
young people, and consider part of our job to "counter-recruit" against the 
racist organizers who would like to bring youth into the white power 

Attached is the text of an ad we are publishing in the popular Las Vegas 
weekly "City Life", regarding the case of Lin "Spit" Newborn and Daniel 
Shersty, two anti-racist activists affiliated with our group who were 
murdered in Las Vegas by neo-nazi boneheads on July 3, 1998.

It is past time for concerned civil rights and social justice organizations 
to speak up forcefully against these racist killings, and the near-total 
inaction by law enforcement and prosecutorial authorities in Las Vegas 
Nevada. ARA has always taken the position that an attack against one is an 
attack against all. We believe that the principle of non-sectarian defense 
is one that applies to the entire anti-racist, civil liberties, and civil 
rights movement. ARA is a young organization, growing rapidly and rich in 
talent and commitment but poor in resources. We hope that you will step 
forward to help us carry this message of opposition to racist terror, and to 
impunity for nazi killers.

There is a clear connection between the unpunished killings by neo-nazis of 
two anti-racists, and the subsequent random killings and shootings of 
African- and Asian- Americans and Jews by Benjamin Smith of the Church of 
the Creator in Illinois and Indiana, the killing of two gay men and arsons 
of Jewish synagogues in Sacramento, CA by adherents of Christian Identity, 
and the shootings at a Jewish child care center and murder of a Filipino 
postmen by Aryan Nations guard Buford Furrow Jr.

Two decades ago, when nazis and klansmen in North Carolina shot and killed 
five anti-racists in Greensboro, human rights and civil rights organizations 
rightly understood that militant unity in the face of such attacks, and a 
redoubled commitment to anti-racist organization, was our best collective 
defense against such attacks. This was all the more true when police and 
prosecutors prove incapable of bringing the killers to justice.

We cannot let the Las Vegas killings become a new Greensboro for the next 
century, ushering in more and more racist violence and clandestine neo-nazi 
paramilitary activity. If the nazis get away with killing members of ARA, 
because ARA is perceived as a "fringe organization", it will whet their 
appetites. As Pastor Neimoller said about the German Nazis: "First they came 
for the communists, and I did nothing, because I wasn't a communist... When 
they came for me, there was nobody left to do anything." If they come for us 
in ARA in the morning, they will come for you that night. We must stand 
together in opposition to this campaign of racist and fascist terror!

This package contains background information about the events of July 3, 
1998, and details of the progress of the police investigation. We hope you 
will endorse the ad, so that we may list you as a signatory.

If possible, please include a donation, made out to ARA, to help defray the 
cost of the advertisement. We plan to run the ad in the last week of March, 
as part of our preparation for the April 3 trial of the single neo-nazi 
bonehead actually charged in these killings.

Thanks for your support! Please feel free to circulate this plea to your 
friends and colleagues and to other human rights and social justice 

In anti-fascist solidarity,
Las Vegas Anti-Racist Action

                   Justice has not been served!
    Your Community Leaders are letting racist killers go free

On July 3, 1998, Las Vegas-based neo-nazis brutally murdered Lin "Spit" 
Newborn and Daniel Shersty, members of our community who were committed to 
an anti-racism campaign. Their deaths proved once and for all that the Las 
Vegas Valley is not immune to racist violence.

Next Monday, April 3, one man will go to trial for the murders of these 
civil rights activists. But a wealth of evidence directly implicates others. 
Last July 3 -- the anniversary of the murders -- neo-nazis from throughout 
the nation convened in the desert outside Las Vegas to celebrate the murders 
with a A "White Power" concert. It is unacceptable that police and 
prosecutors have charged only one man, and allowed a conspiracy of racist 
killers to get away with murder! Ask yourselves: is this justice?

Meanwhile, those responsible for Newborn's and Shersty's murders walk the 
streets of our community -- ready and willing to again strike violently 
against values and beliefs that most of us take for granted.

Lin "Spit" Newborn and Dan Shersty set an example of anti-racist unity for 
us all. As anti-racist skinheads, they challenged the neo-nazis who have 
adopted skinhead fashion. They supported the Las Vegas Unity Skins and the 
local chapter of the international Anti-Racist Action Network. They gave 
their lives in the struggle against intolerance and injustice and were 
targeted because of their inter-racial solidarity, their anti-racist 
political beliefs, and their effective organizing among the people of Las 

Join us in our efforts to seek justice for "Spit" and Dan. Join us to 
continue the struggle they were part of, to put an end to racist violence 
once and for all.

Call the Las Vegas Authorities today and tell them to act!
Clark County District Attorney's Office (702) 455-4277
Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (702) 795-3111

* Paid for by the Las Vegas and nation-wide chapters of Anti-Racist Action, 
with support and endorsement of the following organizations: [endorsements 

Fill out the attached coupon and lend your support to ARA and our campaign 
for justice.

[ ] I'd like some information about Anti-Racist Action (ARA) Las Vegas and 
the international ARA Network.
[ ] Here's my donation of $___ to help defray the cost of this advertisement 
and to support the efforts of ARA. Please put me on your mailing list and 
keep me informed. (Please make checks payable to ARA.)
[ ] I want to contribute to the trust fund for Lin Newborn's surviving baby 
boy, Nicodemus. Here's my donation of $___ (Please make checks or money 
orders payable to "Trust Fund for Nicodemus Newborn.")

Name:                                      Address:
City:                                        State:                   Zip:

Tear off and return with your contribution to ARA Las Vegas:
ARA Las Vegas * P.O. Box 29057 * Las Vegas  NV 89126-3057
lv_ara_web@hotmail.com   (702) 392-7934

The deadline for endorsements and money is … MARCH 17, 2000.

Money should be sent to ARA Las Vegas at P.O. Box 29057 * Las Vegas  NV 
89126-3057 USA.

Endorsements should be emailed or called in to ARA Toronto at
(416) 631-8835 or <ara@web.net>

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